Diet & cleanliness in our 4 lower bodies





the physical body is the ‘TEMPLE’ in which God, individualized in each one of us “I AM”, abides here on the physical plain.

There are Laws that we need to abide by, that relate to ‘energy and vibration’ in order for the FULL activity of God, the “I AM Presence” in each of us, to be able to act in and through our physical vehicles, as well as the other three subtle bodies (etheric, mental and emotional) and therefore fulfill our Divine Plan, which is our reason for Being.

Everything in life has a vibrational frequency and so this applies to what we put into our bodies. The Ascended Masters have told us that; “the soul withdraws from its temple of flesh, when it realises that the human-self cannot withstand temptation.” The importance of what we put into our physical bodies cannot be stressed enough, as well as the GREAT IMPORTANCE of KEEPING OUR MINDS AND EMOTIONS HARMONIOUS NO MATTER WHAT THE OUTER IS PRESENTING TO US TO MASTER AND TAKE CONTROL OF! Everything that comes our way, we have created, and we have to set straight.

The Ascended Masters have told us, we avoid persons, places, conditions and things when we have not mastered ourselves!



2.     ALCOHOL

3.      MEAT (includes chicken and fish)

4.     TOBACCO

4.     Try to avoid garlic and onion (reason given below)

5.     Excessive:   sugar, strong coffee and salt

6.     If possible try and avoid wearing black and bright pillar box red (danger red)

BECOMING OVERLY FANATICAL IS ALSO NOT HELPFUL - but quietly changing our ways and raising the vibrations of our 4 earthly bodies is our goal.


Understanding and developing a close relationship with our Body Elemental is one of the greatest things we can do regarding our physical health.  The link below, is an excerpt from: “21 Essential Lessons “- Compiled by WERNER SCHROEDER (AMTF) from the Bridge to Freedom Publications

From: ‘THE MAGIC PRESENCE’ By Godfre Ray King

“From the Heart-center of the Electronic Body flows a Stream of Life-Essence or Liquid-Light which enters the physical body through the pineal gland, and fills the nerve channels. This “Liquid White Fire’ flows through the nerves, as the blood does through the veins. This beats the heart, moves the muscles of the body, and enables one to walk or raise the hand. It is also the energising Light within the brain cells.

“The Life-Stream of the body has often been referred to as the ‘Silver Cord’. So It is, for the Stream of Liquid White Light pulsates continually through the flesh body by way of the nervous system. At so-called death, the ‘God Presence’ withdraws the Stream of Liquid Light, and the flesh disintegrates.

“The reason the race continues to experience so-called death is, because of the waste of this ‘Electronic Light” through emotional excesses, instead of retaining It within the physical brain and body to rebuild the cellular structure, and supply the Motive Power for the entire body! Mankind does not like the Truth, but the waste of the Life-Energy through uncontrolled feeling, is the cause of the disintegration of the all physical bodies outside of violence.”


“You see there is a definite reason why human beings should not eat meat, this is because the atoms, of which it is composed, are the condensation into the substance of the world of mankind’s own vicious thoughts, and feelings of the past.

“Animals were not in existence upon this planet, during the first two Golden Ages. They only began to appear, after humanity had generated the discord that followed those first two periods. The First Creation, described in Genesis, referred to these two Golden Ages and they were described as ‘very good.’ Then the mist arose, and the so-called ‘fall of man’ came about by the attention of the intellect becoming focused upon the appetites of the body, through feeling.

“Thus, the outer mind became more and more enmeshed in the world of things and hence, forgot the Source and Power House of its being, which is the ‘Mighty I AM Presence.’ The Plan of Completeness or Divine Way of Life was lost sight of, and more and more discord has continued to creep into the feelings of humanity every since.

“As long as human beings insist on killing animals, they will never be able to break the vicious habits within their own feelings, by which they have bound themselves; for they are constantly destroying their own bodies, and shutting out the finer mental impulses.

The Love of mankind for domestic animals is raising and purifying some of that – past creation – and releasing that stream of life into a more harmonious phase of existence. As humanity becomes more harmonious and pure, all animals will disappear from the Earth.

Even weeds and blight upon plant life will be removed; and the Earth once again return to her pristine purity described as the ‘Garden of Eden,’ meaning obedience to the Divine Wisdom.

“The great harm of meat-eating is, that the flesh of the animal records the feeling of fear it experiences when killed. The animal has an emotional body, and the vibration of fear recorded previous to, and at the moment of death qualifies the flesh and that quality is absorbed by the emotional body of the human being who eats it.

It also causes a certain substance to condense into the brain which dulls the intellect, and prevents the finer impulses from flowing into it, from the ‘Mighty I AM Presence.’ “This substance even an Ascended Master will not interfere with, because the individual does these things of his own free will.

Fear, in its many subtle phases, is the predominant feeling within mankind today; and it is the wide open door through which the sinister force holds its control in the personality, and does its destructive work. The teaching that it is necessary to eat meat in order to obtain strength is vicious and entirely untrue, for the elephant, one of the strongest creatures on earth is a non meat-eating animal.


“The idea that serums, made from animals can produce health and perfection or protection against disease, in a clean child’s body, or that of an adult, is another consciously directed activity of the sinister force in this world; in order to break down the health and resistance in the race that the destructive feelings may hold sway and destroy the ideals of mankind.

The medical profession has been unknowingly made a cats-paw for this destruction, under the guise of science. It is only because of the persistent stubbornness in the sense appetites, which are feelings in the human body, that the race keeps using its marvellous mental capacity and the wonderful Pure Energy from the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ to create more and more destruction.

“When human beings will spend the same amount of time and energy studying Perfection and the Wonderful Miracles of Creation that face us everywhere, as they now do, in gratifying the physical appetites and whims of the personal self, they, too, will produce the same miracles that the Ascended Masters are able to do. However, before fifty years are past, mankind will look back upon the meat-eating habit of today, as we now look upon cannibalism.

“There are several things that leave a substance in the brain which must be cleared away, if the Full Perfection from the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ is to be released, through the personal consciousness. These are, in order of their importance: narcotics, alcohol, meat, tobacco, excess sugar, salt, and strong coffee.


“Now, we come to the remedy for these things, for I will never point your attention to any consideration of imperfection, without showing you the way to transcend it, and replace it by Perfection, brought about harmoniously. I want you to realize always that whatever needs to be changed in the physical experience, if you will call your ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ into action, through your mind and body, the result will always be produced without suffering or discord of any kind.

“The Way of Perfection, which is the activity of the ‘I AM Presence,’ never demands of the personal self anything but the letting go of its chains, its discords, its limitations and its sufferings; and this change is always brought about harmoniously and through Divine Love.

“The way to purify the brain and body-structure, if the personality has been putting these substances into the into the physical body in the past, is to call to your ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ to pour through your mind and body its Violet Consuming Flame, using the following decree:

‘ “Mighty I AM Presence!” Blaze through me

Thy Consuming Flame of Divine Love.

Take this desire out of me (or another), annihilate its cause and effect,

past, present and future, and replace it by the

Fullness of Yourself, Your Perfect satisfaction, and hold

Your Full Dominion here forever!’

This same affirmation can be used for another, with the same miraculous and permanent accomplishment. Then, spend a few moments, at least three times a day, visualizing yourself standing within a pillar of Violet Flame rushing from the feet to some distance above the head and extending for at least three feet on each side around the body. Hold this picture, as long as you can comfortably do so, and feel the Flame, which is the Purifying Power of Divine Love, penetrating every cell of your body. This dissolves all impure and unnecessary substances in cells of the body, thus clearing and illumining the consciousness.

This is part of the Knowledge of the Sacred Fire, which has only been taught in the Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, throughout the centuries. It is the way the Ascended Masters purify, heal, and harmonize mankind and the very earth itself. It is the Power by which so-called miracles are performed. It can never have any other effect in either the brain, body, or affairs but great ease, comfort, peace and eternal good.

“Man, if he has attained Wisdom, which is the Constructive Use of all Knowledge, may have the perfect cooperation of nature’s gigantic forces, and through them make his accomplishments immortal also. He must stop the stupendous slaughter of animals for food, and the business of raising them to kill.”



(“Voice of the “I AM” march 1938)

Whether it be “I AM” Group Leaders or Students, Saint Germain says: “If you desire Our Radiation and Assistance, do not eat onions, garlic, nor use alcohol nor tobacco! We cannot and will not intensify the energy within and around you when such a thing is in the atmosphere!

“Do you know that those are the things which discarnates love? Those are the things which draw them! They feed upon the essence from that which is sent forth from your body. Now at this time it is imperative that you keep your bodies very clean if you wish the Radiance that We want to give forth to do this Tremendous Work.”

THE MAGIC PRESENCE - “Divine Romance”
Chapter IV page 101

“I shall now give you the Explanation of the Law by which you are able to illumine, raise the physical body, and express the Full Dominion, Victory, and Freedom of the Ascended Masters.

“The seed within man and woman is only intended for the sacred office of creating a body, by which another soul may come into physical embodiment. At all other times, the ‘Glorious Light’ within the body, should be raised into the top of the head and allowed to flow up in adoration unto the ‘Mighty I AM Presence.’

Then, by uplifted thoughts and feelings one can do creative work at the mental level through glorious ideas, ideals of art, music, invention, discovery, research, and the creation of beauty and harmony of every description, through a service that blesses humanity, and therefore, the individual who gives it.

“Instead of wasting the wonderful ‘Liquid-Light,’ the marvellous God-given Essence of Life, in sex sensation and excesses, whereby the body becomes decrepit, flabby, crippled, the face lined, the eyes dull, the whole structure stooped and feeble, the brain inactive, the sight and hearing impaired, and the memory not able to function, this energy should be rightly used in Wonderful, Idealistic, Creative Activity.

“In such constructive consciousness and accomplishment, the physical body would remain eternally youthful and beautiful; the brain and faculties keen, alert, and active, and the whole physical expression would become the Image and Likeness of the Living God – truly the “Temple of the Most High!”


Live food has a high vibration – raw, live food is a good way to go! Sprouts are good! Organic is less harmful, than chemically grown crops, as harsh chemicals and toxins are not used, and the produce has the minerals that bring health to the body. The Ascended Masters stress again and again the importance of eating a vegetarian diet.

Meat has the frequency of death, fear, viciousness and cruelty and that attaches to our emotional bodies. We have been told to stop eating garlic and onions it gives the body an odour that is attractive to negative energies and entities, and the Ascended Masters cannot work with us if we continue to eat the things we have been told not to eat.

Look into the ripple effect of our diets – try to eat things that bring the least amount of harm to yourself and all life on the planet.

Addictions will need to be erased (with the help of the Ascended Hosts and our Mighty “I AM” Presence) ‘ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE,’ we must never forget this, as we live on a planet of FREEWILL AND ONLY THROUGH THE ASKING CAN WE RECEIVE HELP. Alcohol, nicotine, and ANY mind-altering substance, is not allowed. Excess sugar and salt will also have to be addressed!

Exercise – gentle, don’t put undue stress on your body – keep it filled with energy, and remember we have been allocated so many breaths this lifetime; so shallow fast breathing will shorten our lifespan. The Ascended Masters have told us we can create good, healthy, strong bodies by the use of our mental powers, and it is much more energy efficient!

IT IS WISE TO STOP WEARING AND USING BLACK AND BRIGHT RED – colours have a vibration that is either healing and uplifting or not – these two colours hold the vibration of death and is devoid of Light (black) and lust and anger (bright red). Ruby red is different – it is a soft pinky red. See the tab on this website on colours.