Death & Grief

The link below contains a beautiful Service for those recently departed for the Higher Realms.  It is very helpful for the soul to have this Service done for them. You may like to adapt it to suit the situation and person for whom the Service is being done.


Excerpt from “The Magic Presence” by Godfre Ray King 

A Discourse by Saint Germain


 ‘So-called’ death is but an opportunity for rest and re-attunement of the faculties of the personal consciousness.

This is to free them from the turmoil and discords of Earth long enough to receive an Inflow of Light and Strength which will enable the outer activity of the mind to take up the work of physical experience again.

Physical embodiment is for the purpose of preparing, perfecting, and illumining a body whose vibratory action can be raised to blend with the Body of the “Mighty I AM Presence.”

We call It “The Magic Presence.” Beloved Jesus referred to It as the Seamless Garment.

“ ‘In this Body, which is made of Pure Electronic Substance, the individual has complete Freedom from all limitation, and through intense devotion to the “Mighty I AM Presence,” anyone can release Its Power to the point where he can see this Blazing Body of Substance—so Dazzling that at first one can only gaze upon It for an instant because of the Intensity of Its Light. Through such devotion one begins to manifest more and more of his own individual Conscious Dominion over all manifestation.

This is everyone’s Eternal Birthright and the purpose for which all decreed the journey through human experience. ‘When the one striving for such Freedom has reached the point where he releases any amount of Light he desires from his Electronic Body instantly by his own conscious command, then he can control all manifestation, no matter in what sphere he may choose to express.

“One has but to observe the world at large to see what discord in thought and feeling does to the beautiful bodies that Nature provides for our experience in the physical part of Life. In childhood and youth, the flesh structure of the physical body is beautiful, strong, and responsive to the demands made upon it; but when discordant thoughts and feeling are allowed to express in the personal self over the years, as one goes through Life, the body becomes incapacitated and the Temple falls into ruins—because the outer waking consciousness does not obey the One Law of Life— Love, Harmony, Peace!

‘Call it what you will, the Eternal Truth remains that discord is another name for disintegration—a synonym for death. When mankind learns to live its Life by the One Eternal Law of Love, it will find that such obedience will have released it from the wheel of birth and rebirth, and hence the problems of human existence will have disappeared.

In their place will come the Joy of ever expanding the Perfection which forever abides within Love. Constant new creation will ever go on, for Life is Perpetual Motion and neither slumbers nor sleeps, but is ever and forever a Self-Sustained Stream of Expanding Perfection in Joy, in Ecstasy, and Eternally New Design. This Perfect Activity and Joy of Life are all contained within Obedience to the Law of Love.

 ‘The last enemy, death, will disappear, for it is but a means of release from a garment which no longer has anything of value to give for the use of the Perfection of Life.

When the physical body is so incapacitated that the personality occupying it can no longer make Self-Conscious effort to express Perfection, then Nature herself takes a hand in things and dissolves the limitation, that the individual may have a new chance to make effort which is of benefit.

 ‘Grief for the death of a loved one is selfishness and but retards the greater good the loved one should be enjoying.

Grief from a sense of loss is really rebellion against the Action of a Law that has seen fit to give another greater opportunity for rest and growth, because nothing in the Universe goes backward, and all—no matter what the temporary appearance—is moving forward to greater and greater Joy and Perfection.

The God Consciousness in us cannot and does not grieve, and the human part should know that as no one can ever get out of this Universe, he must be somewhere better than the place he left. If there be Real, True Divine Love, It can never cease to exist, and must sometime, somewhere, draw us to that which we love. In True Divine Love there is no such thing as separation, and that which feels a sense of separation is not Love.

The sense of separation is merely one of the mistakes of the personal self which it continues to dwell in because it does not understand the nature of Consciousness. Where the Consciousness is, there the individual is functioning, for the individual is his Consciousness.

‘When one thinks of a loved one who has passed on, he is really with that loved one in his Higher Mental Body the moment his Consciousness is upon the other person.

If the Western World could understand this Truth, it would lift the chains which cause such useless suffering. Such grief is all due to the fact that the personality—especially in the feeling—accepts the body as being the individual instead of knowing the body is only a garment which the individual wears. Over it everyone should have complete and Eternal Dominion and should exact Perfect Obedience at all times.

If one really loves another, he wants that other one to be happy and harmonious. If, through so-called death, an individual chooses to accept a better opportunity for future expression—if there be the slightest spark of Love, one should have no grief nor desire to hold that loved one in a state of incapacity when he might go on to greater Ease and Freedom.

It is the ignorance of this Truth which enables such selfishness to keep humanity bound in its self-created chains of limitation. This sort of ignorance binds the Life Expression of the whole race and is a stubborn refusal to understand Life. It drags thousands of human beings every year into the depths of despair—wholly unnecessary and avoidable—when they could and should be enjoying happiness and living the way the 4 Mighty I AM Presence” intended them to live.

Such an attitude toward Life not only prevents the accomplishment of everything worthwhile, but incapacitates the individual and fills him with self-pity—one of the most subtle and insidious ways by which the sinister force breaks down his resistance and makes him negative. The individual must remain positive if he is to attain his Victory and express Mastery.

“The sinister force which humanity on this Earth has generated uses this method to keep aspiring, marvelous individuals from gaining their Freedom and using the Full Power of Divinity which has been theirs from the beginning—the Gift of the Father to His children. Of all the faults humanity has generated, self-pity is the most inexcusable, because it is the apex of human selfishness.

Through self-pity the attention of the personal consciousness, or outer self, is entirely absorbed by the petty, puny, human, useless desires of the physical body—and the Great, Glorious, Adorable, All-Wise, All-Powerful Light of the Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” always abiding above the physical body, is entirely ignored; yet Its Energy is being used for this destructive purpose.

‘Humanity cannot have anything better than it is experiencing today until it looks away from the little self long enough to acknowledge and feel the Presence of God, the Mighty I AM Presence,” the Source of every individual’s Life and of all Perfect Manifestation.

Grief is colossal selfishness—not Love! Discord is selfishness—not Love! Lethargy is selfishness —not Love and not Life!

These sink the race into slavery because they break down the resistance of the individual by wasting the Energy of Life which should be used for the creation of Beauty, Love and Perfection.

“This slavery continues because the outer activity of the personal consciousness does not make the necessary determined effort to free itself from the domination of the psychic world. The psychic stratum contains only those creations of humanity generated by the discordant thoughts, feeling and words of the outer activity or personal consciousness.

This means the daily activities of the mind, body and feeling with which the personality continues to entangle the creative expression of Life. The entire race has become so bound by its own discord that Great, Glorious, Transcendent Ascended Masters—out of sheer Compassion for the slowness of mankind’s growth and the misery of its degradation—offer to cut away the barnacles of the psychic plane and give humanity a new start!

“‘People are entertained, fascinated, and self-hypnotized by the various conditions of the psychic world, but I tell you—and I know both the Inner and outer activities of Life from the Ascended Masters’ standpoint—that there is nothing good nor permanent within the psychic stratum! It is as dangerous as quicksand, and just as undependable!”