An excerpt from “LAW OF LIFE” Book II – ADK LUK


There is existent in the etheric realm a large white building known as the Halls of Karma or “Judgment Halls”, wherein the Lords of Karma officiate in regard to lifestreams, individually and collectively in connection with their imperfect karma and their future progress. There, individuals after passing (through so-called death) are assigned in mercy and love to school rooms or their proper place where they dwell until they are ready for their Ascension or if they are to they re-embody, the greatest possible assistance will be given to the soul. All this comes under the jurisdiction of the Karmic Board.

The Karmic Board was established when the need arose after mankind began to create the shadows. It is an instrument of mercy instead of judgment. It consists of Seven Great Beings, officiating in Cosmic capacity. These Lords of Karma are Cosmic Beings of tremendous Divine Love. They are completely impersonal and impassionate in Their judgment, always acting for the good of all. They are interested in the greatest development and the fulfillment of the divine plan for each individual as well as all life.

Their action is one of mercy to individuals as well as to groups and nations. They have taken on the responsibility to see that all energies are purified and redeemed. They endeavor to work out ways and means to mitigate the imperfect karma created through the misuse of primal life. It is not a hard and cruel judgment but that which will be the best for the development and progress of the life-stream, and at no time an act of condemnation.

Their service is indeed a thankless one from the mankind of Earth. One action of the Karmic Board is to designate which individuals are to embody. It has been Their responsibility to select and direct which lifestreams would be allowed to take embodiment. This is done according to individual karma of imperfection, in order to keep sufficient balance with those lifestreams passing on or leaving the Earth, so as not to cause too great a weight; also as to lifestreams who have offered to render service, They consider their good karma, the accumulated good. They in mercy regulate the bad karma of all

mankind. They in mercy regulate the return of the individual human creation so that it is not greater than he can handle, to judge how much the individual could stand and give opportunity for the redemption of a certain amount in a lifetime, and thus make progress.


Its judgment is not in a sense of punishment, but what can be the greatest good for the lifestream.


The Lords of Karma give each one the greatest opportunity possible according to his own light and the karma created by him, it is this decision that is referred to as “judgment”. This has caused fear in some people and they dread the Halls of Karma. That is because every experience they have had before those great Lords (which is the judgment day) is recorded in their etheric bodies. Many of those days may have been remorseful when the individual saw what was left undone and “what could have been” instead.


The Seven Members of the Karmic Board at present, and the Ray Each represents are:


RAY                              LORD OF KARMA

1                                  The Great Divine Director

2                                  Goddess of Liberty

3                                  Lady Nada - Goddess of Love

4                                  Pallas Athena - Goddess of Truth

5                                  Elohim Vista (Cyclopea) - The Great Elohim of the 5th Ray - THE ALL SEEING EYE OF GOD

6                                  Lady Kwan Yin - Goddess of Mercy

7                                  Lady Portia – Goddess of Justice and Opportunity


The Karmic Board convenes twice yearly – around the first of January and the first of July, at the Grand Teton Retreat. They are seated according to the rays They represent, rays one to seven from left to right, but as different Ones take the office of Spokesman, then that One takes the center chair, with Three on either side.

The Karmic Board was established with the Goddess of Liberty as Spokesman, which office She held for many thousands of years. It is only within recent years that the various Ones have been Spokesman. A few years ago at a ceremony at inner levels, the Goddess of Liberty transferred the authority to Kwan Yin. The authority of Spokesman was transferred June 27, 1954, from Kwan Yin to the Goddess of Justice for the next two thousand years in honor of Saint Germain’s position as presiding Master for this new cycle. However, one of the others on the Board does act as Spokesman on certain occasions or for a certain period of time.

The Karmic Board has been the supreme authority for mankind through the centuries; Their decisions were final. They represent the Cosmic Law which governs the affairs and progress of the Earth and all life on it. Now, since Helios and Vesta Who represent the heart of this system, have joined the Cosmic Council They are the superior authority. This has enabled greater lee-way to be given in a spiritual way. The Karmic Board presides over the half-yearly Councils which consist of Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, Angels and now some unascended beings in their inner bodies, who are interested in formulating plans and petitions for the betterment of the race and the Earth, and the establishment of permanent perfection. The Karmic Board passes on petitions and gives opportunity to the Hierarchy and those unascended in the outer world, working with Them, to further God’s Will and the divine plan.

The Members of the Karmic Board wear seven-pointed crowns.