The Twice-Yearly Petition Process

Excerpt from Bridge to Freedom material – compiled by Werner Schroeder

Twice a year, when the Rocky Mountain Retreat (Teton Retreat) is open, students of the Ascended Masters may submit petitions to the conclave that meets there. The petitions are plans that assist in fulfilling the divine plan for this planet and for widening the borders of the Kingdom of Heaven. This article lays out the step by step process of submitting and working with petitions and gives you some background to the events that take place at the retreat. The following excerpt is by the Lord Maha Chohan, and it vividly describes what happens at the half-yearly meetings and the petition process itself.

“The exact procedure followed by an individual, a master, or a group of dedicated beings who are to apply to the Lords of Karma for dispensations of mercy, is somewhat as follows:

“The Master or bold member of the  (human) race receives a divine inspiration in the quietude of his own God contemplation. He recalls it again and examines its possible worth as a means of fulfilling the divine plan and widening the borders of the Father’s Kingdom.

He then develops and matures this idea in his mind and nourishes it with the love and strength of his own feeling nature. If he is a member of a retreat, he will no doubt present this proposal to his brothers, and it will be incorporated in the group petition of the retreat at the great council. If he is working independently, he may prepare this petition, and upon entering the Teton hall, give his scroll to the being (the Keeper of the Scrolls, editor) who is in charge of placing them on the great bulletin board which is situated outside the audience chambers.

“This enables many lifestreams to acquaint themselves with the proposals that are to be presented, and if they find merit and interest in any particular petition, they are allowed to place their names on the scroll, this signifying to the Master sponsoring the petition that the lifestream so signing is willing to support the measure, at such time as the Karmic Board will hear the petition and ask for the presentation of individuals who will back such proposals, release the energies required to fulfill them, and cooperate according to the best of the individuals’ powers and capacities in forwarding such a cause for world good.

“The retreat or individual being sponsoring such a cause is then assigned a private meeting room, and here they are free to entertain the members of the race and the Brotherhood who have signified an interest in their proposed plan. Thus, the representatives from the retreats of the world, as well as the individual Masters, spent the first 15 days of their stay at the Rocky Mountain Retreat in gathering constituents for their cause, knowing full well that when they have the opportunity to present their plan before the assembly, the number, nature, and capacities of those who stand as voluntary supporters of such a cause will determine the final extent of the grant given them and the freedom with which they may exercise their powers in drawing on the universal cosmic storehouse of energy to make that cause appear on the screen of form as an effect worthy and lasting in merit.

“When the Karmic Council sits, each retreat and individual is called forward in successive order, according to rank and purpose, and given the opportunity to present the proposed petition before the entire assembly and the members of the human race who have been magnetically drawn in to the atmosphere. After hearing the proposal, one of the members of the Karmic Board always asks the sponsors to call forward as many lifestreams, ascended and unascended, as have offered to dedicate a portion of their individual energies to such a cause. Besides the individuals which the sponsor has secured through his concentrated preliminary meetings, at the public presentation usually a goodly number of those present, who have either arrived too late, or who have not been interested enough to read the petitions of the Brothers beforehand, will rise and join the ranks of one movement or another. Then, the Karmic Board deliberates on the potential good which will be effected by such an investment of cosmic energies in the particular cause before them. Their measure is the amount of good that can be effected with regard to the development of the individual God flame and the evolution of the planet and not so much with the temporary comforts or pleasures of the people.

After the cosmic grant is given to the sponsor, he must endeavor to launch his movement on the flood tide of the spiritual energies dedicated to his cause by the Cosmic Board. Thus, after the July and January meetings, while the spiritual tide is full, there is at inner levels always a tremendous impetus in the world causes which will benefit the race as a whole.

“If the retreat, the Master, or the individual does not secure much support from the voluntary energies of the race, his grant from the Cosmic Board is small, and he must wait the opportunity at the next meeting to increase the interest of the people, or if the Board feels the service can be superseded by another of greater merit, he cheerfully and willingly gives up this proposed idea, and either enters into the activities of some other member of the Brotherhood, or, in time, evolves another idea which will perhaps be more pleasing and beneficial to the evolution of the race at that time.

“When the final grants have been made, and the retreats, Masters, forces of the elements, and human beings have been given the sanction of the cosmic court to proceed, each returns immediately to the center of his own sphere of influence and sets into motion the most intense activity whereby the cause he serves may quickly find fruition in the world of form. This very important, for he is called upon to report on what he has done with the grant of energy given him by the cosmic council at the next half-yearly meeting, and if he has not availed himself of it, his future grant will be limited thereby.”¹

Here is a concise set of guidelines, from Ascended Masters and Their Retreats, for the student who wishes to submit a petition to the Karmic Board.

  1. Before writing down the petition, the student should enter into communion with his God-Self and examine his motive.
  2. The petition should benefit a number of persons, rather than just one individual.
  3. It should be written down in ink or typed.
  4. The student should re-read the petition in the evening, before going to sleep, to impress the plan upon his brain consciousness and his etheric consciousness, as well.
  5. Then, the student should mentally direct the petition to the Bulletin Board of the Keeper of the Scrolls. As a matter of courtesy, this should be done before the retreat opens.
  6. The petition should be burned at the end of the month, since its purpose will then have been achieved.²
  7. Please, also note that “during the 1950’s, the Masters repeatedly asked the students to prepare petitions which, if approved, would greatly further the progress of the human race. Such petitions may be given by an individual or as a group. Generally speaking, petitions formulated as a group are more effective since, typically, a group has more spiritual momentum than an individual has, acting alone.”3

Now that you have an idea of the activities that unfold at the half-yearly meetings, here is the schedule of activities that will guide you through both the petition process and the meetings themselves. Werner Schroeder, in the book, Ascended Masters and Their Retreats, tells us that the Karmic Board meets during the half-yearly meetings “at the end of December and in June, to pass on petitions submitted by the Masters and the students. There is no set timetable for the meetings (of the Karmic Board, editor). Typically, the meetings begin on December 26, but they may start, depending on the workload, as early as December 18. For the same reason, the meetings may last until January 4, at which time the decisions are handed out.”4