NOTE ED.:  The Elemental (nature) Kingdom is the Great Kingdom that made a  vow to Beloved Alpha & Omega, our Father/Mother God,  to obey mankind (ele-mental = Mind of God) as mankind ARE the Gods and Goddesses (“I AM”) on this earth, having been vested with the 3-Fold Flame from our "I AM" Presence, and so every thought, feeling, word and action sent out from mankind is OUT-PICTURED by the beloved Elementals – anger, irritability, blame, fear, violence, cold-heartedness etc. is what creates the ice, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires, floods  etc. – it was never meant to be like this.  Mankind were meant to work in cooperation, perfect Love and Gratitude with the Elemental Kingdom, and to out-picuture perfection on our earth and EXPAND the Kingdom of God in the world of form.

Lack of Love and Gratitude is devastating to the beloved elementals who serve UNSUNG, UNLOVED AND UNHEARD!  It must change!


Beloved Maha Chohan:

“Mankind, for the most part, does not even know that the members of the elemental kingdom have being, and they know not that they (mankind) live by the sacrifice of this great unseen kingdom, the members of which work unceasingly, day and night, to keep the pollution of the effluvia of mankind from smothering them, even to the point where the breath could not be drawn into the nostrils or sustained within the form. If there were individuals or groups interested in blessing this kingdom—in making friends with the kingdom of nature it would be a great blessing. You must remember that they are of an innocent consciousness, like small children for the most part, and they desire, always, to render a balance for love. I would humbly suggest that, within the activity of your class work, there are no heights to which you cannot reach in invoking the assistance of the elemental kingdom in balancing these extremes that are manifesting at the present time through weather conditions. IF, ON EVERY CONTINENT, EVEN ONE SUCH GROUP WOULD BE ESTABLISHED WITH THE MOTIVE OF JUST LOVING THEM, AND NOT FOR THE SERVICE THEY MIGHT RENDER, WE COULD HANDLE THE BALANCING OF THEIR ACTIVITIES, WHICH OTHERWISE RESULT IN CATACLYSMIC FORCES RELEASED."   Bulletin Book 1, P148-149, Beloved Maha Chohan


It is suggested to learn more of the Elemental Kingdom you read this book:


Compiled by Werner Schroeder (BRIDGE TO FREEDOM MATERIAL)

(adapted from Songs & Decrees – AMTF)

Beloved Mighty Victorious Presence of God “I AM” in me,  Holy Christ Self of me, and that of ALL mankind, Beloved Helios and Vesta, Aries & Thor, Neptune & Lunara, Virgo & Pelleur, Prince Oromasis & Holy Diana, Mighty Zarathrustra, our Beloved Maha Chohan and Cosmic Holy Spirit Aeolus, and all the Great Ones ministering to the Beloved Elemental Kingdoms!

In Your Name, Love, Wisdom, Power and Authority, I decree You to Bless! Bless! Bless! The Sylphs of the air, Undines of the water, Gnomes of the earth and the Salamanders of the fire, and ALL the Beloved Nature Spirits and Devas, WITHOUT LIMIT!

PURIFY! PURIFY! PURIFY! These Beloved beings, who have served mankind so long and have labored under the weight of mankind’s discord and impurity. SEAL EACH ONE, THIS INSTANT AND FOREVER, in an oval of VIOLET TRANSMUTING FLAME, at least three times larger than their own size, and keep that oval of Violet Flame filled with the fragrance of Violets!

ILLUMINE THE SOURCE and see that this misuse of Light, does not encroach upon life any longer!

EXPAND (x3) these blessings a thousand-fold more EACH DAY, until the atmosphere of our planet is Crystal Clear, and all solidification & pollution - distortion, distress and destruction, in the Elemental Kingdom is Transmuted into Pure Light Substance, and every BELOVED ELEMENTAL IS ETERNALLY FREE from that which God never intended to be, and the Original Immaculate Concept for our Earth is Restored and the Divine Plan fulfilled of each and every one!  I consciously accept this decree done RIGHT NOW with THE FULL POWER OF THE LIGHT OF GOD THAT NEVER FAILS!




Beloved “I AM” Presence and that of ALL mankind, Saint Germain and the Great Ascended Hosts, I call on the LAW OF FORGIVENESS for myself and ALL mankind for the mistreatment and cruelty towards animals, insects and reptiles right back to the beginning of time!

TRANSMUTE all this misqualified energy with The Cosmic Violet Fire setting it all eternally free, and for ALL those animals, insects and reptiles for whom it is POSSIBLE, at the close of their CURRENT EARTH LIFE, and all those in the psychic and astral realms, SEND THEM BACK TO THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN FOR REPOLARIZATION, OR IF THEY CHOOSE, TO ENTER THE WHEEL OF BIRTH & RE-BIRTH, NEVER TO COME AGAIN INTO A TRAPPED ELEMENTAL FORM!  We thank you that they may fulfil their Divine Plan now!

We call for the Violet Fire to transmute any human sentimentality, or anything that may be holding them back from freedom!

We THANK YOU for answering these calls – maintaining, self-sustaining and ever expanding them, until all animals, insects and reptiles are set eternal FREE!

And so be it and so it is – (Beloved I AM (x3)