Why & How

Our Decrees shall free humanity

“There is no Greater Privilege of Service before mankind today, than THE ISSUING OF THESE MIGHTY DECREES FOR THE FREEDOM OF THEMSELVES AND THE WORLD; THE SEIZING AND BINDING OF THE ENTITIES; THE USE OF THE VIOLET CONSUMING FLAME; THE CALL OF THE TUBE OF LIGHT AROUND YOU! These are Mighty Activities which are imperative for you! Will you use them and be Free? The Choice is yours, Beloved Ones.” The Great Divine Director -“I AM” Discourses Book 8 pg 82-3

“When you call to the “I AM” Presence, you are calling to the “I AM” Presence of everyone in the world. Even earnest students do not realize what a Power their call to the “I AM” Presence is.”  ADK Luk

“The decrees have rendered a service to the world like nothing else in two million years.” (Sanat Kumara)



The Great Ascended Hosts, through Cosmic Law, are not permitted to come into our lower realm, (this physical world) and perform the GREAT PURIFICATION needed for our people and all life on the earth, unless WE MAKE THE CALLS!   THAT is the POWER of the Decree Service. This differs from all other activities of service, for example; prayer, meditation, visualization and other ceremonies (not that they are not good – THEY ARE GOOD, and are still adding to the Light of the world)………but through Decrees (Commands) issued forth, in the name of our “I AM” Presence, who ALONE has the authority, to call to The Great Comic Light and Ascended Beings, to do It’s perfect work – as that “I AM” Presence is ONE with the great Ascended Hosts, whereas the human is not.

By Cosmic Law the calls are instantly answered when made through our “I AM” Presence. Jesus knew this great Law, that is why all His famous statements were prefaced with the words “I AM” (e.g. “I AM” the Open Door that no man can shut” “I AM” the Light of the world” etc.) He also knew and told us clearly, “I of myself can do nothing, it is the Father Within, that doeth the works” which is the Great “I AM” Presence.

The basis of Saint Germain’s activity in the decree pattern is repetition. This is based on the fact that we have used in the many embodiments through the centuries, so much energy through the spoken word, and beaten that into the emotional, mental and etheric bodies, hence we have solidified qualities of a negative and destructive nature within them.

Now, to re-qualify the energy in these bodies and the physical body, we have to release a balance of energy, which will blaze into them and SHATTER those patterns which we have set up mostly through the use of the spoken word and physical action.

Through centuries of saying negative statements there has been built up into the etheric body, into that which the world calls the ‘sub-conscious’, certain deep grooves of energy. It has been set into motion. It is consciousness which has been accepted that which we have ‘decreed’ for ourselves century after century. The same thing has been done with the emotional and mental bodies, through the use of life. Now, all that will not change with one affirmation!

The efficacy of the decrees is not only in that which goes out into the ethers, but that which is charged and charged into the etheric body (soul/memory body). This brings a positive alignment and control of the entire consciousness into positive assurance of what is affirmed.

It is efficacious to use the same pattern in decreeing, thus build a momentum, than to be changing to new decrees all the time, however it may be necessary to add/change according to the ‘need of the hour’. Decreeing should not become a ‘chant’. It is not a matter of saying so many words through habit. The consciousness should remain ALERT at all times, understanding and fully meaning that which is said, with CLEAR VISUALIZATION. Remember FREEDOM is gained by rendering impersonal service! To be efficacious in such service, daily application is also required, backing up the decrees, and not just to read a few every day, but to stand and say them with FIRM DETERMINATION – knowing they are being fulfilled!



     “When you go into action in your groups, making tremendous calls for the Light Rays to expand and to remove those causes of distress, you render a service that you will never fully comprehend until you are Ascended. That is why the cities where sanctuaries of Light are established are more pure by far than those that are not so blessed.”     

Beloved Sanat Kumara- From ‘Dictations’ – Bridge to Freedom Publication