“The beloved angelic host who work with us, start with the little, tiny Cherubim and angels, who embody the qualities of faith, happiness, hope and all of the virtues and who are able to retain, sometimes for no longer than an hour, the specific radiation of a quality which may be required on Earth. Needless to say, their first endeavors to give assistance to the planet Earth are brief ones. They hasten back into the safety of the director from whose arms and aura they have been sent froth to empty their little vial of faith, or confidence, into the silver cord and lifestream of some despondent or despairing one. Recording the victory of such a mission, the small being becomes more confident, more eager to learn and more desirous of maintaining the self-control required to sustain a greater portion of a virtue or quality in his next mission.

It is thus by actual experience that the angelic host grow and develop and learn the joy that is within service. They are allowed to witness the change in the consciousness of the mortal whom they bless with their benediction. The happiness, the joy, that shines within the eyes of these infants is indeed beautiful to behold when they see a stooped form straighten and a hopeless consciousness again filled with faith. They come back into the temples charged with enthusiasm and a burning desire to return earthward again and again, until none of mankind or the imprisoned elemental kingdom shall require assistance outside of the flame that beats their own hearts!

These are the small beings. You who are endeavoring to hold for the portion of a day at least, some virtue in your consciousness to give to others through contagion, can understand in a measure the joy of the angels when in your association you are able o convey a little courage, a little faith, a little confidence to one of your associates whom you meet in the course of daily living. Then, with renewed vigor, you return again to the source of faith and confidence within your heart, applying there for the capacity to radiate a larger sphere of influence of that quality around you, within your aura and to hold it against contamination from he mass mind for a longer period of time. It is a lovely way to experiment with your energy, perhaps taking some one quality each day that you feel might benefit the mankind in your environment, in your home life, or in your business association. Then setting the “spiritual thermostat” of your consciousness and feeling world to that virtue, tuning in to the Cosmic Beings who represent the momentum of it, direct and sustain that specific virtue through your aura and sphere of influence, despite the conditions, appearances and shadows from the appearance world that you might face. TRY IT!”


the angelic kingdom


working with the angelic & elemental kingdoms

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