By the Ascended Master Saint Germain



Cooperation Between Men, Angels and Elementals

      "The next two-thousand-year cycle, which the great Cosmic Law has permitted me the honor and with all the responsibilities to represent, is to bring in an understanding of the ceremonial worship and a kindly cooperation, first among the human race, themselves, and then when they are at least in some accord, the members of the elemental kingdom and the angelic kingdom, as well. These three great kingdoms, who have used the Earth as a habitat, who have breathed the air, who have used freely the waters and substance of the earth through the ages, these kingdoms have grown so far apart in consciousness that there is no means of communication between them, except by the very few.

      Those few who represent the heart of the nature kingdom and take human embodiment, are sometimes able to reach through the elemental kingdom, or through the flower, the birds or with the four-footed creatures, and in that way accelerate the consciousness of such a one and bring assistance to that realm. Our beloved Kuthumi as Saint Francis was one, and you know the gentleman who has recently rendered such a service in that same capacity through a colored body (Dr. Carver).

      The angelic kingdom is very well relegated to the realms of fantasy and are drawn out more as ornaments than as living beings of intelligent consciousness and power to assist. It is to bring into alignment the conscious-ness, the understanding and the desire for unity before these three kingdoms, that I have come, and to bring into alignment which is more difficult even than the above, the seven types or rays of evolution, the seven types of men, who will perform the activities of the ceremonies in the days and years ahead.

The Work of the Centuries Ahead

      We are at a new beginning, a new and humble beginning which will be written upon the pages of life and which will be read by consciousnesses less fettered by the effluvia of the ages, more illumined by reason of your application and use of the Violet Fire, more able to grasp that which we say today. In the centuries ahead those individual will work out and develop the truths, the ceremonies and the activities that we have written through the energies of our life, and you have written into the substance of the earth through your energies and reading, and they will comprehend even as it was long after the advent and mission of the Master Jesus.

      It was long after the removal of the main figures of the Christian Church upon the screen of life, that the ceremonies have drawn the angelic host, the devic beings and have kept a connection with the consciousness of beloved Jesus and Mary, and Lord Michael, the Archangel, and those who have achieved the right to live in the realms of immortality. It was long after the removal of these simple, humble folk that this development took place. You cannot, as they say, build Rome in a day, but it is the strong spirit with the confidence of faith in their consciousness, with enough drive of enthusiasm, with a certain tenacity of will, and when you find these individuals with a perception and intuitive development and the capacity to expand the finer vibrations, that combination is rare, indeed, and yet it must be used in the mystic of the new order, to build a strong and firm foundation for this two-thousand-year cycle.

      There is no such thing as failure connected with the turning of the cosmic wheel. Every fourteen thousand years that wheel makes a complete revolution. In the two thousand years allotted to the being who has been invested with the power of the Chohan of the Ray, he may, using his own discrimination, intuitive faculties, inspiration and God-direction, use whatever consciousness, whatever lifestreams are available to him in order to bring an understanding of the particular type of worship that will engage the attention of the people for that cycle. If some do not respond, then he endeavors always to secure the assistance and cooperation of others. These cycles are provided in order to animate certain of the spiritual centers in man."

(Excerpt from Bridge to Freedom  - 'INITIATIONS OF THE 7TH RAY'  - Beloved Saint Germain)


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