Excerpt from “Law of Life’ ADK Luk Book 1


Two Cosmic Beings take the initiation to become Sun God and Sun Goddess and are endowed with the power to create a system of worlds. They then design within Their consciousness the plan of Their solar system, the number, type, size and formation of each planet with all the details; also the number and type of lifestreams to evolve or develop upon each planet.

They then draw to Themselves through cohesive power a Cosmic Silent Watcher Who offers to hold within His or Her own consciousness and Being the light pattern for the planets of the solar system. They also draw to Themselves the Elohim of Creation (there are seven for this system), Who offer to help build the planets, each in its appointed time. They draw the Builders of Form, Archangels, The Directors of the Four Elements, Devas, Seraphim, Cherubim, Angels; and Guardians also are drawn forth.

The creation of a planet takes place by the Sun God and Sun Goddess formulating a design which is given to a chosen Planetary Silent Watcher Who maintains the design in the consciousness.

The creation of a planet takes place by the cooperation of the Silent Watcher, the Seven Elohim, the Builders of Form, Devas, the Directors of the Four Elements and the Beings of the elements.

The Seven Elohim build the form of the planets. They represent the mental activity or radiation. The Seven Archangels represent and supply the (spiritual) feeling activity or radiation.

The Seven Elohim get the design from the Planetary Silent Watcher. The Elohim (masculine and feminine) project forth Their combined light rays and where they meet or cross the permanent atom is formed – the Three-fold Flame, around which is drawn the electronic light substance, creating the planet. These two rays are the Two Permanent Rays to that planet.

In the center of the planet is the magnetizing focus, a similar action as the Three-fold Flame in the heart, that holds the atoms of the physical body together. This forms the cohesive power for the electrons or atoms of the earth, water and air elements.

There has to be a natural gravity – a magnetic pull for a planet to hold things and mankind to it; that is controlled by the Rod of Power which is kept at Shamballa. Along with this magnetic pull mankind have tied their energies with earth substance by human desires and appetites through the senses, which makes the heavy gravity pull of Earth; thus preventing levitation which should be a natural activity. It is the binding force.

There are Cosmic Beings Who offer Their service to formulate the axis, such as Polaris and Magnus, Who sustain the axis for the Earth at the present time.

Earth was created through the rhythmic release of the outpouring of the Seven Elohim over a long period of time until it reached a point of completeness, and the Three-fold Flame in the center began its function and the Earth began to revolve upon its axis. It is radiation from the Sun that causes a planet to rotate on its axis, and move in its orbit around the Sun. When the elements have been drawn together then the light energy from the Sun (the fire element) interpenetrates the planet, establishing the fecundating power of the fire element, and the various Cosmic Beings give Their specific elements – virtues which make the planet a habitable place for individualized Flames in physical form.

When the planet Earth was to be created, Virgo and Pelleur (Twin Rays) offered Their services to produce or supply the substance of the earth element, which would hold form for the water element as well as provide (stationary) substance, or substance of a vibratory rate that would support the weight of the bodies of mankind, and upon which they could live.

This earth substance was created from the atoms formed by drawing (pure) electrons around a central core. The substance of Earth in the beginning was completely pure and of a more rapid vibratory rate than now, therefore not nearly so dense. It was similar to what we now know as the ethers. Other planets function at more rapid vibrations, on the original plan. The earth element was originally pure substance and the colors of the seven rays played through it producing an iridescent radiance. Pelleur’s radiance from the center permeated the entire Earth. The Directors of the Elements, Virgo, Neptune, Aries and Helios or a Director of the fire element, with Their beings of the elements, the Gods of the Mountains and of the Sea, Amaryllis (the Goddess of Spring) and the various Devas then created the mountains, rivers, valleys, mineral and plant life, trees, shrubs, flowers and all that goes to make up a beautiful planet. Gold and jewels were placed in the Earth to give out radiation. They grow similar to plant life through radiation from great Beings Who direct these activities.

All creation takes place to the rhythm of music. The Sun God and Goddess in the meantime draw forth Individualizations to people the planet.

Each individual’s life does not begin at birth of a physical body but with the projecting forth of a light ray from the hearts of the Sun God and Goddess; at the end of that ray a flame comes into being, a Three-fold Flame, around which coalesces light substance and the creation of the Divine Presence takes place, thus forming an individual God-Flame.

The awareness of “I AM” by the Three-fold Flame makes It an Individual with free will.

The God-Flame is then an Individual Creator – a co-Creator with God, the Cosmic I AM Presence. These abide in the aura of the God-Parents for the time being. Some return and become un-individualized again.

Those choosing to go on out further in the scheme of creation project forth two rays – Twin Rays, at the end of each a Three-fold Flame around which is drawn light substance, forming what is known as the Electronic Body, wherein abides the “I AM” Who knows Itself as an Individual, which we term the I AM Presence.

Then these Intelligences begin Their journey through the seven inner spheres, through which They must pass before They are ready to embody on a planet. They know primal life is Theirs to use. There They begin to create through the I AM Consciousness that which They see, in whatever sphere They abide. They learn to use Their thought and feeling centers, to create form by thought, then through joyous feeling to energize it. There They absorb the qualities of each sphere, remaining in each as long as desired, thus forming a Causal Body.