Co-creating with the Angelic & Elemental Kingdoms








Excerpt from “21 Essential Lessons”

Compiled by Werner Schroeder from “The Bridge to Freedom Journals” editor Thomas Printz.

When the Earth was first created, it was made beautiful by the nature kingdom. Under the supervision of beloved Virgo (director or the Earth Element), Amaryllis, the Goddess of Spring, the trees were brought forth. Mighty Neptune (director of the Water element) created the crystal-clear waters.

Beloved Aries (Director of the Air Element) brought forth the air that the children of the earth breathe. The Angels came as guardians of the God-virtues, and the Divine plan was for the three Kingdoms – the elemental, human and angelic kingdoms – to serve together, each one evolving ever upward into greater perfection.

Elementals were created to SERVE mankind through their own particular element; the salamanders through fire; the undines through water; the sylphs and fairies through the air, and the gnomes through the earth element. Some are called nature spirits and nature devas. Elementals are the workers of nature.

It is through the effects and use of their life that these little Beings supply man with the garments of flesh which they wear, the water they drink, the food so abundantly supplied, the air they breathe, and everything required to sustain him on Earth. The Divine plan was for man to be served in LOVE and in turn mankind was to pour love and gratitude and blessings back to the Elemental Kingdom.

If you were to stand an elemental, a man and an angel before the chalice on your altar, this is how it would appear to each consciousness: the elemental would see all of is little friends right in the glass that makes up that format – their shining faces, their tiny bodies sustaining the outline of the cup and the stem; the man would see the glass and judge its worth, wondering if it were crystal or otherwise, and the angel would see the powers of the Sacred Fire, drawn by your invocation and decrees, flowing through the cup. The activities of all three kingdoms are necessary to have a perfect manifestation in the world of form.

The Earth represents the density – the physical body, the form. Water represents the emotional body. Water is the greater part of your energy. Air is your freedom; fire is the power of purification and immortality. Young children often see and even play with fairies and other beings of the elements, for which, (if they let it be known) they are usually chastised by their parents and others.

Elementals range in size from less that one-eights of an inch to eighty feet. There are some large undines of that size in the oceans. Elementals, in their natural state, act only in divine love. Their nature is to mimic or out-picture that which they see. They are primarily mental beings (el-e-mental meaning “mind of God”).


The elemental kingdom evolves from the tiniest intelligence into builders of form, nature devas, Elohim, Silent Watchers, and Directors of Elemental Life (air, water, earth and fire). The builders of form may create the bodies of mankind. They perform this service together with beloved Mary (mother of Jesus), who forms the heart.

Nature devas may supervise the creation of a garden and mountains, valleys and lakes. Elohim create the planets of a galaxy. Silent Watchers may guard the original blueprint for an entire planet or a galaxy. The Maha Chohan works closely with the elemental kingdom.

The training of elementals starts in nature temples under the supervision of nature devas. They gather together and the deva creates out of his own Light body a beautiful blossom or some other design such as a blade of grass or a snowflake. Then all the little elementals in the class endeavour to embody a form just like it. They try to imitate that figure in shape, colour and design.

Here the elementals learn to master all of the qualities associated with creation – the motive and will to manifest, the perception of how to do it, the love for the endeavour, maintaining the clarity of the original design, the consecration and concentration to carry it through, the rhythm of application, (the willingness to manifest that design over and over again) and finally, the ability to envelop the design in peace and serenity.

At first, the elementals are only able to hold the picture for a second or two, but finally they can embody that form. If it is an apple blossom, the teacher in that temple notifies the nature devas that there is a group of elementals ready to become the blossoms on an apple tree in someone’s orchard.

It sounds simple, and yet it takes centuries of training and self-control, not only on the part of the elementals, but of the teacher as well. But finally you have a lovely pink and white spring. The apple blossoms smell so sweet and people enjoy walking under them.

The farmer has hope of a good crop in the autumn. The bees are happy as they make their honey, and the elemental is happy because he has fulfilled his purpose. Then, the short season completed, the blossom falls and the elemental returns home for commendation, for rest and for re-assignment.

When the elemental is ready for a larger responsibility, such as being a nature deva, he may direct several elementals bringing forth, for example, a beautiful garden.

Some elementals graduate unto greater service and become devas who watch over an entire nation. A few elementals are chosen to work directly with the Maha Chohan. In this association they learn how to draw and direct those magnificent currents that govern all nature. This training enables some elementals to apply for the position of an Elohim. The Elohim, in a joint, cooperative action, create the planets of an entire galaxy.

Excerpt from: “Life and Teachings of Jesus and Mary” By ADK Luk (ADK Luk is the pseudo name of Alice Schutz, who was the secretary to both Guy Ballard the Geraldine Innocente – she had many notes from the lectures given by the Ascended Ones!)

“How long a blossom or shrub stays in physical manifestation to bless life depends on the Elemental’s concentration, its holding the concept”


The Angelic Kingdom consists of Archangels, seraphim, cherubim, angel devas and angels
Angels are wholly pure and perfect God Beings
Their service is to mankind

Angels may take embodiment in human form, but on very rare occasions. An example is beloved Mother Mary (Twin Ray of Archangel Raphael) and Serapis Bey, or they may choose to dwell in the heavenly realms. If they do take human form, the Veil of Maya (Bands of Forgetfulness) is placed around their consciousness – thus they will not know that they are angelic.

Angels radiate God Feelings, or God Virtues, to mankind. Examples:
Faith & protection
Divine love
Consecration & Healing

Angels do not labour in their service to mankind – they just shine! They respond instantly to a call and wrap the caller in their Divine Love and Protection
Elementals create forms – Angels vitalise the form through feelings
Elementals respond to the thoughts of mankind – Angels respond to feelings and emotions

The entire Angelic Host is under the direction of Seven Archangels – they embody the FEELINGS of God. They are:

Ray Archangel Divine Feminine Aspect (Archaii)

1st Ray – Michael & Faith
2nd Ray – Jophiel & Constance
3rd Ray – Chamuel & Charity
4th Ray – Gabriel & Hope
5th Ray – Raphael & Mary (Mother Mary)
6th Ray – Uriel & Donna Grace
7th Ray – Zadkiel & Amethyst

The kingdom OF MANKIND

The Elemental Kingdom must learn control of energy through thought so that mankind can enjoy their perfected designs. The Angelic Kingdom must learn control of the feelings, to hold within themselves the virtue they have chosen, until directed to release it to one in need of it. MAN MUST LEARN CONTROL OF BOTH, AND THUS BECOME A MASTER!

Without the Elemental Kingdom there would be no form; without the Angelic Kingdom man could not draw the blessings of God – thus mankind should begin revering Life and be deeply grateful for the constant services and blessings they receive.


To sum up – man must learn who he is, he has been endowed with the potential to create as ‘His Father’ does and must recognize that he is a Co-Creator with the other two Kingdoms; The Elemental Kingdom and the Angelic Kingdom and has a responsibility to this end. As such, he must become master of all that he creates.

As a creator he must consciously control his thoughts, feelings, words and actions on a daily basis. Cosmic Law is a stern teacher, and the law does not apply itself – all creation is a SELF CONSCIOUS EFFORT, and if the individual upon whom this great gift of life has been bestowed refuses to take the responsibility to do his duty, his experiences will prod him with misery until he does!

We currently live in the psychic realm, of low vibration, where massive forces of discordant energy have amassed over hundreds of thousands of years because of mankind’s total disregard for their God energy. These negative forces thrive on distracting us from our spiritual development.

Therefore, daily application, namely, attunement to our I AM Presence and the Ascended Hosts, decreeing, applying the tools of grace (the Violet Flame, the Sacred Fire, Purifying Love and Law of Forgiveness), contemplating (becoming still and filling our hearts with joy and gratitude for God’s blessings), offering impersonal service to our fellow man – all of this is the secret for opening the door to the fulfillment of our divine plan. Have great reverence for All Life!

With every thought, feeling, word and action, you are either creating your karma of distress, or a crown of light, for you are thinking and feeling SOMETHING every moment – waking and sleeping. It is within your power to create something so beautiful and so perfect.



Firstly the most important thing we need to practice is to FEEL the love and gratitude for our Unseen Helpers and all in our lives.

We need to learn their names and what they specialize in – like us on Earth, if you know the name of someone, connect with them and begin to spend time with them and love them; the relationship grows and becomes meaningful. If you don’t know the name of someone, how can you call to him or her? It is the same in the Higher realms.

The Angels know nothing of discord and are repelled by it – not in a judgmental way, but the vibrations are such that they are not attracted to anything discordant and move away. So the importance of being HARMONIOUS and LOVING at all times is essential if we are to successfully work with this Mighty Kingdom of Love and Light.

Angels are very attracted to the feelings of LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY, FAITH, KINDNESS, GENTLENESS and all the God-qualities. They are not attracted to intellectual knowledge – it is the feelings of the heart that draws the Angels to you.

The Angelic Kingdom loves the sweet scent of flowers, beautiful music and devotional singing – so they will love pure essential oils, classical music and our sweet loving voices as we sing to them.

Decreeing, singing and prayer are essential to the success of our endeavours

The Elemental Beings also love the feelings of love and gratitude. As Jesus explains to us in the Bridge to Freedom material, we need to accumulate enough peace and harmony within ourselves to balance any requests made to the Elemental Kingdom. When Jesus ‘stilled the waters, and calmed the storm’ – he used his immense reservoir of accumulated peace and harmony within himself to allow the elemental kingdom to respond instantly and accurately. Holding the ‘Immaculate Concept’ in our minds is the key for the success we are wanting, as the elemental kingdom are here to out-picture, or bring into ‘from’ what is in our minds – el – e – mental = mind of God, and fulfill our perfectly held mental picture of what we want to manifest. The reason our planet is in such decay and disharmony is because mankind are constantly adding to the effluvia of the discordantly qualified mass consciousness with our discordant thoughts and feelings, such as, greed, selfishness, anger, and fear, in all its forms, being the most prevalent of all.


“How else then, would this Activity communicate the true Vibration and Character of the higher plane of the Ascended Master Octave into this world of human density, maya and illusion? I will tell you: by the action of the Sacred Fire released from the God Presence of all those devotees of the Light who will seize upon the Calls and Invocations (decrees), and become the action of the Light so invoked! This sustained decree momentum will propel the very Presence of the Ascended Masters into the physical, matter plane.” Saint Germain

A decree is a command and we have the power and the authority to issue commands – we are the “Gods” on this planet. Never forget the words of Beloved Jesus: “Know Ye are Gods”! It is important for us to understand this. A prayer is a supplication, very different to a command! When we command by a decree something into being by the Power of our Mighty “I Am” Presence, it will come into being! We need to be very careful how we word our decrees and what we decree for, as they are the Power of God in action, as we will be held accountable.

“Desire is but a lesser activity of Decreeing. Decreeing is and should be the recognition of the accomplished desire.”

Saint Germain-– Unveiled Mysteries

(adapted from Songs & Decrees – AMTF)

Beloved Mighty Victorious Presence of God “I AM” in me!
Oh Thou Beloved Immortal Threefold Flame of Eternal Truth within my heart, Holy Christ Selves of ALL mankind, Beloved Helios and Vesta, Aries & Thor and all the Beloved Sylphs, Neptune & Lunara and all the Beloved Undines, Virgo & Pelleur and all the Beloved Gnomes and Prince Oromasis & Holy Diana and all the Beloved Salamanders, and the Mighty Beloved Maha Chohan!

In Your Name, Love, Wisdom, Power and Authority, I decree You to Bless! Bless! Bless! The Sylphs of the air, Undines of the water, Gnomes of the earth and the Salamanders of the fire, WITHOUT LIMIT, in ways the unascended mankind does not know and cannot understand.

PURIFY! PURIFY! PURIFY! These Beloved beings, who have served mankind so long and have labored under the weight of mankind’s discord and impurity. SEAL EACH ONE, THIS INSTANT AND FOREVER, in an oval of VIOLET TRANSMUTING FLAME, at least three times larger than their own size, and keep that oval of Violet Flame filled with the fragrance of Violets!

EXPAND those blessings a thousand-fold more EACH DAY, until the atmosphere of our planet is crystal clear, and every BELOVED ELEMENTAL IS ETERNALLY FREE from that which God never intended to be!
I consciously accept this decree done RIGHT NOW! with THE FULL POWER OF THE LIGHT OF GOD THAT NEVER FAILS!