ADK Luk – Law of Life Book I & II .

In the beginning when individuals came forth there was a natural protection around each one; it was not a self-conscious creation. As the discord of mankind increased, rents and tears were imposed upon it and it diminished more and more, till it was practically gone.

Now we need to go into action, apply the law and again build this Pillar of Protection – this time consciously. Being a conscious creation it cannot be dissipated as before. In some teachings something is known about this Protection but it has been more or less vague. (Sometimes it is called tube, belt, or circle.)

The Pillar of Light originally was about nine feet in diameter; it was really the Stream of Light from the Pres­ence, or “Silver Cord”. As mankind became more and more discordant the “Silver Cord” became smaller and smaller. That was in mercy to the outer self, because if too much energy were released into its use, it would annihil­ate itself by misqualifying the energy.

The “Silver Cord” is made up of a stream of electronic energy – that is the stream of life, and the connection of the outer self with its Source. It is Pure Energy, Primal Life unqualified. It takes on the qualification according to the free will of the individual. This Primal Life is elemental substance which is charged or vowed to obey the creative principle – to obey the Three-fold Flame in the heart, according to free will. That is how mankind has created discord and also the accumulated good in the Causal body.

This Protective Pillar is a tube or pillar of Pure Light Substance, invisible to the ordinary sight but can be seen with the inner sight. It is not hollow inside like a tube. There is light all the way through like a pillar in, through and around your body, for a radius of about three (or up to nine) feet, condensed at the outer edge like a crust to make it impenetrable to anything not of Light – Divine Love.