“Dominion over the Body”

People can, if they will only realize it, talk to the organs or parts of the physical body just like they would to a child from whom they wished obedience. They can say,

“Now you get into perfect normal activity and see that you maintain it!”

During the time that the Life is maintained within the form, there are innumerable little workers whose duty it is to rebuild the atomic structure of the form and maintain it in perfect order.

Again one can say to that part of the Life activity,

“See that my body is supple, perfect in form, and beautiful; that my hair, eyes, and every part of me glows with the Light of the Inner Activity.”

The fact and Eternal Truth is that the consciousness is absolute master of every activity of the body and can mold it into perfect activity and form. The only reason those who know this do not get their manifestations is because they do not stay on the job.

If a disobedient child were destroying something beautiful and valuable in your home, you would certainly put a stop to it. The time has come for you to do permanent work on your bodies. The work of repairing and Perfecting the body is done through the Electron. Say to the intelligent workers in your entire body,

“Get to work and see that every particle of this structure is replaced with God’s Perfection.”

Do this especially at night before going to sleep. Realize that you are setting to work intelligent Beings who obey you. The consciousness must be impressed upon the workers that the Perfection is permanent. The Electron is a Focus of Perfect Energy from which the workers draw their Perfection.

Instead of knowing that everything we place within the body is God’s Pure Substance, most of us have the idea that some of God’s Substance can be harmful. The idea that any of God’s Substance is naturally harmful and inharmonious to man is absolute nonsense.

To meat eaters: The reason that flesh food does not belong in the human body is because there is a certain animal quality in the natural structure of the flesh and this automatically acts from its own trained environment of activity.

Question: “What causes the change in desire for food?”

Saint Germain: It comes through the raising of the consciousness, and this quickens the activity of the atomic workers.




From: ‘THE WILL OF GOD’ By Thomas Printz (Beloved El Moyra) Pg. 21

I cannot stress too much the power of the attention. Saint Germain and other Ascended Ones have repeatedly cautioned the students regarding the governing, controlling, and focusing of the attention in order to maintain mastery and freedom from limitation.

You attention is the faculty which focuses a beam of electrical energy upon any given point. This beam, or LIGHT RAY, is formed by your own Life Energy which flows along the line of force made by your attention upon the condition which you are ‘witnessing’.

There is a magnetic Law which acts here whereby the substance, energy and quality upon which your attention is fixed begins to flow back into your world and affairs instantly. According to the intensity with which your attention is fixed upon a condition is the return of the quality into your world.

Do you not see then, that in order to heal a condition, person place or thing, the attention must be withdrawn from the problem and placed upon the source of all Healing. This is a scientific action of the Law.

When you cast the beam of your attention into the Heart of the Presence, you set up a physical current of energy and the flow of Light Substance, power and healing, etc. begins its journey over the beam of your attention into your world. As you can keep this beam focused automatically, your world, body and feelings become saturated with Light which dissolves the condition. The old Psalm ‘I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills” means exactly this.

If there is apparent physical exhaustion, turn the beam of your attention upon Hercules, the concentrated Flame of Strength, and as surely as the Sun shines, tiny molecules or particles of Flame from His Electronic Presence will begin to flow along the current to your attention into your world. If your attention is upon tiredness, then the mass tiredness of mankind will flow along that beam into your world!

Can you not see that here is your KEY TO FREEDOM? You have been told times without number that your Presence is your Supply! The student body has felt that this was a ‘spiritual’ truth; I tell you that is also a SCIENTIFIC FACT, for as surely as you receive money when you present your passbook at the bank, as you turn your attention to your “I AM” Presence and HOLD it there, the actual particles of gold begin their return journey into your experience. TRY IT; and prove every word I have spoken to you!



“I AM” DISCOURSES BOOK 8  DISCOURSE VIII  (Excerpt from page 215)

“It is why the Messengers have pounded, and pounded, and pounded, This One Mighty Truth to the Students from the beginning. They shall continue, until the Beloved Ones get this Point into their consciousness so powerfully, they will no longer be affected by discordant things. You must do it, if you wish ever to be Free! That is why, tonight, I am taking this opportunity, to prompt you once again, in the preparation for this Class; because a Power will be released never before known.

Let Me prompt you! To every student who comes into the Shrine Auditorium, I say please, do not allow one thought or feeling of your own concept, to requalify the Release of This Mighty Energy! We must be firm! There is no reason why anyone should come into that Class and not feel a Power, a Joy, an Exhilaration, a Healing Presence, unparalleled on the face of this Earth! Don’t let anyone come into the Auditorium and get faint or disturbed! Such things are going to cease! It only is the requalification, by one’s own human feeling. Take your stand and don’t do this! Then, you will receive the Fullness of the Healing Power.

Any person coming into the room who will harmonize his or her feeling and sustain it sufficiently, will go forth healed of every condition which has ever beset that one.

Now, do you wish to take advantage of it? I prompt you don’t either in your Individual Life or in this Class, allow one single human feeling to requalify the Release of this Powerful Energy, for It will come forth from your Presence as well as from Us. It cannot produce anything but Perfection for you; Greater Harmony, Greater Joy, Greater Health and Strength! So do not let the human requalify It! Don’t think I am criticizing you, Beloved Ones, tonight, but I refer you to Beloved Saint Germain’s Words. A lady who was in the home of the Messengers in their early experiences, had the habit of fainting quite often; so during Beloved Saint Germain’s Dictations of the “I AM” Discourses in their home, He took up the subject and sent word to the lady: “Now don’t faint any more”! He said, “you don’t have to faint unless you want to.” Well the lady never fainted again.

Precious Hearts, I wish to help you feel and see the requalification of the action of the energy, within your world, which produces these conditions. If any person, the moment he or she feels some slight disturbance will say:

“Here, stop that! I will not have it”! in ninety percent of the cases, they will stop the whole action. You know when you begin to feel faint, you get more and more faint. Do you know, alertness is a most magnificent thing?

We are trying to convey to you—to be alert to all conditions, whether they be physical conditions and appearances in the outer world; or whatever it is that is affecting you or your world. If you will say, “STOP”! right then, you release the Power which is the controlling element of the condition whatever it may be. If it be an appearance as an outside condition, if you will instantly take command of yourself and say: “Stop! you shall not enter my world! You shall not disturb me”! you will find yourself in FULL COMMAND of your world and the conditions which surround you.

Beloved Ones, how do you suppose We control conditions? By that very identical thing! Naturally, We are able to release a Greater Power than you are; but still We must help you make a beginning; and the sooner We do, the quicker you are Master of your world. In the Fullness of the Love, the Power of Divine Love, which I am able to release to you; if you will do this, I will assist you to a Victory and Speed of Achievement which will delight you. We think the time has come, when the Beloved Students everywhere, must feel and make manifest This Dominion in their lives. There always comes a time in the Life and Expansion of the Light of every Individual, where after a certain amount of prompting, each one is left as you often term it—“upon his own, to sink or swim.” Does that sound cruel? No! We often feel the Call of students, longing to lay their heads upon Our Chests and weep; to arouse Our Sympathy to take their defense. Well, you may lay your heads upon Our Chests, but not to weep; only to rejoice by the Power of your own Victory!

Sometimes, when the feeling comes to Us—Oh, if the Ascended Masters are all this, why don’t They do something? They are doing plenty all the time, but let Me remind you, the Messengers did not have Us pick them up and carry them around! They had to apply the Law for their own Protection; for everything which they have, and when you will apply as dynamically as they have; and when you will refuse acceptance into your world of all foolish human gossip, you will have your Freedom then and there!”



“Take the Messenger for illustration. Blessed People, you will never know, what He went thru in those earlier years. Even when Beloved Saint Germain sent them forth to give out This Work, still some doubts and fears were in Him. When He understood how to silence that feeling with an iron grip, and make it be still; in a short time, it was no longer there to act. Today, when He issues a Decree, He knows there is no opposition, and of course the answer is there! The answer is within the Call!

We saw him reading a letter last night, or this morning about 2:00 o’clock, and a blessed one had made the Call for help. The letter stated: “You did not answer my letter, and yet the Healing was Complete.” Beloved Ones, if you were to understand and realize the thousands of answers, Instantaneous Healings of conditions and bodies; and all the limitations of mankind—which are released at His Call, you would know, that you too, can do the same thing. Only He has gained the Full Confidence in His Call to the Presence, which no longer allows requalification to act upon the energy as He calls It forth. You can do the same and you must do it; because you must make your own Application. You are the one in your world who must take the initiative. Then, whatever assistance can be given is well and good;

but REMEMBER, NO ONE CAN TAKE YOUR PLACE IN YOUR WORLD. You must be firm, determined and dynamic in YOUR APPLICATION—especially at first; until you break down the human creations, which have pressed upon you and limited you, as you understand it, thru this embodiment.

Remember, there cannot be any effect in your world, without a cause for it!"