Previous to 1929 mankind was quite free to choose whether or not to go on in a somewhat indefinite manner, and most individuals did that. In 1929 that privilege ended and they must now choose between the human way and the Light. So at the end of this embodiment each one will have a choice accordingly.


the power of the Cosmic Light is acting in the feeling world of mankind. All stand at the Gateway of Freedom. Each one through free will and choice must choose whether he/she will enter in and go forward or go the human way. One not only must but is compelled to choose before the greater energy and power is released (to him/her).

The 2,000 year cycle of the Sixth Ray has closed and we have entered the 2,000 year cycle of the Seventh Ray which is the last 2,000 year cycle of the greater cycle of 14,000 years. Thus coming to the close of the minor and a major cycle. The Law has said this is the final cycle for wayward mankind to embody on earth. This is the reason so much more assistance has been allowed at this time by the Cosmic Law than ever before. Therefore, the Divine Beings have poured their pressure of Their Light and Flames desiring to get from those of mankind who were stirring in their soul-sleep, the assistance of those lifestreams also."