“Cultivate Feelings of Appreciation”

Excerpt from ‘THE ANGELIC KINGDOM’ Compiled by Werner Schroeder (page 212)



“In the book of “The Seven Mighty Elohim Speak,” the Elohim of Peace describes to you in detail just how he became a little yellow flower and appeared season after season as such a little flower for millions of years!

You see, those little elementals have to spend a great deal of time and energy to learn how to actually become the form of that which they wish to create, let us say, for instance, a lima bean. They first become the form themselves and into that form they draw the substance which makes that particular vegetable, or whatever it is. When their service is completed, they return to the nature temple and teacher who sent them forth.

Then, some folks just don’t like lima beans! There has been much of some little being’s energies go into the creation of just one of those beans, think of it! Then think of the disrespect and ingratitude people have for and toward food. They reject this and reject that, and are so “fussy” concerning the gifts given them so freely. Think of the variety of harvests which are provided for the people of this Earth in order that all may not have to eat the same thing and may have a change of food from time to time.

After beloved Sanat Kumara came and the elemental kingdom finally decided that they would continue to grow and give to the people that which was for their sustenance, the elementals spoke together in counsel and said: “How about just one kind of harvest, for instance wheat? Let the people do with that as they will and make as much of that as they can.” Then the great Directors of the Forces of the Elements replied: “No, we shall give them a diversity of crops –wheat, rye and other cereals, vegetables and fruits of many kinds and description. We shall also continue in the diversification of flowers, trees and shrubs.” Dear people, you have been saved much distress of which you know nothing, through the constancy of endeavor of many Beings who have loved and served you, as well as all the rest of life, regardless of the lack of appreciation for those gifts.

You know, beloved ones, there is not one even here in this room who has not, at one time or another, in this life alone, rejected some of nature’s gifts as repellent (whether in food or otherwise), when some individual elemental gave of his or her own life to create and sustain that. Now let us come to a point of FEELING gratitude, gratitude that you do not have to eat the same thing all the time! Be grateful that there is such a diversity of form for your enjoyment. If you do not wish to partake of that substance, at least bless it! Thank life for having created it and make the call that it will fulfill its divine plan for being, whether that concerns your own life or not. NEVER DESPISE ANYTHING! You cannot be a chela of the realm of love while you despise any part of life, its creations or anything which nature has provided for some part of life to use.

If you feel that the energy within that form is not good, with your present knowledge of the use of the Violet Transmuting Flame, you can raise the quality thereof by passing the Violet Flame through it. (This in no way suggests the eating of meat) [comment by Editor, “Journal of the Bridge to Freedom”].

Now, perhaps you do not like loud music, First Ray People, or some kind of food or drink, that “mild dislike” is all a ramification of hate which is a repellent force and which is part of the effluvia of human creation. When you come to the Archangel consciousness (which I am endeavoring today to convey to you) of loving life free, then you may be positive all right, BUT POSITIVELY LOVING AND KIND AND FORGIVING TO ALL THAT IS!

Suppose I hadn’t liked the people in the “Compound.” I certainly had no particular affinity for the distress they had consciously created all through the ages – but suppose I had said: “Oh they have created so much discord, let them stay there!” No! That is not Divinity’s way. Divinity’s way is that of forgiveness and redemption, FREEDOM THROUGH THE REQUALIFICATION OF ENERGY, IMPERSONALLY! IMPERSONALLY!

So, if you do not like some other religious denomination or race or creed, that is a ramification of that same quality of hate. Therefore, any manifestation of life which is repellent to you is simply opportunity for you to requalify that energy. YOU CAN DO IT! God has given you dominion over all the substance of land and sea and all the creatures which dwell thereon and therein, through the power and use of the creative word “I AM,” the focus of which is anchored within the immortal Three-fold Flame of Eternal Truth which beats every physical heart. You can raise the quality of music, you can raise the quality of service in all religions and churches, you can raise the quality of energy in all races without even speaking a word, by the use of the Violet Transmuting Flame just so long as you remain POSITIVELY LOVING GOD, POSITIVELY LOVING LIFE and honestly asking that the cause and core of dislike, resentment, rebellion and hate be removed from them and replaced by the perfection of their divine plan fulfilled. Then do not struggle with or against those things! That is one of the reasons for our being here, to help you! This is why I am here, to help you and all Earth’s evolutions to be free. For what other reason would we stay? The causes and cores of human distresses are often buried deep within the etheric bodies, dear ones. A few of you have seen surgeons remove a bullet from a wound and you know that it sometimes takes a bit of probing.

In these days of such opportunity for complete and eternal purification, the Mighty Astrea comes instantly at your conscious call with her Circle and Sword of Blue Flame to remove the causes and cores of all human distresses, I am here with my Sword of Blue Flame, and all of the activities from above which the Ascended Host and Cosmic Beings are and have, all these are available to you! JUST LET US INTO YOUR WORLDS!

Oh God of life and light In thy mighty name “I AM,” I call to you for assistance in opening the consciousness of Earth’s people to the reality of the angelic host, to the place where they will allow the angels into their worlds, to abide there as divine friends and fellow-servers of the light, until the completion of this task of purifying the Earth and her evolutions. Because I know that you always answer every call, IT IS DONE RIGHT NOW! Thank you for attention to me and my words of love to you! Good morning!


Beloved Archangel Michael, Prince of the Heavenly Host, and Defender of the Faith! In the name and by the power of my I AM Presence, I ask you to:

FAN the fires of faith in my heart and the hearts of all mankind everywhere! Where the experiences of life, in the physical appearance world, or in the astral realms, have caused that faith to burn low – let thy majestic presence stand constantly by the side of each one requiring thy assistance! Rekindle the hope and confidence of men in the power of God and the supremacy of his love over all human appearances and all seeming opposition to the manifestation of HIS will through all the kingdoms evolving in and upon our Earth today!

FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! us all with thy fully-gathered cosmic momentum of FAITH in the ALL-power of the light that beats our hearts! So be it! THANK YOU


GRATITUDE – Beloved Saint Germain speaks

“Everything we do in any kingdom requires the use of our concentrated faculties, the expenditure of our vital life force, the contribution of our creative centers of thought and feeling, and the dedication of our attention and interest. When you ask me or another Master to sweep the Violet Flame through you, it requires that your Presence and the Master addressed, in courtesy and delight at the opportunity to serve, must stop whatever he is doing for a moment, and direct the energy of his life to that service.

Then, for the most part, the student is so delighted that he has made the call that he never thinks to thank the one who has oftentimes paused in the middle of a cosmic conference, or in the creation of a star, to respond to that call.”

Excerpt from THE ANGELIC KINGDOM page 116 –