ADK Luk  – LAW OF LIFE  Book 1 – Page 65

“Real love comes from God, the “I AM” Presence, and cannot be made secure by marriage tie, cannot be enforced by law nor put asunder by man. In heaven there are no marriages as here. Real love needs no physical contact. It is a Ray of Light projected from the heart; this love comes from the I AM Presence. The so-called love experienced by man, is this pure Light energy qualified with all kinds of human qualities”



“Human beings look to other human beings to obtain happiness.

Whereas real and permanent happiness comes only from within, by attunement with one’s own Source.”

LAW OF LIFE ENLIGHTENER V.7 N.5, January-February, 31 A.F. (1986)

The need is to conserve one’s energy. That is, not waste it thru criticism, condemnatory feelings, anger, hate or misuse of the sex activity. People waste their energy thru intense feelings of discord, of resentment, hatred, anger, jealousy, etc. And thru sense pleasure one drives the energy down and out of the body. Thru radiation it goes out from the body, and is not only lost but charges those qualities into the feeling worlds of others.

In ancient times mankind lived in the body for a few hundred years. But as people wasted more and more of their energy the life span decreased. As Jesus said, the last enemy to overcome is (so-called) deaths. The misuse of the sex activity is the last activity of that, by which it holds dominion over mankind. Thus the energy required to sustain life in the body is wasted. Yet the majority of mankind justify it and rebel against conserving their energy. Life originally intended the energy released thru the Ray of Light only for procreation of the species, for propagating of the human form. Hence the sex activity should only be used for that. In order to have perfection, the energy needs to be held in control and kept harmoniously qualified. The penalty for misuse is what mankind pays in the various diseases, other failures and death (so-called).

The Masters have pointed out that there were many young people who had some contact with the Presence and/or Divine Beings, and when they get married lost that contact because they were drawn away from that ideal. The attention was drawn downward, and the energy released for sense gratification; and the Light vanished.

The Goddess of Purity stayed in the Great Silence ever since mankind turned the attention away from pro-creating thru the use of the Light Rays.