Beloved Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy

(Excerpt from “Dictations by Ascended Masters – page 155)


"If you are going to become a healing power in this universe, you must become a fountain of positively-controlled energy.

Your soul is the accumulated consciousness to which I am speaking this morning. Your outer consciousness has recorded within it the doubt and fear, the experiences and impressions that you have acquired through all the centuries you have lived. Now you must take your soul and, in quiet introspection, examine it well.

Find out if you really believe in your heart and in your feelings that there is no other power than God. When you say intellectually, from the lips, “I Am the God-Power almighty—there is no other power that can act.” DO YOU MEAN IT?

You can measure yourself, my children, by the behavior of the energy which you contact. If that energy does not respond favorably, you have not relinquished your belief in every power except that of Almighty God within the secret, deep confines of your own soul. To God, who is all love and all-powerful, always triumphant, Master—all energy instantaneously responds.

The healing lifestream must be a positive individual. Within his heart, soul and spirit, he must be as sure of the Father’s presence as was the Master Jesus when he stood before the tomb of Lazarus and, without fear or ridicule or doubt as to the response of that soul, called, “LAZARUS, COME FORTH.” Jesus knew that the God within, the living Presence of that man, would draw Lazarus from the seeming appearance of death. Thus, to all who would believe, Jesus gave actual proof that there is no such thing as death. Such an appearance comes only from the acceptance of the outer consciousness. You cannot approach the healing of nations nor the healing of a planet that groans in pain and agony with a negative acceptance of defeat.

Beloved ones, we all deal with energy. Looking upon you this morning, seeing the unfolding petals of your own heart flames and the virtues going out from you to bless life with the various qualities representing your particular rays, I think how beautiful it is to find so many “conductors” of harmoniously and beautifully qualified God-energies. You all look to me like lovely flowers, some deep purple, some the vibrant blue of El Morya, some white, some green—each of you representing one of the Seven Great Rays.

Your Master Chohan, standing in the atmosphere above this room, ties into the virtue that is within you and increases the pressure of his light through you. In this way, this living flower garden of faithful students, increasing in essence, in perfume, in beauty through concentration, blankets the entire city in a magnificent healing radiation. How grateful we are to you, each precious one, who has given the time, the energy and the substance of your world to come and sit at the feet of the Master. Without you as “conductors” of our love into the world of form, we would have no bridge over which to pour the radiance of our presence and our gifts of blessings to mankind.

As we enter the Golden Age that is ahead, and as your faith, your spiritual strength and your sense of personal mastery increase, these qualities form a bridge between our octave and yours, over which we come from the Ascended Master Octave to bless you as I am doing today. Then, as you walk over that bridge from your side, as you serve mankind in our name, one day we shall consciously meet and clasp hands. Meanwhile, the bridge grows ever wider and wider. Each consciousness we reach, each mind we can convince of our reality and presence, becomes another span of that bridge, over which pass all our blessings to life—my gifts of mercy and compassion, beloved Mary’s gifts of healing to life, to free, to purify and make whole—as well as the gifts of all the other Ascended Ones who are serving to set Earth free.

We dwell in a realm within which is no imperfection. We qualified to live therein because our consciousness had been trained not to create even one thought or feeling that would be inharmonious. Every lifestream, every being in the universe, creates from within himself the atmosphere and world of activity in which he dwells. Anyone can live either in the kingdom of heaven this hour, or continue in the generation of human thought and feeling, dwelling in the astral and psychic realm (which is the “hell” of human creation).

All we can do is breathe upon your life the essence of our conviction, the love of our hearts, the happiness of our beings, hoping to stimulate the spark within you to a point where (when we withdraw) your positive consciousness will not again recede. Sometimes, after lighting a fire upon the hearth and fanning it into flame with your bellows, you have seen, after the pressure of the bellows was removed, the flames again die down into small sparks. That is somewhat similar to our activity with mankind. While the pressure of our ray, while the power of our invocation, while the pressure of our feelings, flow, people respond to our radiation, and their hearts’ light expands. We are so grateful when we see this expansion take place and if you can, even one among you, sustain your expanded light after our visitation and hold it, carrying the radiation to your fellowman, we shall feel we have accomplished much, indeed.