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by Beloved God Helios
March 6, 1955

After Vesta and I had designed the pattern of the planets of this solar system, we had to design and manifest a method of radiation, whereby certain qualities and virtues, which would be required by the inhabitants of the planets of the system, would be provided, in a rhythmic outpouring. Those twelve great virtues and cosmic qualities were ensouled by Cosmic Beings, who took the responsibility of condensing, magnetizing and focusing one of the twelve God-qualities. From this mystic designing of the Electronic Belt has come forth the distorted idea of astrology, which exists in the world, today.

Around the forcefield of the Sun are twelve temples, which are the foci of these twelve God-virtues. Each temple is governed by an Ascended Being, who directs the mighty rays of the twelve qualities towards the planets of this solar system. As the planets circle in orderly sequence around the sun, they are bathed, for approximately 30 days, in the radiation of the God-virtues of a particular temple. The radiation of that temple greatly blesses and nourishes all the bodies of mankind. IT PARTICULARLY STIMULATES THOSE WHO HAVE COME TO BIRTH IN ANY EMBODIMENT UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THAT TEMPLE.



The temple of the Ascended Lady Master Aries (House of Aries) radiates the God-virtue of wisdom. It is here where the substance, energy and purifying power are prepared for the air you breathe. Here are the sylphs and devas of the air. Here are also located smaller exquisite temples, built like the castles in fairy tales of old.

The temple of the mighty Elohim Hercules (House of Taurus), radiates the God-qualities of faith, strength, courage and power.
The temple of the Ascended Master Lord Maitreya (House of Gemini), radiates the God-quality of love. It represents the action of the Christ-Self, working through the physical nature of man.

The temple of Elohim Vista (also called Cyclopea, House of Cancer), radiates his power of concentration and consecration.

The temple of the Ascended Being Apollo (House of Leo), radiates qualities found in the Ascended Master Saint Germain, such as royalty, courtesy, dignity and princely charm.

The temple of the Ascended Lady Master Virgo (House of Virgo), radiates the balance of Virgo, her confidence, assurance and steadfastness.

The temple of the Goddess of Liberty (House of Libra), radiates the God-qualities of liberty and freedom, to the Earth.

The temple of the Cosmic Being Mighty Victory (House of Scorpio), radiates his momentum of victory of hundreds of thousands of centuries of victorious accomplishments.

The radiation of the temple of Zarathustra (House of Sagittarius) serves to enhance the spirit of enthusiasm. The radiation and powers of the Zarathustras (there are several priests having the name Zarathustra), has been shown throughout the history of Earth, down through the Atlantean and Lemurian Ages, back, to the beginning of time. In this temple dwell the salamanders, and those who work, particularly, with the fire elementals.

The temple of the Ascended Being Minerva, twin ray of Elohim Cassiopea (House of Capricorn) serves to enhance the God-qualities of discrimination, discretion, perception and intuition. This release is so great, that it can be absorbed by the receptive consciousness. It may be compared to the process of spring flowers absorbing the radiation of the months of April and May.

The radiation of the temple of the Ascended Being Aquaria (House of Aquarius), projected towards Earth, serves the progress, stimulation and intensification of the spiritual interest within the consciousness of mankind.

The temple of Ascended Master Neptune (House of Pisces) radiates the purifying power of the water element. Here are trained the undines.

As mankind passes through the radiation of these temples, on a monthly basis, it is bathing in the virtues which are radiated from our own bodies. Those virtues are provided by our conscious invocation to the Central Sun, and by our endeavor to duplicate, in ourselves, the nature of that Central Sun. YOU CAN AVAIL YOURSELF, THROUGH THE MAGNETIC POWER OF YOUR OWN THOUGHT, OF THE BLESSING OF THAT SPECIFIC STREAM OF CONCENTRATED ENERGY WHICH PLAYS UPON YOUR EARTH AND THROUGH YOUR VEHICLES. THAT SPECIFIC RADIATION IS A POWER THAT CAN RAISE ONE MAN, IN ONE EMBODIMENT, WHEREAS IT WOULD TAKE ANOTHER THOUSAND EMBODIMENTS TO ACCOMPLISH IT BY SELF-EFFORT. I have seen it done.

Those who progress beyond the masses, must have available, certain spiritual nourishment. Jesus said that he had food to eat that man knew not of. Any individual, like yourself, who is willing to give more than ordinary assistance to the masses, is likewise given opportunity to take of nourishment of which mankind knows nothing. You may accept or reject this instruction, as you wish, because that is the Law of Life.


TIME. Astrological Sign. Ascended Master. God-Quality Radiated
3/21 to 4/19. Aries. Aries. – Wisdom. Purifying power. Substance and energy are prepared for the air
we breathe. Here dwell the sylphs and devas of the air.
4/20 to 5/20. Taurus. Elohim Hercules.– Faith, power, strength, courage.
5/21 to 6/20. Gemini. Lord Maitreya. – Divine love, Christ-consciousness working through man.
6/21 to 7/22. Cancer. Elohim Vista. – Concentration, consecration.
7/23 to 8/22. Leo. Apollo. – Courtesy, dignity, princely charm. Drawing mankind upward, nearer to the
consciousness of the Ascended Host.
8/23 to 9/22. Virgo. Virgo. – Confidence, assurance, steadfastness.
9/23 to 10/22. Libra. Goddess of Liberty.– Liberty, freedom.
10/23 to 11/21. Scorpio. Mighty Victory. –Victorious accomplishment.
11/22 to 12/21. Sagittarius. Zarathustra. – Spirit of enthusiasm. Fire elementals, incl. salamanders are
trained here.
12/22 to 1/19. Capricorn, Minerva. – Enhancing the God-qualities of discrimination, discretion,
1/20 to 2/18. Aquarius. Aquaria. – Stimulation and intensification of spiritual interest in the consciousness
of man. Motivating power to progress.
2/19 to 3/20. Pisces. Neptune. – Purifying powers of the water element are intensified here. Undines are
trained at this temple.
The Student’s Task
Reading, studying and applying the teachings of beneficial radiations seems like an overwhelming
task; there is so much to remember. However, we should not consider the acquiring and mastering of
this knowledge as a burden, but as an opportunity to fulfill our vow to widen the borders of God’s


Excerpt from the ‘ASCENDED MASTER INSTRUCTION’ Book 4 Saint Germain Press Saint Germain:

All names used for astronomical purposes contain within them certain and very definite Activity. “Astrology and its use: All negative interpretation of astrology is only what individuals give it.

The idea that individuals are affected by the radiation of a Planet, which is in nowise a personal force, is —from the standpoint of reality — a perfectly absurd thing!”

The original reality and use of astrology was that it drew the attention of certain Great Beings to whom the individual was somewhat naturally attuned, that he might receive the Radiation and uplift of the Great Beings. The idea that individuals are affected by the radiation of a Planet, which is in nowise a personal force, is —from the standpoint of reality — a perfectly absurd thing. For a force to operate, it must have intelligence back of it. Consequently, knowing that God is the All-acting Power in the Universe, then We know that the Quality from any Planetary Intelligence can only be good, unless the mind of the individual re-qualifies it.

The present astrology is a constant throwing of obstacles into the path of the individual. The idea that one of God’s days is any more or less perfect than another for the activity of God’s Children, is the most absurd thing imaginable. I am amazed that people’s thought is so shallow that they do not think this through and see the absurdity of it.