Group Decree Activity and Forcefields




A group can be started in ones own home if there is not yet a dedicated building for a Sanctuary.  It is however wise to attempt to keep a harmonious atmosphere in the space chosen.

We have been told many times in the books by the Ascended Hosts, that it is NOT the QUANTITY BUT THE QUALITY that is important in Group Activity.

It is helpful to start a ‘Study Group’ to facilitate the reading of the books of the “I AM” Activity and The Bridge to Freedom – FREE BOOK LINK BELOW BELOW:

When time is right a weekly Group Decree Service can be set up. There is much about decreeing on this website:

It has been suggested by the Ascended Masters that we say these words before we start and at the end of a study session. Either individually or in groups these words can be said.



Beloved Maha Chohan – (now Cosmic Holy Spirit Aeolus)

An address to the ‘Inner Circle’ before the forming of the larger Philadelphia Group

August 9, 1947 – source: The Full Circle

During the time that I prepared the weekly report for the favored Inner Circle, you may be interested in the process of my observation.

When a group of students is fortunate enough to secure the direct guidance of an Ascended Being, they become part of His (Her) consciousness and, in reality, a living part of His very being … even as a child has a separate individuality but remains throughout life a part of the parents from whence it sprang.

The student thus adds all the strength and good of his causal reserve to the Master’s great consciousness and widens the Master’s field of service, by providing another complete set of vehicles through which the Master may work. And, in tum, the student receives much from the great store of the Master’s gifts and light.

There are several reasons for such an alliance. First, at a certain point of spiritual evolution, the student is entitled to more individual guidance to facilitate his spiritual growth. Second, the Master is always looking for instruments of a sensitive and responsive nature to widen his field of service on the earth plane. Third, through past association, certain Masters owe a balance of service to individuals who, in some manner or other, assisted their spiritual growth through centuries past. These reasons all form a means by which the cosmic law may be approached to give consent to such a spiritual advancement of the individual or constructive good for humanity, or active assistance to the Brotherhood’s work in a locality. On such fruit, is the continued future association based.

Some time ago, the Cosmic Law closed the cycle wherein I could expend more time and energy upon the little group so gathered in my name. Of my own volition, I have offered the weekly service since that time, with not too much successful accomplishment. I feel that the brothers and sisters do not realize the privilege and the importance of a personal association with God. I trust they will avail themselves of this opportunity quickly and assiduously.

Each one of the Inner Circle is solely and wholly responsible for the maintenance of this branch of the Great White Brotherhood, for the well being, health and harmony of all its members, for the support and expansion of the truth. It is an unfortunate impression that it is the responsibility of Geraldine Innocente alone. KNOW- each one must stand before me personally and alone and explain in full how their individual life has sustained my Lodge. Examine yourselves today. Would your actions, your interests, your decrees, your love, your physical service and supply have held my home this past two years?

When I have 13 chelas who EACH ONE shoulder the -full responsibility for holding the Cosmic Connection open and for keeping the Lodge open, then shall I consider my service and my love to you not to have been in vain.

“Throughout the universe manifestation is brought about through decrees or fiats!”

By joining this, or any other decree group, two services are offered:

  1. The individual if given the opportunity to develop self mastery

  2. And He/she offer themselves as a channel or conductor through which the Divine Powers may bless humanity.

  3. Individuals who are entering the path, before they are even admitted to a group meeting, need to understand, so that the “sprouts of spiritual (flowering) development” will not be shriveled up in the presence of the unexplained:

  4. That it is necessary to have the basic knowledge of the “I Am Presence”, and have the chart explained.

  5. The actions of the Sacred Fire.

  6. Knowledge of the Ascended Masters and Divine Beings to whom we call.

  7. The importance and reason for decreeing and that this activity is not just a place of worship, but an opportunity to balance our account with Life!

  8. Knowledge and understanding of the reasons behind each step of the ceremony

When we understand that individual development and mastery proceed hand in hand with impersonal service (i.e. decreeing) we can JOYOUSLY enter into this service and feel within ourselves that wonderful opportunity and return of energy that comes our way on the current of upliftment that stems out of impersonal service!

We are being offered the most precious gift of all Life – the opportunity to serve in the most powerful way possible and set ourselves, and all Life FREE! No greater gift can we give or receive!

The action under the old Law was that the spiritual development to the individual came first, and service to the whole came second. Now under the new Law, it is reversed, and the WHOLE comes FIRST and the individual come second!

THE DIVINE DESIGN even for the simplest of endeavors as well in creative patterns for group activities is: (he = both he/she)

First – the individual desires to KNOW GOD’S WILL (is a seeker – First Ray)
He learns that besides his own development (Mastery) he must render service to all life impersonally (Second Ray). This can best be done through decree GROUPS!
He learns that his “brother” and his planet are also his concern and he applies for entrance into the Basic Ceremonials (Third Ray)
He learns that beauty, music, art, Divine Designs are all channels for the drawing and dispensing of currents from the Higher Realms. (Fourth Ray)
He learns then the deeper aspects of the law – how to control the atoms, qualify the life essence, etc. and finally the Powers of Precipitation and Etherialization. (Fifth Ray)
He enters willingly into the deeper Ceremonials of workshop[, invocation and direction and Cosmic Power (the action of the Sixth Ray and the Seventh Ray)

The basis of Saint Germain’s activity in the decree pattern is repetition. This is based on the fact that we have used in the many embodiments through the centuries so much energy through the spoken word, and beaten that into the emotional, mental and etheric bodies. Hence we have solidified qualities of a negative and destructive nature within them.

Now, to re-qualify the energy in these bodies and the physical body, we have to release a balance of energy, which will blaze into them and SHATTER those patterns which we have set up mostly through the use of the spoken word and physical action.

Through centuries of saying negative statements there has been built up into the etheric body, into that which the world calls the ‘sub-conscious’, certain deep grooves of energy. It has been set into motion. It is consciousness which has been accepted that which we have ‘decreed’ for ourselves century after century. The same thing has been done with the emotional and mental bodies, through the use of life. Now, all that will not change with one affirmation!

The efficacy of the decrees is not only in that which goes out into the ethers, but that which is charged and charged into the etheric body (soul/memory body). This brings a positive alignment and control of the entire consciousness into positive assurance of what is affirmed.

It is efficacious to us the same pattern in decreeing, thus build a momentum, than to be changing to new decrees all the time, however it may be necessary to add/change according to the ‘need of the hour’. Decreeing should not become a ‘chant’. It is not a matter of saying so many words through habit.

The consciousness should remain ALERT at all times, understanding and fully meaning that which is said, with CLEAR VISUALISATION. Remember FREEDOM is gained by rendering impersonal service! To be efficacious in such service, daily application is also required, backing up the decrees, and not just to read a few every day, but to stand and say them with FIRM DETERMINATION – knowing they are being fulfilled!

Under Divine Law concerning these instructions there may not be a charge made for them, however, it is well to have a box with a slit in the top (thus what each gives is concealed) near the door. It can be marked “Love Gifts”. Thus the students get the opportunity to give or contribute to the Cause as their hearts direct.

To keep within the Law of Balance, as one receives so should he give.

A good analogy explaining ‘Group Activity’ would be to liken it to pushing a car uphill – the more good, strong dedicated, constant members the better. However it must never be forgotten that “quality is far more important that quantity.” Rather have a small, determined, dedicated group that a large ‘blah’ group!

Try to remember, to the best of your ability to be constant in your service and feel, and understand the importance of what you are doing. We are rendering a GREAT service and are being given an opportunity like no other – it is more important than any other outer activity, it will give you the opportunity to gain your FREEDOM and do your Ascension this lifetime, but like anything in life, the effort that is put in dictates the results.

Thank You and God Bless You Always on your Victorious pathway of Light with Your Mighty “I AM’ Presence and the Great Ascended Hosts, knowing, seeing and feeling ONLY PERFECTION in all and everything!

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“Forcefields are consciously-created fields of magnetic energy, which may be formed above the sanctuary of a group or the home of an individual. If a group gives decrees and meets once a week on the same day, at the same place, for 12 months, the forcefield will be made permanent by an angel deva. An individual may also create a permanent forcefield if he gives decrees on a daily basis, for a period of 12 months. Then the Ascended Host can use this forcefield on a permanent basis for the protection of the community and for other blessings to mankind. It is up to the person(s) doing the decrees to select the symbol or pattern of the forcefield, according to the God-virtue the individual or group wishes to express. Examples are the Maltese Cross (Saint Germain), the Lamp of Truth (Brotherhood of Truth), a winged cherubic head (Archangel Michael), a crystal chalice or crystal cup for (El Morya), a heart (Serapis Bey) or a white descending dove which is the forcefield of the Maha Chohan.”