Chapter IV “Divine Romance” page 101


“I shall now give you the Explanation of the Law by which you are able to illumine, raise the physical body, and express the Full Dominion, Victory, and Freedom of the Ascended Masters.

“The seed within man and woman is only intended for the sacred office of creating a body, by which another soul may come into physical embodiment. At all other times, the ‘Glorious Light’ within the body, should be raised into the top of the head and allowed to flow up in adoration unto the ‘Mighty I AM Presence.’ 

Then, by uplifted thoughts and feelings one can do creative work at the mental level through glorious ideas, ideals of art, music, invention, discovery, research, and the creation of beauty and harmony of every description, through a service that blesses humanity, and therefore, the individual who gives it.

“Instead of wasting the wonderful ‘Liquid-Light,’ the marvellous God-given Essence of Life, in sex sensation and excesses, whereby the body becomes decrepit, flabby, crippled, the face lined, the eyes dull, the whole structure stooped and feeble, the brain inactive, the sight and hearing impaired, and the memory not able to function, this energy should be rightly used in Wonderful, Idealistic, Creative Activity.

“In such constructive consciousness and accomplishment, the physical body would remain eternally youthful and beautiful; the brain and faculties keen, alert, and active, and the whole physical expression would become the Image and Likeness of the Living God – truly the “Temple of the Most High!”