7 Steps to Creation


“The following lines (click on link below for the book) contain the fullest explanation of Precipitation that has come to the Earth in any Age.  If you go further that than play with this instruction, you can use it for a definite re-ordering of your world and affairs.

Remember, THOUGHT is the FATHER, FEELING is the MOTHER and the MANIFEST FORM is the SON/SUN (or CREATION)”

Beloved Holy Aeolus. (Cosmic Holy Spirit)




By the Great Elohim of Peace, Beloved Tranquility.



Download this very important information  – A Dictation from Beloved Paul the Venetian (now the Beloved Maha Chohan):





“You have applied to become Masters of the power of the Sacred Fire, Masters of thought, feeling and circumstance, at inner levels before the Cosmic Board and before your own Christ Self. You have, therefore foresworn faith healings until you have developed the capacity within your own consciousness to re-create perfection at will. This is a very important and subtle point.

You have asked, in regard to healing and in regard to finance, that you might become master, conscious master, of the power of precipitation and conscious master over your bodies, minds and worlds, so that the scientific understanding of the Law which you would receive, would make you able to assist hundreds and thousands by like change of consciousness which would bring a change of effect in the world of form.

You are endeavoring nightly while out of the body and daily in your own thinking and feeling selves to learn the key by which the combinations of energy and application will result in a perfect manifestation. You do not wish to have manifestations handed to you by an external source, lest the inner cause again be set up and you find yourself again in chains.

As beloved Saint Germain said, freedom comes when you are master of circumstances by the Flame within your heart. There is no other permanent freedom. Do not be discouraged. It would be easier in the schoolroom of life to have an individual who had passed successfully through your course, work your problems for you and many do that. But the wise man learns the principle himself, lest the man on whom he relies to solve his problems should not be there when his great opportunity comes.

You are in training to become Masters. There is a scientific application by which you can have the fullness of every good and perfect thing. We have brought to you these Flames, the use of Them has brought to Us Cosmic Mastery in our Realms and will to you, too.

Yet, at any moment before the Law you can forswear your vow. You can accept help which lesser men have received, but are you in your own consciousness then any richer, except for a temporary surcease of discomfort? The men and women who have been miraculously healed through the ages, through the intercession of beloved Jesus and Mary and the Angels, have created again and again similar conditions.

The Law has decided that it is time that these inner causes be studied and examined and mankind come to a mature understanding that he has full freedom when his own energy, obeying his own direction, in cooperation with the magnetized power of Cosmic feelings and Cosmic Beings surges forth and does for him that which is the requirement of the moment.

If you were the only man left in America, you would then be as completely composed and free as if you were sur- rounded by thousands of friends. It is you, who stand on an island of separateness and yet at one with all that is, it is to you that We shall look when the masses in fear and uncertainty run hither and thither, having not the wherewithal to clothe the bodies or feed themselves during times of world change. Is it not better to receive that training and become the master of that energy now while there is time? Yes, it truly is. We are in great days. Magnificent activities are taking place at inner levels.

Think of your consciousness for a moment. How truly there is no space. Your consciousness is like a lovely mirror, a Cosmic mirror, and We have used it quite freely recently. We have been able to flash pictures upon it and each of you enjoyed those pictures as much as if your physical body were present at inner levels where the activities were taking place. That is a great development, more than you know because We have done it gradually and, like children, We have lead you along.”

Archangel Uriel Pg 342. Law of Life and Teachings by Divine Beings ADK Luk




A Naturally Used Power on Lemuria and Atlantis

We remember, well, the glorious perfection which was once upon this Earth, when the Archangel Michael first reigned here. During the days of the perfection of Light’s dominion on Lemuria, when every man, woman and child wielded the powers of precipitation and etherealization, just as easily as you draw breath today, at each meal time the patriarch of every household sat with his family around him, and their table was spread with every good and perfect thing in the way of food and drink for the sustaining of the health and perfection of their bodies, minds and worlds.

When the meal was finished, the mistress of the house, by the use of the power of etherealization, removed the remains of the meal and the vessels used for its serving, without the raising of a hand. At that time, also, the ladies of the household created garments of beauty and perfection for the entire family, by the use of their own thought and feeling centers and exercised the power of precipitation by following through its seven steps.

At that time, of course, all the energies of the soul-life of the people were devoted to the worship of God and expanding the borders of His kingdom.

On Atlantis, to a more limited degree, that same perfection existed in the Temples of Precipitation. In many of the more highly-developed civilizations of the past, this activity of conscious, instantaneous precipitation was the daily way of life of the people. Why did this perfection not endure? WHY?

Because they lost the power of SUSTAINED PEACE!

Now, again, you who have given you interest and your life to the activities of the Seventh Ray, represented by our beloved Saint Germain, are slowly but surely emerging from the mire of human creation and limitation. We are endeavoring to build, again, a great foundation for this world movement; trying to make of each of you a mighty pillar of Violet Fire. But, I can tell you here and now that, unless you HOLD UNINTERRUPTED PEACE, as separate individuals and collective units – no matter how perfectly you build (nor with what perfect substance), you would have but ash in the end, as long as there were still, within the consciousness of any worker, the disintegrating radiations of the “seven mortal sins” and all their ramifications.

To you who are sanctuary and group directors, as well, of course, as to any sincere student who will ask me for it, I shall give you my feeling of PEACE, BUT BE SURE YOU GUARD THAT PEACE IN YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL FEELINGS, IN YOUR HOMES AND IN ALL YOUR ACTIVITIES, IF YOU WANT SUSTAINED PERFECTION.


Magnetic Fields

Now, let us consider, for a moment, the radiation which goes forth from the energies released by those who attend the group meetings. Let me tell you that the type of radiation and outpouring of light’s blessings, drawn forth from our realm by your calls (which radiation sometimes completely envelops the Earth) may be determined by the very least of you.

You know, self-depreciation is a very subtle and dangerous feeling and it is one of the tools used by the forces of evil to keep people from feeling that each one present becomes a part of the cosmic magnet, to draw the perfection from our realms into yours.

Some certain God-quality or some Ascended Master’s presence might be drawn into this octave, through the group work in answer to a heart-call from one lifestream in the group, someone who seems quite insignificant to the outer senses, but who has a certain harmonious attunement and spiritual power.

Then, too, let us not allow ourselves to be depressed, in any way, in these meetings, but let us hold to a feeling of joyous enthusiasm, if we are in earnest about desiring to “widen the borders of the kingdom.”

The sphere of influence of the class is determined by the quality of the energy in the worlds of every one present. Whenever possible, we come into an already-builded and qualified “forcefield,” and that “forcefield” is expanded by invocations, decrees, songs and enthusiastic feelings of every blessed member of that audience.

This activity can be likened unto a wheel, which is lying on its side. The hub is in the center, of course, and the spokes go from it, in every direction to its rim (periphery). The size of this wheel of radiation is increased, by the release of the combined energies from each one present. The larger the hub of the wheel (number present in the group), the greater is the energy released to expand the radiations of the class farther and farther afield. Your own personal light might be the very last bit of radiation needed to make the activity world-engulfing and, without that light, such radiation might fall short of that world-enfolding service.

I cannot speak of this too emphatically! Each student in the group represents a radiating center of some God-quality and is drawn into the group by the powers of light already accumulated in his or her own Causal Body, all through the centuries.

Every lifestream present contributes to the sphere of influence of that group, which influence can become world-engulfing. If the group is small in numbers and the enthusiasm rather “lukewarm,” it can but render just a localized service. In the case of this class here today, ………


I am now speaking not only to you, but through you, to those whom you will contact in the future, for you are to be the teachers of this law at a later time. You are the men and women who are going to have to answer many questions from the “lukewarm” and vaguely interested. The better your understanding of the truth and efficacy of this law, the better your knowledge and application of it, and just what takes place when it is invoked, the more answers you will have ready to give to your inquirers and the greater will be your service as arms of ourselves in action.

Your group activities form a magnetic field of energy, which draws intelligences and beings from the Realms of Light, who are willing and able to give their fully-gathered momentums of that perfection to you and to all who will ask for and accept it. Through the release of the energy in definite visualization, as well as through the spoken word released in invocations, decrees and songs, there is formed this magnetic field of energy (“forcefield”) just referred to, which connects with the energies of the higher octaves, into which those energies are directed.

This makes a sort of “funnel,” cutting right through the shadowed substance of the Astral or Psychic Realm, a “funnel” of light into the realm of perfection. What then flows down through that “funnel?” It is electronic fire from our octave! That “fire” is the purity and power of the feelings of masterful perfection, from the Ascended Beings. At your call, one or more of the Great Ones in our realm, whose attention you have drawn by that call, directs his consciously-qualified light-substance to you, here.


That energy is sent to you in the form of a ray of light, made up of what we shall call, for simplicity and clarification “electrons.” The ray of light contains the blessing necessary to answer the call for help from the supplicant. This sending forth of the ray by the Ascended Master is a DESCENDING activity.

The very nature of the flame is always to rise and so, this ray of perfected light energy passes, as a flame, UP through the four lower bodies of the supplicant (physical, etheric, mental and emotional), as well as through the atmosphere around that one. The ray which the Master sent forth returns eventually to him with the added blessing of the service rendered to the supplicant. The activity of the rising flame therefore completes the Law of the Circle.

Such returning flame adds to the glory of that Master’s Causal Body. Whatever purification and blessing has taken place in the world of the unascended one, this now becomes a permanent gift from the Master to that one. However, through the exercise of his own free will, that unascended one, by allowing momentums of certain destructively-qualified energy from the past to act, through habits of thought, feeling, spoken word and deed, may recreate all over again the same distresses from which he has been set free!

In the case of the beloved Michael, he directs his attention to the supplicant through that “funnel,” of which we spoke before, and, because all perfected beings desire only to expand God’s goodness, Lord Michael desires only to pour the radiation and feeling of his mastery of energy to you, to help you. This is his gift of faith, confidence, enthusiasm and positively-qualified energy into and through your world, the worlds of all you contact and into the general atmosphere of Earth.

If you are holding your world in a state of sustained harmony and PEACE at all times, you then become a living “conductor” of the fire of God-perfection into this physical appearance world and this “fire” purifies and raises, in consciousness, everyone and everything it touches. Thus can you make, of yourselves, a constantly-radiating center of light’s perfection, which can go to the very ends of the Earth, if necessary.