The use of the Violet Fire is imperative in these end times!

Information from ADK Luk “Law of Life” Book 1

Life has provided the Transmuting Violet Flame as the way and means by which mankind can, through conscious application harmoniously change and transmute wrong conditions and all that is less that perfect. The Violet Flame is the activity of Divine Love, which consumes or transmutes. It is that rate of vibration. Violet Flame is Divine Alchemy.

It cleanses the forcefields of the electrons composing the atom, which produces a change in vibratory action and results in Divine Alchemy. The use of the Violet Flame will change vibratory rates and through transmutation bring about transformation. It is an action of Mercy and Compassion.

The Flame for Transmutation is an action of the Seventh Ray. It is coming in now at the close of the Sixth Ray – the Christian dispensation which has reigned for the last two thousand years with the Master Jesus in charge. That knowledge of this phase of the Law regarding the use of the Transmuting Flame was not permitted to be made public until recently (1930’s). Jesus referred to it as “Grace,” Violet Flame is a Grace from God.

On the 1st May 1954, the Violet Ray became predominant, and the Chohan or Lord of this Ray is the Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain. He is responsible for the incoming Golden Age, and the next 2000 year period on Earth.

You can call The Violet Flame forth into action in, through and around you. Through Its use you can begin to balance your account to life, by expiating karma while yet here in the physical body, transmuting the discordantly qualified energy of this lifetime and all previous ones. This will bring freedom in your being and world. It can transform your world when applied sufficiently.

The use of the Violet Flame is a science. Its transmuting activity is as scientific and practical as melting ice (over a fire) into water and with greater heat turning it into steam. Through the use of fire (note: fire – flame), the vibratory action is changed, which changes its consistency. The Transmuting Violet Flame will do the same with qualities of a wrong nature in the inner bodies and the physical body too. The smell of the Violet Flame is like ozone. It is an intense action of the Violet Ray. It is an inner action of the Violet Ray from the Sun to the Earth which science knows.

The Transmuting Violet Flame may be likened unto as eraser. When used sufficiently one can erase from his life-stream all that is not of the Light that has accumulated over lifetimes. It is not just a repression of karma, making it inactive; but actually changes the vibratory action and makes the discord or wrong qualities non-existent. The Transmuting Violet Flame is what will dissolve your human creation; that is the reason it was provided by the Cosmic Beings.