Excerpt from THE BRIDGE TO FREEDOM -  Journal Book 4 – Page 264 - 265

 (The Golden Plume Of Wisdom, The Blue Plume Of Power, The Pink Plume Of Love)

An instruction by beloved Maha Chohan, read from the platform at Philadelphia on November 8th, 1953, in which it is said that the Pink Plume of Love is The Bridge to Freedom activity.

In explaining, recently, the perfectly-ordered sequence of the three great releases of the Masters’ Light and Love to the people of Earth in the last century or so, the beloved Maha Chohan had this to say, in substance:

The Golden Plume Of Wisdom

As you know, every 100 years the Great Ones in charge of a planet and the illumination and raising of their people, are given a quota of light substance, which is energy, to use to forward their plans on that particular “star.” In the 19th century, those in charge of our planet used their quota for that century in bringing forth and working through the great Theosophical Society, which did so much to make the Masters more real to the Western mind and world. There was much accomplished, which made it so much easier to bring their later activities into greater acceptance by the Western mind, in both Europe and America. This, in reality, was a part of the great divine plan for redeeming the Earth and her peoples, and was the release of the GOLDEN PLUME OF WISDOM of the Threefold Flame, the supreme power in the universe.

The Blue Plume Of Power

In the 20th Century, about 1930, The Great Ones again invested Their energies through Mr. & Mrs. Ballard, to begin with, in the bringing forth and establishing the “I AM Activity,” and the group activities from about 1935 to 1950, returned that energy through the singing and decrees and various activities of the groups all over the world. This was the release of the BLUE PLUME OF POWER, which quality, not being balanced by LOVE AND WISDOM, could not continue to do its perfect work.

The Pink Plume Of Love

The present NEW ENDEAVOR (The Bridge to Freedom Activity) has come forth as the PINK PLUME OF LOVE activity, and must be carefully guarded and supported, always, by WISDOM AND POWER that it remains 265 divine love and does not become soiled by the outer mind’s ideas of so called “love” or become silly sentimentality. Thus we see the thread of truth running through all these activities and “time and harvest” will prove the authenticity and God-effect of this New Endeavor.


NOTE:  With the three dispensations now in place, the balance will come and Victory of the Light is assured on this planet.