The Origin of Karma

Excerpt from 21 Essential Lessons Vol. 1 page 70

At the very beginning of creation, every individual, just before his embodiment, was given the following comforting words by the Goddess of Liberty,

“You are at liberty, beloved ones, to take pure and primal life-substance into the earth-plane. You are at liberty, beloved, to utilize life as you will, in the physical appearance world. You are at liberty, beloved, to call on any and all of us, as you may choose, to assist you when the momentums of energies of your own world seem not sufficient to handle conditions and to radiate the light to fulfill your divine plan.”

During the time period called, “the Garden of Eden,” there was no discord; life in all of its expressions manifested only in a perfect way. Man worked only to perfect himself on the physical plane, to bring the perfection of the heavenly realm into a lower vibratory level. Since there was no disharmony, there was no karma, and since there was no karma, there was no need for a Karmic Board.

It was only after the event called , “the fall of man” that things changed drastically, and man accumulated karma at a rapid pace. What did the Great Ones say about the Law that governs karma? Let us quote: “The glorious pure energy of God, each electron of which contains the fullness of the divine plan, continues to flow for the individual’s use under the conscious direction of the I AM Presence, and for every electron LOANED to the individual, shall he render an accounting. Energy is man’s to command. Energy becomes power through use, whether through the wielding of a sledge hammer, or in using the God-power almighty to build a momentum of victory, in commanding the electronic light to manifest a decree.

The Law of Cause and Effect


The term “karma” is always used in a negative sense. It shows the recoil of using energy in a discordant manner. If we use energy in a constructive manner, we use the term “accumulated good.”

The Law of Karma is one of God’s universal laws. It is sometimes referred to as the Law of the Circle, the Law of Retribution, or “what you sow, you reap.”

What you place upon your thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds, goes through your own being and world first, and then out to the person, place, condition or thing to which it is directed, but since you are “home” to that life and energy, after it has reached its destination, it begins its return journey to you—gathering more of that particular quality or vibration with which it was originally charged. Therefore, you receive back into your world that which you sent forth, amplified, whether it was constructive or destructive.

With every thought, feeling, word and act, waking or sleeping, you are creating either your karma of distress or a crown of light.

The Law of Karma was not intended as a threat of punishment of evil-doers, but as an expression of the mathematical precision of life, that one must sow the seed of perfection in concise mathematical accuracy, that the reaping will be in exact proportion to the sowing.

It is not generally understood by mankind that as self-conscious expressions of life, each one is held responsible by Cosmic Law for every particle of this precious energy drawn from the heart of the Godhead.

Every individual has created a certain amount of what is loosely referred to as destructive karma, in his earth life since the fall of man. This karma acts on many places, determined by which body is the chief offender in the case. For instance, the physical body performing acts of violence, (acts of physical assault) releases a tremendous amount of misqualified energy that sooner or later attaches itself to the physical body. Likewise, acts of discord on the mental plane, such as crimes of mental cruelty, result in the mental element being charged with the vibratory action and stamp of the individuals. At some future time these pressures return to the mental body.

Individuals that perform acts of emotional cruelty charge the substance of the emotional plane with certain vibratory actions which will record in the emotional body of the individual.

When a discordant vibration is emitted from an individual, the distance it covers before returning depends on the intensity in which it is projected, both on its outward and on its homeward journey. It obeys the Law of the Circle, and while it is absent from the aura of the individual who is responsible for its projection, it attracts to itself vibrations corresponding to its own rate so that by the time it completes the circle and returns home, it is accompanied by a good number of the same quality of thought and feeling vibrations with which it started.