Introduction By Thomas Printz

Excerpt from Bridge to Freedom – DICTATIONS FROM ASCENDED MASTERS – page 251

Our love and gratitude extends to the “seed” of God-happiness which naturally abides within every human heart! It is the decree of God, the infinite Cosmic I AM Presence, that this “seed” shall be nourished, developed, expanded and bear manifest fruit now, in the beings and worlds of all the evolutions in the Earth, on the Earth, and in its atmosphere.

To this end, Lord Ling, the God of Happiness, Fun Wey, (one of his many assistants), and the Cosmic Spirit of Happiness from the hearts of Helios and Vesta, NOW direct into your feeling worlds that happiness which you have sought all through the centuries. Thus, the cosmic momentum of happiness expands that “seed” of happiness within you until you have become the full, manifest expression of divine happiness which can never be interfered with or destroyed by human creation of any kind! 


Address By The Beloved Ascended Master Lord Ling

Dearly Beloved Children of Light!

I am come today through the gracious love of the great Cosmic Law to bring to you the vibratory action of the buoyancy of joy and happiness, which is within the use of life. The feeling of God-happiness is the feeling which you all had originally, when you first came forth from the bosom of the Eternal Father-Mother God and knew yourselves as individualized consciousnesses, with the power to think, feel, speak and act.

When, within that glorious I AM Intelligence, you felt the first stirring of life within your own mental and emotional bodies, and when you realized that you had been endowed with the Father's infinite gifts of life, (especially that gift of your use of free will), the first vibration to register within your auras was that of happiness—happiness in the realization that you had been given the gift of individualization! With such realization came the feeling of great joy in knowing that, through this gift of divine love, you had become a co-creator with the One Eternal Father-Mother of the Universe, co-creator with the seven mighty Elohim of creation, with all the Ascended Beings, to ever widen and expand the perfection of God and his kingdom.

Thus, dear ones, you dwelt at inner levels for aeons of time, in great innocence and happiness. You knew no disappointment of or disillusionment in the use of life—whether it was the First Sphere of Faith, the Second Sphere of Illumination and Wisdom, the Third Sphere of Divine Love, the Fourth Sphere of Purity, the Fifth Sphere of Science and Truth, the Sixth Sphere of Ministration and Peace, or the Seventh Sphere of Invocation of Rhythm and the Divine Alchemy produced by the use of the Violet Transmuting Flame of Cosmic Christ mercy, forgiveness, and compassion. In these spheres, you knew naught but victorious accomplishment. Therefore, the feelings of buoyancy and joy of life were strong within you!


All Came Here in Happiness

So, in happiness, you applied to your Source for the opportunity to embody upon this dear planet. In loving gratitude, you received this gift and so came to Earth through the gates of physical birth, for the express purpose of manifesting and expanding the glory of God, right here.

Your own beloved I AM Presence provided you all with perfect and beautiful physical forms, in which you were able to sustain and expand the perfection of life on the surface of this planet, where unascended humanity dwelled and where you took embodiment to serve. You were shown how to take a divine idea, fashion a beautiful thoughtform from it, then hold it in your mental body and nourish it with your feelings until it manifested as a lovely jewel, a flower, a song, or perhaps a lovely temple of light. Whatever picture was given into your consciousness which you wished to bring into outer manifestation, just naturally you had the power to bring forth, direct from the universal. Here, again, you were filled with the feeling of happiness through the experiencing of victorious accomplishment!