By the Beloved Cosmic Being Victory 

April 5, 1955 Journal Book 2 page 459


“Beloved friends of My Heart and of the planet Earth,

I come tonight to bring to you the God-victorious qualification of my life, the fully gathered cosmic momentum of energy which is mine, resulting from my use of the gift of primal life through the ages. I am bringing to you my consciousness and quality of victorious accomplishment, that accomplishment which will accept no compromise, which will accept no defeat, which knows, through the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Christ Truth, THAT COSMIC LAW IS ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN TO ACT FOR AND THROUGH THE INDIVIDUAL, when correctly applied. When that Law is consciously applied, the energy is released qualified with perfection and, IF HARMONY IS SUSTAINED, VICTORY IS ASSURED!

Upon the planet Venus, from whence I come, there is no such thing as failure, disease or compromise with imperfection. On the planet Venus, all of life (abiding within the harmony, balance and purity of the Godhead), moves forward to fulfil the divine plan, manifesting, through each self-conscious intelligence, their own God-victories and expanding, forever, the perfection of the kingdom of God."