Excerpt from “Dictations by The Ascended Masters”   Bridge to Freedom

   “I would like to bring to your remembrance the activity of life!

"Your Holy Christ Self, beloved ones, has chosen to project into the chalice of your human heart, a portion of itself—that immortal Threefold Flame of life, which has the power of magnetic attraction within itself. This flame drew around itself the physical form, the more subtle ethers of the etheric body, the substance of the mental body, and the substance of the emotional world.

When acknowledged, that immortal flame within you will develop and expand through you a replica of the divine God Presence—the Electronic Presence of God which abides within the inner spheres. (Your “I AM” Presence) This tiny figure within your heart (which is your individual immaculate concept), is one in essence and consciousness with your Holy Christ Self. The Holy Christ Self, of course, is one in consciousness and essence with your God-Presence, (“I AM” Presence) and this makes the activity of the “three times three.”

Primal life, which is drawn forth by the “I AM” Presence and invested in the Holy Christ Self, should pass directly into the keep of the Immortal Flame within your heart, through the silver cord, and not interfered with by any radiation of discord.

This “silver cord” is a stream of pure, crystal-like substance, which flows from the heart of your God-self (the Electronic “I AM” Presence) into your physical heart. This beautiful primal life is magnetized by the Presence which gives you being, gives you intelligence, gives you the capacity to say, “I AM,” and the consciousness to create anything and everything in this world of form.

This primal life essence should be dispensed by that Presence within your heart into the use of the vehicles created by that Presence, to expand the borders of God’s kingdom, even as the Sun dispenses its radiation, light and nourishment to the planets of the system, causing them to rotate on their axis and to move in orderly procession around itself.

In turn, the Sun moves in rhythmic action around the Great Central Sun. The Great Central Sun, itself, is part of a glorious train of light made up of millions and millions and millions of galaxies that move by Cosmic Intelligence far beyond human comprehension, around greater Suns. So it goes, on and on, in a gigantic, onward-moving procession, all continually moving forward harmoniously toward ever greater expressions of perfection.

Your blessed Sun pours out its radiance, sustaining the planets of its system. Through the power of attraction, the Sun keeps each planet in its orbit, allowing none to come too close to the vibratory action of the heart center, because the vibratory action of each planet must be accelerated before it can safely enter into the heart of its Sun. Yet, through the same power of love, the Sun keeps each planet from passing beyond the Sun’s own natural periphery. So must your individual Sun (the presence of God within you) take full command of the vehicles through which it desires to externalize the perfection of God’s kingdom into the world of form.

Your physical body, your etheric envelope, your mental body, and your emotional body, were primarily designed as instruments through which this great immortal Presence might radiate certain qualities and design certain patterns, which carry the divine stamp of the Godhead and the glory of the kingdom of heaven into the appearance world.

What has happened? Rather than these bodies standing as humble acolytes, with folded hands, gracefully allowing that primal essence to pass through them into the control of the presence of God within the heart and waiting, as acolytes should, the dispensation of that energy by the Divine Presence—these lower bodies boldly seize upon the primal life and mould it into pattern and forms of their own liking, each body satisfying its individual appetites. Thus, the flame within the heart receives neither the authority nor the honor of taking that primal life essence and doing with it what it wills, through its vehicles.

Some time upon life’s way, every lifestream comes to a point where it recognizes and reverences the privilege of using life, especially when it realizes for a moment the activity of that ceaseless flow of electrons and knows that—some time, somewhere—a cosmic fount, a cosmic source, has magnetized and generated that life, projecting it into the use and keeping of a self-conscious intelligence for a purpose. Then, in honor and honesty, that mature lifestream turns again to the source of its life and, kneeling humbly before that magnificent Presence within the physical heart, such a one gives back into God’s keeping the authority for the use of life.

That individual then rises in dignity and commands the silence of the emotional world, the silence of the mental world, the silence of the etheric world, and the silence of the flesh. When that command is given in the authority of the “I AM,” and the lower bodies are divested of authority to act without direction, the primal life essence is directed by the Christ Presence into its proper channels of expression.

The emotional body is then commanded: “Carry thou forth this day the radiation of Christ, the feeling of God’s love to thy fellowmen! Expand thou the gifts of the Holy Comforter! Be thou a conductor, through which thy Christ Self may pour to all life the protection, healing and peace of the Universal Deity!” The emotional body, then, accepting the master-authority, humbly answers, “I will!”

Next, the great mental vehicle, filled with human concepts, swirling in a state of constant motion, is controlled. Those concepts are purified or removed, and the mental vehicle is commanded: “Stand thou still and listen! Receive from thy Holy Christ Self the divine design for thy being—the directions for this day! Then, out of the universal light substance, create thou those forms which shall be of benefit thy fellowmen!” The mental body, acknowledging the dignity and authority of the Christ, meekly answers, “I will!”

The great etheric envelope, created originally to record all the experiences of life, which should have been momentums of good, is charged to record solely the momentums of victorious accomplishments through itself and others. Once more it becomes a battery of constructive energy, and records only momentums of faith, healing and love. Thus, when the individual is required to give assistance, these constructive remembrances rush forth, and the etheric body, combining its energies with the other vehicles, helps to bring the desired manifestations into form speedily and harmoniously.

Lastly, the purified flesh (the innocent instrument), is consecrated and dedicated to service—every element of it. Every sense is offered as a channel to serve the Christ and joyously comes into harmony with the law of its being. Only in this way are you master.

Only in this way are you one with your God-self. Only then can you say in honesty, “The Father and I are ONE.” Then, truly, both you and the Father work in unison. Then does your personal self become for us and for all the God-free, a conductor of our gifts into the world of form.

Beloved, previous children of God, in that great command, “Peace—Be still,” your physical and inner bodies will come to a sense of recognition that they must be your willing and joyous servants.

Your sphere of influence is the aura and radiation created by your qualification of primal life-essence through thought, feeling, word and deed, as it passes through your mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies and thence into the world around you. The greater the stream of life which flows from your presence, the more of primal life you have invoked, the greater amount of energies which your self-conscious intelligence uses, the wider will be your sphere of influence. Those who are timid or lethargic, those who use little energy, have small spheres of influence. Those who are dynamic, positive and powerful, have drawn more energy, and that energy passing out from the body, creates a much larger aura.

The nature of your individual sphere of influence is the responsibility which you have taken before life, because, through those energies, you are constantly affecting all in your environment, all with whom you come in contact, and, lastly, all manifest life on the planet. Therefore, when individuals desire to serve us, they must come to a point where they are in full control of their own radiation, through their various bodies. Whether it be small or large, their sphere of influence should become the controlling radiation, not only in a room, but in the entire locality in which they live, and, furthermore, it should have an uplifting effect on all manifest life on the planet.

When you have builded your momentum of good, and the Cosmic Law and your Holy Christ Self find it safe to release more life to you, your beneficent influence could become planetary in active radiation.

With the varying qualities of radiation which form the average aura of individuals, you will understand that it would not be a mercy for life to allow anyone too much energy, because everything and everyone within that sphere of influence is affected by every passion, every lust, every depression, as well as every prayer, every affirmation, every conviction of faith, and every feeling of harmony. For this reason, the wisdom of the Cosmic Law decided to decrease the volume of primal life released to the personal self, making the sphere of influence of the uncontrolled lifestream comparatively small. This ruling will be sustained until the time when the Cosmic Law, in conjunction with the Christ Self, increases the gift of life, as it is convinced that the individual is master of the life entrusted to him through the conscious return of authority to its own individualized Presence.

You have heard of forcefields! This sphere of influence of which I speak is your individual forcefield. If it is held in comparative harmony, it can be used by the Silent Watchers who cover cities, nations and the planet itself, in their endeavor to dissipate evil and give protection in times of crises.

When these Silent Watchers see forces of nature in rebellion, when they see plagues and epidemics about to manifest, when they see the many crisis which I shall not name (for I do not choose to use my words and life more than is absolutely necessary to refer to that which is destructive, even in thought), they appeal for assistance to the great Cosmic Being or Ascended Master whose energies have been offered to the Brotherhood to dissipate just such evils.

The first question asked by the God-being whose energies are invoked is, “Have you a conductor in that locality?” The Silent Watcher may say, “Yes! There is such an harmonious nature” (if there should happen to be one in that locality).

Then the Cosmic Being (conserving his own forces) does not have to build a funnel of light to carry his radiation downward, for such an activity uses much of the energy he could use in giving the blessing. Instead, the great Being comes into the atmosphere of Earth with the Silent Watcher, stands within the Electronic Body of the chela and, through the silver cord, he pours through the inner bodies and flesh of that one the benediction, purification, protection and balance that is required to dissipate the evil of the moment.

Oh, beloved ones, many natural conductors who have no knowledge of the inner spheres, but have a sweetness and purity of soul, have thus been used through all the ages. Many “saints,” many “holy men,” many of the reverent, devout and humble have thus been utilized, and through their bodies has flashed protection which sometimes has saved the lives of millions. However, these are unconscious conductors. These are individuals who “just happen” to be in a state of grace through harmonious radiation, either for the moment or for a longer period of time. The Silent Watcher points out these individuals to the Cosmic Master who then blazes his radiation through them.

Now, you are a different group entirely—you desire to become conscious conductors, looking at and caring for the mankind of Earth, the Silent Watcher sees that which is about to take place, and the chela in embodiment, with alert conscious mind and intelligence, is prompted or inspired to invoke cosmic currents of divine protection for his people, his city, his nation and his planet. Thus, rather than being an unconscious conductor, the student consciously becomes an invocative priest or priestess.

Beloved ones, when you desire to serve mankind, when you desire to bless the elemental kingdom, when you desire to serve in any crises, you must first make your own sphere of influence harmonious. This is the magnetic power which draws the blessing of the Master, making you a radiating center of peace and balance, which can conduct the blessing. Otherwise, you draw the God-being by your invocation, and he, looking upon your turbulent energies (if they should happen to be so) is unable to use your vehicles to conduct light, healing or protection.

Very often, in such cases, the Cosmic Being who is invoked by the zealous and earnest (but, for the time being, inharmonious) chela, is forced to use his energies in seeking another conductor in the vicinity who is harmonious, and while perhaps this one may be unacquainted with the Higher Law, yet he is one through whom the Master may channel his blessings.

In the mastery of your own energies, beloved ones, you are to become not only conductors, but magnetizing agents of cosmic currents.

Wherever you see a need, first still yourself. Then visualize yourself dressed in the dazzling white garments of your Holy Christ Self, and make your invocation with all the power of the Godhead. There is not a being or intelligence you invoke who will not promptly answer your call.

That is how the Master Jesus (working with Lord Maitreya) let the healing life flow through his vehicles of incarnation, and the dead did arise, the blind did see, the lame did walk, and the sick were made whole. Jesus was vested with the conscious power of invocation, and he kept the instruments and conductors of his own lifestream constantly ready for the instantaneous release of the gifts from above.

Although the Master Jesus was constantly alerted to his mission—which was the dissipation of evil—the greater cosmic activity of Lord Maitreya, in the fuller freedom of the inner spheres, saw many opportunities for service when the outer consciousness of the Master Jesus did not realize that cosmic assistance was required. There, the state of “listening grace” which Jesus had, was essential, for when Lord Maitreya chose to bless, Jesus lifted his hand. When Lord Maitreya chose to speak, the lips of Jesus were at his disposal. Suppose that Jesus were thinking only of himself and the things of Earth! Suppose he had not lived in a perpetual state of “listening grace”! Suppose, during a time of personal outer interest on Jesus’ part, Lord Maitreya’s cosmic moment had come and gone, there would have been no instrument on Earth to conduct Lord Maitreya’s blessing. Do you see?

Oh, magnificent is your opportunity! When you have perfected your individual forcefields, when you have consecrated your instruments, when you have felt the release of that flame conducting healing, peace or balance into the lives of others, then the great forcefields for your temple activities can be builded of your combined spheres of influence—those who are like you in nature and temperament, building their energies into that forcefield, creating a larger and larger blanket of protection, benediction and blessing in your locality. Your individual group director, whose love and light have made it possible for such a group to be established, sets up a pattern, with your cooperation, and the rhythm of invocation blends the individual lifestreams into a harmonious whole.

Thus is created and sustained a magnetic pull upon the God-free. This is the service which the beloved Maha Chohan is choosing to render through the Transmission Flame groups and through your sanctuaries, specializing the power and particular service of your sphere of influence. The beings directly concerned with the release of healing, protection, and the bringing of truth in general to mankind, may be magnetized. They then take an active interest in that group. From that group, they take chelas to inner levels for training while their bodies sleep at night, and they work with these inner bodies in an endeavor to create a strong magnetic current, through which they may flash the fire of God and render whatever assistance is needed from time to time.

When this is done and the momentum is builded, the rhythm being undisturbed by disharmony, the mass of the people will feel the pressure of that qualified energy and will be drawn to the students thus prepared to give the blessing. Perhaps not all will remain to serve, for as yet many of mankind are “absorbers,” they are the ones who only seek blessings but are not yet prepared to give. However, from among them will come some who will ask how they, too, may learn to become such conductors. In this way, your endeavors will grow and prosper. This is how we serve on Venus. Our great temples, in which are combined the energies of those who serve with us, are magnificent, indeed, to behold.

Beloved children, would that I could take you to our star! Would that I could show you, even for an hour, what the Earth is to become and what you who stand forth “the first fruits of them that slept” have set into motion through your own vital energies!

Beloved, precious children of God, take heart! Return, in dignity, the authority over your world to that exquisite immortal Presence of life within you! Take command of your vehicles of expression! Let us see what you will do for the Earth, what the heritage of your service will leave for the planet and for the evolutions who will succeed you.

Until then, with all the love of the great Krishna and Sophia, all the love of the mighty Victory and his beloved, all the love of Sanat Kumara and myself, and all the love from the people of Venus, I enfold you.

My love is great enough to see every one of you master of the rhythm of the flame in your own heart! Thank you, and God bless you.




Beloved Mighty Victorious I AM Presence, I call on beloved Archangel Chamuel, Elohim Orion, Elohim Tranquility, Cosmic Being Lady Venus, God Harmony, Beloved Maha Chohan,  El Morya, Paul the Venetian,  Saint Germain, Jesus,  Kuthumi, and Lady Master Nada, to CHARGE, CHARGE, CHARGE, me, my loved ones, and all chelas of the Great White Brotherhood with whatever Illumination, Determination, Courage, Strength, Unity and Power of Divine Love are required, to COMPEL UNINTERRUPTED HARMONY TO MANIFEST constantly in, through, and around us, especially in our emotional body. Please see to it that this state of uninterrupted harmony is forever sustained.

*         *         *

Beloved mighty victorious I AM Presence, Great Ascended Hosts,  Take immediate and complete control of me, and make and keep me a perfect Grail and Conductor through which the Ascended Host may pour at any time Their Love, Blessings and assistance to mankind.

Use my Light to the fullest possible extent. Draw those to me who have unselfish motives and who are willing to serve the Light. Remove all pride, arrogance and personal ambition.

Let this Light expand in divine love until the Earth and all her evolutions are wholly Ascended and Free. I have spoken in God’s holy name, “I AM”.

Beloved I AM! I now command! Do it Today! Do it to stay!