By Alice Schutz – Law of Life Enlightener



The Christ Self is beautiful, youthful and perfect. It has eternal youth and Never appears as one over 21 years of age. That is why some elderly people whose Physical body is 70 or 80 years of age, still feel young inside. The Christ Self has a flower fragrance just like an Ascended Master.

The human self asserts itself and makes mistakes by using Life Energy from the “I AM PRESENCE.”

Since the Christ Self is the Directing Intelligence, the student may call to It to withdraw the power the human self has given itself and refuse to accept that it has any power to make further mistakes.

When dealing with others – ask your and their Christ Self for guidance. If an individual’s thoughts. Feelings, and motives are constructive the Christ Self will “Act” according to Universal Law, to bring the desired results. If it is destructive – It will not act on it. The “I AM PRESENCE” is the OWNER of everything. So It is the Intelligence, Energy, Power and Action that can take command of conditions in the outer world to provide whatever one requires.

The Christ Self is “One” with the “Presence” and is in Harmony with all Life, and wants Perfection for the outer self.

When one needs financial or other supply, [since, most are not yet Precipitating] Call to the “Presence” and The Christ of yourself and others, who are Serving the Light, who need supply; to move into action and bring about conditions in the outer world, whereby the required supply is provided. The Christ Self of every human being wants Perfection for the outer self, no Matter how destructive the activities of the personality are. The “Resistance” comes when the outer mind is given a “Truth” and resists it in the “Feelings.” This comes about when the outer self is so preoccupied with human beliefs and concepts, and will not admit there is any resistance.

The student may ask for assistance while asleep, and Charge the Christ Self to Direct and Charge Its currents of energy through the Four Bodies; to Transmute, Purify and Restore their Perfection. The Christ Self has a complete and total knowledge of the outer self and its human consciousness. It is aware of every thought, feeling, motive and experience.

Although the outer self thinks and feels otherwise – it is “Impossible” to “Deceive” the Christ Self. In vibratory action the Christ Self is the Step-Down Consciousness for the “Presence” on the Fourth Dimensional Plane.

The Three-Fold Flame within the Heart, Directed by the Christ Self, is the Step- Down Consciousness on the Third Dimensional Plane or the world of form. The Flame within the Heart is the “Outpost” of the Christ Self. This Flame is the embryo Christ Consciousness and can only grow in Power and Action by the Attention, Love, and Devotion given It by the outer self.

When one is willing to give “All” of his or her Energy to It, then the Seed Within will grow and wax Strong – “Surrendering” the human to the Christ Self.

Beloved Master Jesus knew that even the disciples who had been closest To Him could not of themselves externalize their Christ Consciousness. Therefore, He asked for the SPIRIT OF COMFORT to be sent to His disciples, which would animate within them those Powers they had allowed to lie dormant by resting upon His accomplishments. The Beloved Lord Maha Chohan answered Jesus, and on the first Whitsuntide released those Tongues of Flame referred to in the Bible. These were actually Magnetic Currents of Energy, which Expanded the Christ Consciousness in their Soul’s and expanded the Christ Flame within their Heart’s.

The Bridegroom [as referred to in the Bible] represents the Action of one’s own Christ Self. When one has purified himself or herself enough, and can keep their Four Bodies Harmonious and at Peace at all times; then, the Christ Self can draw the Gifts, Qualities and Powers from their Causal Body and externalize them into their world. By Turning one’s Attention to and holding it on their Christ Self that Beam of Energy draws and magnifies their Divine Powers and Qualities. The Christ Self of everyone is ONE in Action. Only a small portion of the Christ Self is within the Heart, [the Golden Man within the Heart] the greater part is outside and above the physical body. When one becomes FULLY ONE with their Christ Self they are no longer of the human realm. One’s Real Mission on Earth begins when their Consciousness is no longer the “plaything” of the Four Bodies, which are transformed to become the “Servants” of the Divine Will. One’s conscience is the Action of their Christ Self. It is one’s judge! It is IN COMMAND, as opposed to the human personality, and “Decides” when to terminate life On the Earth plane. At the point of passing the individual cannot speak an untruth.

The Christ Self is not just an abstract idea, or a hazy, vapory sort of thing, but a tangible Individualization of Intelligence and Feeling. It is an INDIVIDUAL BEING OF LIGHT! When taking embodiment, the final decision is made by the Christ Self, as to who one’s Parents shall be. The moment an individual allows imperfection into his thoughts and Feelings – he has created a “separation” with his Christ Self, – which can only be corrected by dwelling on Perfection. The outer consciousness must be Purified and Developed, with Mastery and Peace Externalized, before the Christ Self can take possession of the personality.

The Ascended Masters watch and guard the students through their Christ Self. That way the students are never separated from the Master. The students are Prompted through the Christ Self of what the Masters have said. The Divine Qualities and Activities that the Masters Amplify, to benefit the Soul, must go

through the Christ Self of that one. When the “Initiate,” through centuries of righteous living, has achieved that consciousness whereby the White Dove is externalized within his or her aura, then that One is in Harmony with the Cosmic Christ and the Lord Maha Chohan. And into Their Consciousness is released

the Full Pressure and Power of Their Christ Self. Thus, the student becomes the “only begotten Son,” and his Mission, like that of the Master Jesus, is to externalize the Divine Will of God”