The Great White Brotherhood

“. . . . .  The Great White Brotherhood is a state of consciousness and does not relate to any colour, creed or nationality.”  ADK Luk

Excerpt “21 Essential Lessons Volume 1”
Page 11- 12 Compiled from Teachings of the “Bridge to Freedom” by Werner Schroeder

Mankind en masse has forgotten the Great Comic Laws that govern the earth and her humanity, and there is a Divine Blueprint for each one which, when fulfilled, brings Love, Peace and Happiness into their worlds, and they have forgotten that there is a Great Spiritual Hierarchy who has guarded and endeavoured to guide them for eons of time to prevent their completely destroying themselves and the Earth.

“This Great Hierarchy, known as the Great White Brotherhood, (which is a state of consciousness and does not relate to any colour, creed or nationality) is composed of Ascended Beings, many of whom lived on this Earth in physical bodies, even as you and I, and who, by the understanding and application of the Laws governing Life, were enabled to “graduate” into a higher sphere of beauty and perfection, and have remained “prisoners of Love” in order to assist the struggling mankind of Earth – when invited to do so – for, by Cosmic Law, they are not permitted to intrude upon the FREE WILL of even the least of men. Jesus, Mary, Buddha and Moses are examples of Ascended Masters who belong to the Great White Brotherhood.”

The Ascended Masters are REAL AND TANGIBLE BEINGS, ready to assist mankind, provided they are asked to do so. The Masters ask to be recognized as a potential force for the common good of mankind, but they do not demand obedience and do not ask to be worshiped. The Ascended Masters are the Directing Intelligence of the Godhead. They are God’s helpers. It is that simple.

The Great White Brotherhood is not an outer organization. Only by living and expressing the perfection of the heavenly realms on the physical plane, through self-correction of human weakness and service given without any thought of financial gain or personal acclaim can an individual draw him/herself into association with the Brotherhood.

The Ascended Hosts directs the attention of the chela, but it is up the student to make the right choices. No individual has ever made the Ascension without the assistance of an Ascended Master.

‘The Magic Presence” – Godfre Ray King – Pg. 347

‘Our Work is to put the EXACT TRUTH OF THE LAW before humanity; if they refuse to understand and obey it, then their suffering must increase, until the human side breaks its shell of obstinacy and selfishness, and lets the ‘Mighty Presence’ of the “I AM” control all, according to the Perfection of Life.


 “ Ascended Master – Love and Truth” 

A.D.K. Luk Publications – 16th October 1952 -  Saint Germain

The Divine Order and System of the creation and sustenance of the Universe and its intelligences form the basis for all Spiritual Organisms that are destined to have a permanent, constructive influence on the Progress and Unfoldment of the God Plan through the Willing and Loving Cooperation of Those who desire to serve.

When the Earth reached a point of such density that the Cosmic Law chose to vote it back to nothingness, it was the intercession of Sanat Kumara and the Volunteers from Venus Who secured the Dispensation, allowing more time for the lifestreams belonging to the Earth to fulfill their individual and collective destinies by Learning to Emit, Sustain and Expand Self-Consciously – Light, Harmony and Love.

To this end, Sanat Kumara, formed the Nucleus of ‘The Great White Brotherhood”, The Guardian Band of the human race, and its Members where composed of Great Intelligences Who had volunteered to become Radiating Centers of Light until the Light Presence within each man was awakened and enabled to fulfill its own destiny.

The Great White Brotherhood held Their first Council in Shamballa many hundreds of thousands of years ago. They joined together around a Glorious Golden Table, symbolic of the Sun and each of them represented a Quality of The Godhead. Sanat Kumara, Himself, was the Presiding Master, and through Him was formulated the Plan by which the Mankind of Earth were to be Spiritually Stimulated, Awakened, Interested and ultimately Enrolled in this Spiritual Order.

To each Member, He gave certain Responsibilities, according to the Nature of the Individual Being, and these Delegated Powers became the Directing and Motivating Power of the Life Intelligence so blessed. Rhythmically,

The Lord of the World called together this Council, and Each reported on the Expansion of the Service in His particular channel, and ALL rejoiced in every development which brought the Purpose of The Brotherhood to greater manifestation, but none interfered with the specific Services of the Other, and ALL were always under the Loving direction of the Lord of the World, Who is the Supreme Authority for the Work of The Brotherhood and all those who chose to abide within Its Aura and Serve Its Purpose.

As certain members of the human race, and Those Who voluntarily joined the evolution of the race from other Stars, were attracted towards Spiritual Center of Shamballa, they were invited to attend these Councils in their Inner Bodies, and participate in the discussions and glorious Plans that were being formulated and given to Responsible Members for execution.

Thus, began the Order of Round Table that appeared in the world of form, whereby an Illumined lifestream, remembering the Glory of the Councils at Shamballa, endeavoured to create such a Focus for God in the world of form. The most recent, and therefore the more well known Activity of this kind was founded and sustained by King Arthur and His Holy Court in the Fourth Century, near Glastonbury.