by Beloved Ascended Master Lanto 

June 1954

Excerpt from Journal Book 2 – Bridge to Freedom

"........When man arrives at the cosmic realization that the Source of all Life, the great Eternal Father-Mother God (which has projected and sustained his intelligence for aeons), must, of necessity, have some great purpose and design in mind, he will then commence to weave the energies of his own lifestream into fulfilling a portion of that God-design. At that time, his own heart tells him he is presently able to assist in developing such a design.

Each man, each woman, each child upon this planet and all who are yet to come here have, despite the creation of shadows, developed certain momentums, gifts and talents which can be offered on the altar to the Great White Brotherhood (this relates to the PURITY of the Brotherhood  – and has no reference to colour of skin) to further the God Plan and the evolution of our system. Wise is that man, that woman or that child, who offers his or her developed talents to God and the Brotherhood. Meanwhile, it is expedient that they endeavor to perfect the various instruments through which they work, in order that they may be one day of greater service.

These people, of whom I speak, are those who stood boldly forth before the Great Source of Life (or who are, I hope, about to do so) and have asked that the energies of their individual lives be consecrated to the work of returning the earth to the beauty, the purity and the perfection which it knew when man first came forth from the heart of God. Blessed are the lifestreams, beloved ones, who have dedicated their energies to the release of the beloved Sanat Kumara from his self-chosen exile of the ages and to the creation of the Kingdom of Heaven upon this Earth. In this new creation, angels, mankind and elementals walking hand in hand may fulfill their individual divine destinies in harmony and peace.

As the mighty activities within the heart of the Teton hold the attention of the Great White Brotherhood, we shall endeavor to project your consciousness into the heart of the mountain. In this way, you may enjoy the freedom of participating in the current activities and draw back into your own minds, bodies and worlds those vital energies which will give you great personal assistance in the development and maturity of your own life. This evening, the beloved Goddess of Justice Lady Portia, (Twin Ray of the beloved Saint Germain), will receive the crown as spokesman for the Karmic Board from the hands of the beloved Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, who previously held that office. This honor to the Goddess of Justice is bestowed as a complement to Saint Germain’s position as Chohan of the Seventh Ray, which Dispensation we are now entering.