Beloved Mrs. G W Ballard

(‘Voice of the I Am’ – April 1936)


            Visualizing the Luminous Presence of Beloved Jesus, Saint Germain or any other Ascended Master is the most powerful way of creating a Focus through which the Ascended Master Consciousness acts in the physical experience of the individual, of nations, of mankind, and of the Earth itself.

There is no person, place, condition nor thing which can resist the Mighty Ascended Master Power that can be focused through this Activity; and if every Student will train himself or herself to use It in any and every activity – waking and sleeping – his own experiences will be all the proof he can desire of the Truth of which we speak, for it is the operation of an Inflexible Law which has not been explained for use in the outer world.

The likeness of Beloved Jesus, Saint Germain, or that of any Ascended Master, should be pictured clearly in the mind – the body made of Intense Dazzling White Substance and sending out long Rays of Light that flash continually, quivering with the intensity of the Light held focused within, and pouring through them into the person, place condition or thing to be perfected.

In beginning to visualize the figure of any Ascended Master, ask your “Mighty I AM Presence” to show you the picture, clear and definite, and to hold it in your consciousness and before your vision, so your concentration may be uninterrupted and powerful – for the Instantaneous Response to this is what we want you to have.

The colours of the Rays of Light poured out can be changed according to the special activity required. The Body always remains Dazzling White, but the colour of the Rays of Light poured forth is determined by the need of either the patient or condition to be assisted.

When the activity of Divine Love, Peace, Quiet, Comfort, or the ideas from the Pure Christ Mind are required, the Rays of Light pouring forth should be the colour of molten Gold like sunshine on burnished gold – continually sparkling if much energy is to be used, but very soft and opaque if a soothing quality is needed. In the healing of children, the soft, opaque golden colour is the thing most frequently required, and the sparkling activity is the only used if the energy is low.

If the activity of pouring out Divine Compassion is required, the Rays of Light should be a delicate, beautiful pink blending with the gold, the pink being the shade often seen in mother-of-pearl or the soft afterglow of a beautiful clear sunset.

Whenever the Purifying Activity is required – whether it be the substance of the body, discord in the feelings, or wrong thoughts in the mind, which are patterns made of substance in the mental body – the Rays of Light pouring their energy into the body or condition should be an intense, gloriously beautiful shade of violet, like that seen the spectrum, the rainbow, the refection of a pure white diamond, or the lovely colour in violet neon signs. The latter anyone can see in advertising signs.

            The Rays of Light pouring out from the visualized form of an Ascended Master for healing or perfecting purposes are a most powerful Activity; for they are substance energized and charged with the Ascended Master Consciousness which supplies whatever is required to make Their Activity instantaneous and most powerful, as well as self-sustained.”