Excerpt from ‘Law of Life’ Book 1

ADK Luk – page 120

An Ascended Master is the Full Expression of Life. Every planet has a group of Ascended Masters governing it. Cosmic beings in Their Activity cover a greater scope than the Ascended Masters do. Cosmic Beings are Those Who govern Cosmic (forces) Powers that span great Universes.

The Ascended Masters who have of their own freewill and volition, agreed to stay in the Earth’s atmosphere, are Those giving most of Their time to the Earth. Ascended Masters are Those Who have made the Ascension from our humanity (or that of some planet) and turn and help individuals or groups of individuals to make the Ascension also. Cosmic Beings work with the whole of humanity of a planet.

The Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings are Beings of complete Mastery and Control of every electron in Their Beings and worlds. The Ascended Masters are a more advanced activity of life. Ascended Masters are just like an extension of yourself. In calling to Ascended Masters your are only calling to an advanced part of yourself – (life). Try to comprehend the services that are being rendered that could not be done except by the assistance of the Ascended Masters.

One Master said: “We don’t care to frighten mankind but We are going into Action!”


Excerpt from ‘THE MAGIC PRESENCE’  

By Godfre Ray King – page 160

Saint Germain explains:

“In the first place, there are those called Masters, some of whom have attained a very high degree of Wisdom, and maintained Life in the physical body for nearly two centuries, yet have not raised the body – as Jesus did. There are also many who call themselves masters, who have not the faintest concept of what a Real Master is.

“Of one thing you can be absolutely and eternally certain that no one, who is a Real Master, will ever say so, and that an Ascended Master never accepts payment of any kind for the Help He gives; because the First Qualification of True Mastership is to do all, as His (or Her) Glad Free Gift of His Service of Love to the world.

“The Ascended Master is absolutely Infallible at all times, because He has passed out of the octave of vibratory action in which mistakes can occur, for he has become wholly Divine, By the raising of His Body, all atomic structure has been changed into the Electronic. He see with Limitless Vision, and knows all because He uses – only – the All-Knowing Mind of God.

“Those Masters, who have attained even a very great decree of wisdom, but have not yet raised the atomic body, can an sometimes colour what they give out by their own personal concept; for no one becomes infallible, until he functions in his Electronic Body, or the Body of Pure Light where no contamination or personal concept can exist.”

A WORD OF WARNING - The internet has much information - not all of it is true.  "I AM" Activity & The Bridge to Freedom material we believe to be a pure and un-tampered with source of information.

friendship with the gods VOL. 1 & 2:


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NOTE:  Some of the information in this book is now 'out of date' however, as with the people of Earth, we are rising up to higher positions of authority and responsibility, and so it is too with those in the Ascended Realms, through initiations,  move to positions of greater responsibility and service.  This book will be updated at some time in the future.