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The first “New Age” dispensation was primarily the effort of the Ascended Master Saint Germain. He sought out those who had assisted him in his previous efforts with the Sahara Civilization 70,000 years ago, and saw enough reason to carry the light to America and the people of the Earth. The Ascended Lady Master Nada assisted the efforts of Saint Germain.

This new dispensation shows an entirely new approach. Saint Germain did not use as a foundation any established religious teaching, using it as a base and adding to it. He made no attempt to revive Theosophy, only sparingly did they refer to the Vedic literature of India or to the Bible. Starting totally anew, Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters explained Cosmic Law in clear terms. THE METHOD OF INSTRUCTION WAS BASED ON LOGIC AND COMMON SENSE. In addition, the Masters added their radiation, which helped the instruction gain acceptance through the feeling nature of the students. Saint Germain gave out this new message in America, which at this particular time period is to be the leader of the human race, and he presented to the world a new style of Ascended Master teaching.

There were changes in the substance of the teaching, as well. For the first time, the Ascended Masters could give out information on the following four subjects:

1) The knowledge of each one's source, the individualized God-Presence, the I AM Presence.

2) The protective Pillar or Tube of Light.
3) The Violet Transmuting Flame
4) The goal of all embodiments on Earth—the ascension.

These cardinal points were understood by Jesus. He applied them and he left the example to all mankind; he attained the ascension. Before this time, this knowledge was only permitted to be given in retreats, to individuals of considerable advancement.

What enabled Mr. Ballard to receive messages from the Masters in clear and simple terms, giving mankind, for the first time since the days of Atlantis, the knowledge of the “I AM Presence” and the Violet Flame? It was the need of the hour and the fact that a certain stockpile of cosmic energy was available. Typically this stockpile of energy is available for use once within a century.