By the Ascended Master Kuthumi

Excerpt from Bridge to Freedom Journal Book 2 – page 220


CHELA—Beloved Master: How does a student enter the Silence?

GURU— Blessed Chela: Consciously entering the Great Silence is a positive and not a negative state of individual consciousness. Contemplation must never be confused with lethargy, nor adoration and devotion with imagery and visionary dreams. Herein lies the training in wisdom, discrimination, balance, purity of motive and perseverance of will and purpose.

CHELA—Beloved Master: When you say entering the Silence requires the establishment and the maintenance of a positive state of consciousness— what do you mean?

GURU— Blessed Chela: I mean that the individual must engage the cooperation of his various vehicles of expression and use them to create an individual aura of peace, purity and tranquillity. Within this personal aura, the individual must remain alert, focused in attention and in control of his concentrated powers, holding them upon the object of his devotions, whether it be the heart of God or some divine Representative of the King of Kings.

CHELA— Beloved Master: We have been told that long periods of contemplation are dangerous and open the individual to insidious influences.

GURU—Blessed Chela: Here, discrimination must be developed. Each individual is capable of a different amount of “applied contemplation” according to the personal control of his thought processes, his feelings, his etheric memories and the demands of the physical vehicle. One man, consciously preparing to commune with his Maker, finds his own mental processes weaving out of the substance of thought, a screen of irrelevant thoughts.

Another man, able to concentrate his thoughts, finds the surging tide of his emotional nature re-vivifying past injustices. Still another enjoys the ever responsive sea of memories that flow from the etheric body. A man, well able to control his thoughts, feelings and memories, may find the demands of cramped muscles, itching skin or other physical discomforts disturbing his tasks.

Each chela must take personal note of his own capabilities and capacities of stilling his vehicles and then in wisdom develop the “applied contemplation” according to his increasing efficacy in the mastery and control of his vehicles.

The vibratory action of the soul itself, the motive animating the soul toward communion with the inner self, the vibratory action and appetites of the inner bodies, will determine what type of influence can “play upon” the individual, seeking the peace of the Silence. When the heart is pure, the soul earnest and the conscious mind keenly alert to the deceptions of the ego that seek to aggrandize self through impressions of a grandiose nature, no subtle outside forces can enter the period of contemplation.

CHELA— Beloved Master: What is the advantage of entering the great Silence?

GURU—Blessed Chela: The advantages (and they are many) of entering the Silence could hardly be enumerated in this column.