It is essential to apply the knowledge we have gained from the Teachings of The “I AM” Activity (from the 1930’s ) and The Bridge to Freedom (from the 1950’s) given to us by the Ascended Hosts during the last century.  Doing daily applications (morning and evening) connects us with our “I AM” Presence and these Mighty Great Beings of Light, who are waiting for us to command into action the inherent Powers of Light through our “I AM” Presence within our hearts,  and through this Power of Invocation and Meditation, in cooperation with the Ascended Hosts,  bring into manifest form the change we all wish to see in ourselves and the world.

If we do not call the Light into action, it will not act. That is the Law.



Excerpt from Law of Life Enlightener -  By ADK Luk– Page 22

Make effort to better understand, and become more aware of the knowledge given to us by the Ascended Masters, who have applied these Laws of Life and therefore become MASTER over energy and vibration.

Question: What is most important in each one’s life? Answer: To again be aware of, and know one’s own individualized “I AM” Presence. Read, study, think about it and get the feeling – the awareness of its reality.

Application is vitally important, as the Light will not act without our calls for it. This is so as we are beings of freewill. It is important to APPLY for the Light from our “I AM” Presence and the Ascended Hosts each day, rhythmically, not just spasmodically. Like the physical fire where the flame rises,  so too does the Sacred Fire. The only reason we do not see the ‘Sacred Fire’ is that the vibrations are too high for our physical sight to see it.  This does not apply to all people however. Some are gifted with the ‘inner vision’ and SEE the Light in action.  This will come either from advancement in this life, or a previous one.