“I wish each one of you to go by yourselves sometime during the day for at least five minutes and talk to your "I AM Presence" something like this:

"Great Masterful Presence which “I AM”! I love, I adore Thee. I give back unto Thee the fullness of all Creative Power, all Love, all Wisdom, and through this Power which Thou art, I give Thee full power to make visible in my hands and use the fulfillment of my every desire. I no longer claim any power as my own, for I now claim Thee, the Only and All-Conquering Presence in my home, my Life, my world and my experience. I acknowledge Thy Full Supremacy and Command of all things; and as my consciousness is fixed upon an achievement, Your Invincible Presence and Intelligence takes command and brings the fulfillment into my experience quickly—even with the speed of thought.

"I know that Thou art ruler over time, place and space. Therefore, Thou requirest only now to bring into the visible activity Thy every Perfection  ……………(perhaps name something you wish to manifest that will bless you and the world)

I stand absolutely firm in the full acceptance of this, now and forever, and I shall not allow my mind to waver from it, for at last, I know we are One.”

Beloved Students, you may add or weave into this anything else you wish for your requirement; and I assure you, if you can live in this—and I shall endeavor to help you do so—you will experience the opening of the floodgates of God's Abundance.”  SAINT GERMAIN

‘THE LAW OF PRECIPITATION REVEALED’ by Beloved Paul the Venetian (now the Maha chohan)


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