By A.D.K. Luk

(Beloved Alice Schutz - Secretary to Guy and Edna Ballard 1930's & Geraldine Innocente 1950's– this information is directly from her notes)

Book II Page 406

When one first individualized and said and felt “I AM” he began to magnetize primal life and radiate it forth; from this has come the result of what he is today. Each one is endowed with the power of magnetization (to draw what is desired) and the power of radiation (to radiate, give forth); these should be under the conscious control of the individual at all times. He should be a radiating focus of light and power.

The present condition of mankind’s bodies is that they are negative, and absorbers, accepting and taking on the qualities about them, instead of being positive and radiating focuses and only accept that which is desired.

The seven centers or chakras (see page 74) are connecting points of the lower bodies one with the other, through which flows life-energy. It is through these centers, at these points that the inner energy or force flows from one body to another.

The centers are usually described as wheels, that denote action, a turning; however, they are spherical and not flat like a wheel. These centers in the etheric body of the spiritually undeveloped individual are declivities, concave in form, which makes a suction, instead of protrusions and convex, which radiate, vibrate with vital essence and power. It is within these declivities that the sins of man and the various destructive qualities and activities are rooted.

These can be removed with the assistance of the Ascended Ones, particularly the Elohim of Purity and Astrea, and Archangel Michael and those on the Seventh Ray, Ascended Kwan Yin and Prince Oromasis.

One can watch himself and at the first vibratory action of any of these qualities call to the I AM Presence and some Ascended Master, to remove it; it is similar to pulling a rubber suction cap from an object. There is a tendency to unconsciously hold on to them – so LET GO.

These centers should be positive, and radiate the qualities and colors of the Seven Rays. They should magnetize the qualities and activities from the Seven Elohim, Archangels and Chohans and radiate them out.

The awakening of the kundalini fire under the occult law was dangerous without the assistance of a visible Master. One should not unnecessarily dwell on the lower centers but he can concentrate on the heart, throat and head centers and make them blazing light. The heart center is divine love, pink with gold radiance. The throat, the power center is white light with blue radiance.

The door to the mental world is through the pituitary gland; the solar plexus being the door to the emotional body, from the outer world. The five senses are connections with the world without; touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight; sight being the highest.


Explanation of the “Chakric” Centers
By the beloved Elohim of Peace (Tranquility)

January 2, 1955 – Bridge to Freedom Publication

“Now, part of My assignment which was given to Me to include in this morning’s service is a brief explanation of the “chakric” centers in your bodies. You see, whatever takes place here in this “forcefield” – the heart-center of Our New Activity – affects every individual belonging to this Movement. When We offer one of these Quarterly Classes, some are fortunate enough to feel it a real necessity to come into Our direct Presence to receive the gifts We have to give.

Although some seem to feel it quite unnecessary to come, bringing their physical bodies here and so receive the blessings of such classes direct from Us, they are still the beneficiaries of them to a certain extent, since the radiation blazes forth at such times from this “forcefield” to all who are interested in Us. This morning, every gentle reader of our literature (especially “The Bridge” and “The Bulletin”) on every Continent of the planet, is having assistance from Us today.

When We endeavor so to draw you together in one place this way, it is that We may give to your bodies, minds, and feeling worlds, a definite service. For a moment, let us consider the “chakric” centers in your etheric body, corresponding to the ganglionic nerve centers in your flesh. You know, the word “chakra” is an Oriental word meaning “wheel”.

As you have been told, the Seven Rays of the Seven Mighty Elohim are anchored in the forehead of every physical form, and, through the expansion of these, We are able to reach into your world to help you, if you will allow Us so to do. Of course, We never intrude in any way, for your God-given gift and prerogative of the use of your own free-will is always paramount!

You see, from the beginning, it was intended that the Elohim, Archangels, Chohans of the Rays, and Angelic Host were to be in constant daily association with mankind, as They are on Venus and other planets; and have been, all through the ages.

However, the “veil of maya” (effluvia of discord) gradually became so very thick around the planet Earth and the actual bodies of the people, that We could not get through to their consciousness at all.

I think there has never been a recorded time on this planet when the Elohim and Archangels have spoken to the people of the Earth in consecutive order as has been done here recently. I believe the Chohans have.

In the etheric body, are seven centers which are called, in Oriental terminology, the “chakras”. These should carry the positive, clear, constructive colors representing the colors of the Seven Rays of the Chohans, the Archangels, and Ourselves. These “centers” were meant to be convex in shape and radiating foci of the qualities of perfection of the Seven Rays.

Instead, because of centuries lived in discordant vibrations, these have become concave – declivities in the etheric body. Therefore, instead of being radiating centers of God-perfection, through long ages of human experience, these declivities have become filled with the destructive, humanly-qualified vibrations and have become the roots of the “seven mortal sins”, with many ramifications.

If you will call to Me to help you in such activity, I shall be glad to help you to root out the causes and cores of these destructive vibrations and, drawing these centers from a depressed form, make them convex in shape again. When this condition has been so corrected, I can then recharge these centers with the positive radiations which they should have.

Then, instead of being so negative and so easily accessible to the particular distresses which disturb you individually, you can then be a positive radiating center for the qualities of the Elohim, the Archangels, and the Chohans of the Rays, if you so choose. No one needs to accept this assistance unless he desires to have it!

Previously, We have not discussed these “centers” with you because, under the Law of the New day and the Ascended Master Saint Germain’s Activity, the attention of the students is to be focused only upon the three upper centers of the body.

But, when the call went up from you this morning for the removal from yourselves, all under this radiation and all mankind, of the causes and cores of the “seven mortal sins”, through the intercession to the Great Karmic Board of Beloved Kwan Yin (Goddess of Mercy), We have permission to speak briefly on these “chakras” today.

Each “chakra” should be like a wheel moving rapidly in a clock-wise rotation, and the more rapid the vibratory action of these “chakric” centers in your four lower vehicles, the more non-recordant they will be to discord. This is one of the services rendered by your rapidly spoken decrees and quick tempo of your music.

Please remember, though, that this is not to be confused with the idea of “hurry”. All along the way, it requires the use of the student’s discrimination – it is really the way of the “razor’s edge”. “Hurry”, in itself, is destructive and is to be avoided at all costs by the sincere student.

However, a rapid, positive vibration quickens the energies of the four lower bodies and makes one repellant to the feelings of depression, doubt, fear, lethargy, and all of the various sins of the human; except, perhaps, the qualities of pride and rebellion, which move at a very quick rate and are more subtle than some of the others.

These negative vibrations may get into the student’s world either from within his own accumulations of discord which are recorded in his own etheric body and are sometimes brought to the surface by the outer consciousness through recalled memory; or they may be floating in the atmosphere in which he moves; or they may be consciously directed at him and his world by others who have been caught in destructive activities.

These “chakras” in the etheric body are supposed to be like suns of their particular color – magnetic centers for the drawing into the world of the individual the radiations of the perfection of the qualities which they represent from the Elohim, Archangels, and Chohans of the Seven Rays.

In the Jewish religion and in other religions where they use the Seven Jewels of Light on the Altar, these Jewels are representative, not only of the Seven Rays, but also of these centers within the etheric body and, through the etheric body, to the physical body.

The lowest “chakra”, which is at the base of the spine, is the focus of lust and passion in the spiritually unawakened. This is its negative aspect. In the “awakened”, it is the positive focus of Purity.

The Elohim in charge of the “chakra” is the Elohim of Purity; the Archangel Who should pour His radiation of the Resurrection Flame through it is Gabriel, and the Ascended Master is Serapis Bey (Who, when allowed to blaze the purity of His Ascension Flame through this “chakra”, assists the individual to the victory of the Ascension). Please do not put undue attention on this. (WHITE)

The central “chakra”, located at the spleen, is the focus of anger, malice, hatred, and even mild dislike, in its negative aspect. Its positive activity is the power of Invocation. The Elohim in charge of this center is Arcturus; its Archangel is Zadkiel, and its Ascended Master is Saint Germain. (VIOLET)

The “chakra” at the solar plexus is the focus of greed, gluttony, covetousness, and fear in its negative aspect. That is why you feel “struck” in the solar plexus when you are suddenly fearful. People are gluttonous and covetous because they are fearful that they either are not receiving or that they will not receive their just share of the good they should have.

The positive quality of this “chakra” is PEACE, and this focus is that over which I am in charge as the Elohim of PEACE. The Archangel Who radiates through this center is Uriel, and the Ascended Master is John The Beloved.

This is one of the reasons why, early in your study of these Laws of Life, you were asked to visualize the luminous Presence of Jesus in dazzling white light surrounded by gold * on the forehead and over the solar plexus of yourself and others.

When this “chakra” has been completely purified, and you hold the solar plexus in a wholly controlled manner, feeling the radiation of Ascended Master PEACE from My own humble Self (Lord Kuthumi, who has now gone on to be world Teacher. John The Beloved is now Chohan of the 6th Ray) Uriel, and John The Beloved, then you will have complete protection against both fear and the destructive desires of others of mankind; as well as complete protection from the “grasping” nature of your own physical appetites. (GOLD and RUBY)

The “chakra” at the heart, in the negative aspect, represents lethargy, sloth, and laziness. If your heart is not in a thing, you do not give it much of your life. The positive radiation of this center, of course, is that of pure, selfless, Divine Love.

Its Elohim is the Beloved Orion; the Archangel is Chamuel, and the Chohan is Beloved Lady Rowena. (PINK)

The “chakra” at the throat is the power center of the body where, in its negative aspect, rests envy and the desire for personal power. Its positive activity is the power to create perfection by the doing of God’s Will, and the Elohim in charge is Hercules; the Archangel is Michael, and the Chohan is the Beloved El Morya. (BLUE)

The “chakra” in the forehead is the focus of the power of reason, and its negative aspects manifest as pride and intellectual arrogance. It is the place where doubt is allowed to enter the mind. Its positive aspect is visualized in early mythology as the “all-seeing-eye” of God and the power of Concentration. The Elohim Whose name is Vista (Whom you have known through the years as “Cyclopea”) is the One in charge of this center.

The Archangel in charge of this “chakra” is Beloved Raphael Who is the Archangel of Concentration and Consecration. No lifestream will consecrate himself to anything until both his mind and heart are convinced of the efficacy of the service he can render through such endeavors.

The Ascended Master Hilarion represents that focus also. That is why, as Saint Paul (formerly Saul of Tarsus), He had the tremendous metal development of the Fifth Ray (the Ray of which He is today in charge). (GREEN)

Thank God that the “crown center” of the body (at the very top of the head) has not been touched destructively, and there is no negative vibration there. In most people, this center is completely undeveloped, but, in the earnest student, when the attention is rhythmically turned to his own Beloved “I AM” Presence anchored within his own heart, this center begins to throb and, eventually, forms an aureole or halo of light about the head. Finally, it comes to a point where, with the inner sight at first, you can see a blazing halo of living light around the head of the sincere student.

This is the “chakra” presided over by Beloved Cassiopea, the Elohim of Illumination; its Archangel is Beloved Jophiel, and the Ascended Master is Dwal Kul. His Ray is that of Illumination, and all who start upon the Spiritual Path first come under the direction and instruction of Beloved Kuthumi and Dwal Kul.

(note: Beloved Kuthumi has since 1954 moved to being World Teacher. The new Chohan of the second Ray of Illumination is Beloved Dwal Kul.(YELLOW)

Now, we have given you a great deal this morning – yet you must have this information and knowledge if you are to move forward into greater light! In the Name of God – dear people – after you have received this instruction – PLEASE USE IT! You are going to be the Doctors of Spiritual Philosophy, and you should have everything essential for such service right at your “finger-tips”, if you are to be of help to your “patients”.

You should be thoroughly familiar with the names and activities of all the Elohim and Their Divine Complements; the Archangels and Their Archaii (feminine counterparts of the Archangels); the Chohans (Lords) of the Seven Rays (Their activities also representing the positive functions of the ganglionic centers – “chakras” just referred to); the use of the various activities of the Sacred Fire; the powers of magnetization and radiation and – most important of all – the capacity to do it yourself! ……..

(NOTE:  As here on earth, the Beloved Ascended Masters also so-called 'graduate' to greater and greater service! As above so below! So while we bring you what we have been given from the "Higher Realms" to the best of our ability - some Chohans may have changed.  But as we are told by the Ascended Masters, "We act as One" -   Call to one and you call to all!  God Bless them FOREVER!)


7th – Crown – Sunshine Yellow – Illumination – Elohim Cassiopea and Beloved Eloha Minerva, Archangel Jophiel & Beloved Archaii Constance, Ascended Master Dwal Kul

6th – Brow – Green – All-Seeing-Eye, Concentration, Healing and Truth – Elohim Vista and Beloved Crystal , Archangel Raphael and our Beloved Mother Mary, Ascended Master Hilarion

5th – Throat – Blue – God’s Will – Elohim Hercules and Beloved Amazonia, Archangel Michael and Beloved Archaii Faith, Beloved Ascended Master El Morya

4th – Heart – Pink – Divine Love – Elohim Orion and Beloved Angelica, Archangel Chamuel & Archaii Charity, Beloved Ascended Lady Master Rowena

3rd – Solar Plexus – Gold & Ruby – Peace, Ministration & Grace – Elohim of Peace Tranquillity and Beloved Pacifica , Archangel Uriel and Beloved Donna Grace, Ascended Master John the Beloved

2nd – Spleen – Violet – Invocation, Forgiveness, Mercy, transmutation, ceremony, and the complete consuming of all that is not of the Light!   - the cause, core, record effect and memory! – Elohim Arcturus and Beloved Holy Diana, Archangel Zadkiel and Beloved Amethyst , Our Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain!

1st – root – White – Purity – Elohim of Purity (Claire) and Beloved Lady Astrea, Archangel Gabriel and Beloved Archaii Hope, Ascended Master Serapis Bey!