21st July 2017


Beloved Alpha & Omega answer a prayer



I AM Presence

This is a most glorious story, which took place during June of 2015, in Lusaka, Zambia.

“Many years ago a great friend of mine in India told me whenever I had a problem about anything big or small to say this prayer:

Beloved Almighty I AM Presence.

Perform your Mighty Miracle and take Command over … (and then

whatever the problem or situation is……)

And bring all Perfection out of it!

Almighty I AM

Almighty I AM

Almighty I AM

At that time I vaguely knew about I AM. I already was on a spiritual path of my own and was not drawn at that time to read the books.  My friend was very committed to it, but did not talk too much about it, except about this prayer. No more than that.

I used to say it without really knowing what I was saying or doing and I guess it did make a  difference, it just calmed me down and by the end of the prayer I think the problem had dissolved and it was something that I did not think too much of, even though I would say it for so many different issues whether it be for a safe flight home, or the blessings for a friend or anything really, absolutely anything . Even though I said it in my head , I never really knew the power of this.

So now about 7 years later, We had moved to Zambia where I volunteer with a charity who run a school for orphans. One day, about 6 months ago, I passed this parked up bus in Lusaka with the words ‘I AM Free’ on it. The bus caught my attention and a couple of days later a friend said to me, I really want you to meet this lady called Amelia, and so I did, and yes, she lived on the I AM Free bus!

When speaking to Amelia about I AM, I remembered my I AM Prayer, which by this time I had forgotten all about 🙂 . Amelia re-enforced the goodness and the positive way of life that I AM can have, and I started immediately saying that I AM Prayer again but on a much deeper level and with a certain ‘knowing’ behind what I was saying.

The very next day – (the day after meeting Amelia for the first time,) I wrote this in an email to Amelia……



“Dear Amelia,

I never really looked at this prayer the way I do now. Today has been my first day with my books (only the intro of Unveiled Mysteries has been read) and I have been saying my ‘‘Beloved Almighty I AM‘ prayer…..fairly constantly…….and practicing the Violet Flame????? Not sure whether I am doing this correctly but even so I am going to tell you the few things that have happened on my I AM focus of today!

  1. 3 months of Raw materials for the widows to make bags came in as a donation. As a result 45 VERY happy widows!
  2. A truck load of donated rice came in for 300 children and we did not know who had donated it!  (No name or company was attached on the bags and the truck driver also had no idea. )
  3. A couple donated 20,000$ to build a 7th Grade classroom!
  4. For the first time in ages, and its even a Friday and the busiest day for a long time, I have not come home feeling depleted with no energy. I feel totally energized and ready to dance the night away! And lastly,
  5. I was left with no electricity this evening and I said my I AM prayer……

(possibly to test the power of the Beloved Almighty I AM, and I know I should not, as already today, I could not believe it!) and the power  came back in within 10 minutes! This probably shocked me the most as it was so Conscious! – Most nights this week its been off for a minimum of 4 hours!!!

I wanted to share with you this and Thank you for our meeting. I have only started the introduction to Unveiled Mysteries and read Fridays Meditation! ..

I am so grateful to you for being in Lusaka at this time and for the simple links I have received beforehand to get me to this beginning point and to the Almighty I AM.’

Love, Ella



It was an incredible day that Friday I shall never forget it!  On my way to my voluntary work that morning, I said the I AM prayer over and over again with the intention of blessing the children and the widows I work with and then onto everyone in Zambia and then onto everyone in Africa and then the world.

I remember saying this prayer over and over with a conviction. I said it throughout the day, it became a sort of mantra, letting it go as I said it and blessing everything around me and then blessing even more and more and more……hard to explain I know, but  I really genuinely felt and visualized everyone and everything I was praying to. I somehow Felt the Almighty within me which made me feel strong whilst I said my I Am and I also remember I had no ‘grasp’ (I did not want to hold onto what I was saying, I just let it flow) at the time of saying the I AM.

The Almighty is really out there and ready to be there for us when we say the prayer, we just have to focus and feel it and when I look back, every day after that became so exciting because it was as if anything can happen with ‘I AM’ if we want it.

The power of believing in The Almighty I AM is such a wondrous feeling and the classroom is now built and up and running!

(Pseudonyms used)



“….The last time I saw you I shared my experience which at that time I thought was similar to that of Norman’s (… that however turned out to be rather the complete opposite!

I somehow gained contact with individuals that seems to have passed over past three or more years ago and make it their business to make life for individuals somewhat uncomfortable – to put it mildly!

There was one individual masquerading as Saint Germain and tricked me to believe that, then as our conversation progressed, he changed his tune and I realised that he has mean and malicious intentions!

This is similar to what happened to Peter Mt Shasta, as replayed in his book, “Adventures of a Western Mystic.”

There are between three and eight of these entities connected to me mentally/ telepathically. It was quite a traumatic experience at first, as I was constantly prompted to commit suicide. I quite often was threatened with death, which I now know is ‘smoke and mirrors’ and their attempt to scare me and prevent me from practicing my spirituality.

I come to understand the real meaning of the battle between Light and darkness, it seems!

There was quite a lot of energetic activity in my body, which somehow is connected to these voices; the energy caused temporary short term memory loss, ringing ears (which I have for a long time, but was amplified through the experience) and aches and pains in the body. There was also a deliberate attempt (it has since improved) to block my thought process; my thoughts were also intermingled with theirs, which made it extremely difficult to keep track of one’s own thoughts. I was off work for three weeks to learn to cope with my new situation and after returning back to work found it at first very hard to focus and to be productive.

The situation has improved since it first occurred in March 2014, but still need to “put up” with the meanness and malicious intentions of these spirits. There were also times of fun and games, but I try my best to communicate as little as possible since it is not my choice to work with such spirits in any way. I went to see a friend of mine which is a psychiatrist; he said in the confines of his profession, which see these occurrences as purely physical and a product of the brain, I would be diagnosed as schizophrenic. Spirit or entity interference is completely disregarded!”

There is a way out of this – and it is a wonderful service to render for those that don’t know the Use of the Sacred Fire and the Power of Invocation!  Read below:



Becoming a Focus of Illumined Faith

An excerpt from Bridge to Freedom Journal Book 4 – page 431

    “Limitless are the opportunities afforded each chela to call upon the Great Deliverer, Lord Michael, to set free earthbound souls (who have left the physical body in so-called death) but who are yet, through unsatisfied appetites of the flesh, living upon the energies of those who yet wear physical bodies.”

“It is not enough to “lean” upon the strength of Lord Michael and his ascended legions of light for freedom from distress and discord in this cosmic hour. Now every chela of Lord Michael shall learn to become a focus of illumined faith, wheresoever they abide in the earth, on its surface, or in its atmosphere!

During this thirty-day period, all applicants for such instruction as he alone can give, are invited into the Temple of Illumined Faith to receive, not only the blessing and benediction of his presence, but also to learn how to become such a focus of illumined faith in their own spheres of influence. The great Archangel, himself, complying with this cosmic fiat, is willing to assist all earnest, worthy, sincere and capable chelas to achieve this illumined faith at this time!

Avail yourselves, beloved, of his hospitality and become an arm of the deliverer from evil—seen and unseen—by entering his focus and absorbing his feeling of illumined faith in the all-power of God to not only overcome evil, but to remove it permanently from the Earth and her attendant evolution’s, so that the pristine purity and perfection of the Earth can be resuscitated here and NOW!

Freedom From Distress

Limitless are the opportunities afforded each such a chela to call upon the great deliverer, Lord Michael, to set free earthbound souls (who have left the physical body in so-called death) but who are yet, through unsatisfied appetites of the flesh, living upon the energies of those who yet wear physical bodies.

So many of the destructive appetites of human beings are stimulated by such disembodied individuals, who seek and gain a certain satisfaction from using vulnerable individuals, who have not attained the momentum of illumined faith themselves, to cut themselves free from these distresses.

Also, even if human beings are unknown to the outer consciousness of the chelas of Lord Michael, they can be given inestimable assistance in freeing them from these distresses, not only in the short span of earth-life, but in the afterlife called “death.”

To assist those beloved individuals who are engaged in social welfare, call to beloved Lord Michael and his ascended angels of light to help them and those whom they are endeavoring to restore to the dignity of their natural God-estate. He will help you!


Humble Service Needed

Illumined faith gives the chela true insight into the cause and core of the temporary distress, as well as the divine love to render such service. Blind faith is merely the enjoyment of a personally-accepted doctrine, to which a person has an affinity.

Remember always that the service of Lord Michael and all divine beings, is a voluntary one, and that the worthy chelas, unascended, will do well to follow his example in this hour of cosmic initiation. Following the pattern of Lord Michael and his divine helpers, be sure that you feel only humility in serving with them. This is the invisible but evident expression of the chela’s true worth!”

      Note: For further description of Lord Michael’s Temple of Illumined Faith, read “The Bridge Journal,” Books 2 and 3.





I AM Presence


(so called) DEATH & GREIF