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Excerpt From: Peter Mt. Shasta. “Step By Step: Ascended Master Discourses.” iBooks.


“There are many types of channeling, the most common of which is inspirational. This is self-initiated and can occur when someone is familiar with or has love for a particular being. The individual can try to tune-in and receive an inspirational message. This process is similar to the way a novelist writes dialogue for a character; once you are familiar with the character, it is easy to “hear” what the character would say in different situations. An inspirational channeling may contain useful information depending on how in-tune the channel is with the being they are focused on, or tuned-in to their Higher Self. On the other hand, although uplifting or interesting, the information may be completely false.

A second type of channeling occurs when a person tunes into the soul of someone whose physical body has died, but the soul has not yet progressed into the Light. These earthbound spirits, although sometimes able to offer information, are not enlightened and often malevolent—sometimes pretending to be a certain Master or space being. Those who invoke these entities risk interference in their lives, even possession—not to mention the karma of giving false information.

Another and more dangerous, type of channeling occurs through the actual possession of the channel’s mind and even body by the entity. The human ego steps aside and allows another soul to take over. No Ascended Master will do this, for their efforts are always to discourage surrender of one’s will to another. Rather they wish to empower individuals to find their own God Presence within—and obtain their own guidance direct from the Source.

The last type of channeling is initiated by the Master, not the will of the channel. The Master appears in an etheric body, which may or may not be visible, and imparts thoughts through mind-to-mind transmission. Occasionally the individual will see actual words, phrases, or even an entire page of text in a flash. Even then, the transmission may still be colored by the mind of the recipient, depending on their training, linguistic ability, preconceived ideas, and emotional state. As the energy of the Masters is so intense that it amplifies thoughts and emotions, the Masters only approach individuals who have purified their own mind-stream and been prepared for this interaction over many years. These messages are almost always spiritually instructive in nature, and do not give useless information, make phenomenal predictions or reveal personal information.

A danger of this type of Master initiated interaction is that when the transmissions cease, the channel may be tempted to continue giving messages on their own—perhaps to incur praise or financial benefit. This can be a test to see if the student has the strength to remain silent, or will put words in the Master’s mouth. Despite her daily contact with the Masters, Pearl never channeled personal messages, but instead helped the thousands who came to her to feel their own God Flame and find Its guidance within their own hearts.

I experienced this type of direct contact from the Masters in 1977 when, without any desire on my part, Ascended Masters appeared over ten days, telling me to write down their words (later published as “I AM” the Open Door, and described in Apprentice to the Masters: Adventures of a Western Mystic, Book II). No words can describe the overwhelming energy of this experience.

This book is compiled of messages received by Bob LeFevre and Pearl Dorris, both of whom were prepared for this assignment by the Master Saint Germain. The group at which the transmissions took place gathered at his request. Even under these auspicious circumstances, human opinions may have colored what was received; so the Masters always stress that you must always rely ultimately on your own Source for guidance and Ultimate Truth.”





Excerpt from “The Magic Presence” by Godfre Ray King – Revelations – page 25


“Slavery continues because the outer activity of the personal consciousness does not make the necessary determined effort to free itself from the domination of the psychic world.

The psychic stratum contains only those creations of humanity generated by the discordant thoughts, feeling and words of the outer activity or personal consciousness. This means the daily activities of the mind, body and feeling with which the personality continues to entangle the creative expression of Life. The entire race has become so bound by its own discord that Great, Glorious, Transcendent Ascended Masters out of sheer Compassion for the slowness of mankind’s growth and the misery of its degradation offer to cut away the barnacles of the psychic plane and give humanity a new start!

“‘People are entertained, fascinated, and self-hypnotized by the various conditions of the psychic world, but I tell you, and I know both the Inner and outer activities of Life from the Ascended Masters’ standpoint, that there is nothing good nor permanent within the psychic stratum! It is as dangerous as quicksand, and just as undependable!

The psychic plane and the outer activity of the mental and emotional world, unless they report Perfection to you, are one and the same thing. It is entirely the creation of the human sense consciousness and is but the accumulation of human thoughts and forms energized by human feeling. It contains nothing whatsoever of Christ, the “Cosmic Light.”

“The desire for and fascination of psychic phenomena is a feeling-a very subtle feeling-by which it holds the attention of the personality away from the acknowledgment, the constant adoration, the continual communion and the Permanent Acceptance of the individual’s “Mighty I AM Presence.”

Attention to the activities of the psychic plane depletes the personal self of the energy and the ability required to reach to the God Source and anchor there permanently!

“I tell you Eternal Truth when I say that nothing of the Christ comes from the psychic realm, regardless of any seeming evidence to the contrary, because the psychic or outer activity of the mentality is forever changing its qualities, while the Christ, which is the Eternal Light, is Ever-Expanding Perfection-the One-Changelessly Supreme, Imperishable Quality.

“It is because of the attention today and the subtle fascination of the psychic plane that mankind is day as a mass of children needing much Help and the Wisdom of the Ascended Masters to raise it once more into the Understanding of the Light which is the only means of Release from the darkness of Earth’s present chaos.

“‘World Saviors have come at regular intervals to give this kind of Help throughout the centuries ever since the end of the Second Golden Age upon this Earth. Following that Activity, humanity became fascinated by the world of form and the creation of things. The individual’s attention was held most of the time in the outer activities, and the Conscious Recognition of his own Individualized God Self was forgotten. Hence, the “Mighty I AM Presence” abiding in his Electronic Body was completely ignored. Thus he has only been able to express part of his Life Plan.’




Excerpt from: V.10 N.6, March-April, 34 A.F. (1989)


In “The Externalization of the Hierarchy”, (Alice Bailey) pages 11, the Tibetan says, that there is a thought-form of Himself in the psychic-astral realm. It is made up from energy of the disciples and from all who have read literature put out by Him. That He has no connection with it, and does not use it, that it is a distortion of Him and His work. It is composed of emotional substance and some mental substance, hence it is easy for psychics to tune in on it and be completely deceived.

A trained student in the occult law is capable of doing what any psychic can do and more, but they do not expend energy that way.

The light in the psychic-astral realm is only a reflection of the real.

Likewise there are the thought-forms of the Masters by which these various channels and psychics are deceived. Then too there are the shells of disembodied individuals. The Ascended Masters have nothing to do with so-called guides, Indian chiefs or otherwise.

Emotional impulses are not Divine directions. Whereas the perspective of the various channeling is in accordance with an level of human consciousness. These channels just seem to sprout up, have not had training and definite preparation like the contacts or amanuensis for the work done by Divine Being in the 1930’s and 1950’s. Nor have they been a part of it. Nor are they backed up by Cosmic action. The early students were trained how to and did render impersonal service. The channels work more on a personal level, giving opportunity to some Beings at inner levels to expand their work as well as that of the channels. Hence what is given is according to their accrued consciousness and not always in accord with the new Teaching of Great Ones. Much is according to metaphysical and occult teachings because that has been their training in the past. They also connect with the forces in the psychic astral, and being psychic they are easily deceived. They tune into that accumulation of which it was said, nine-tenths has to be transmuted. However, some things are deliberately changed to try to make people believe certain changes have taken place. This may be done thru the desire to be the one putting out something new.

These various channels, etc., are sensitive to vibrations beyond the physical substance. But usually they are not familiar with and do not know the vibrations from the Ascended Masters’ Realm, just hose in between, that and the outer. They are sensitive enough whereby other lifestreams or some inner forces can make contact with them. What comes forth is according to their consciousness or the status of consciousness of each, the received and the giver.

Even though they attribute what they contact and put out as being from Ascended and Diving Beings by using Their names, does not make it so. Comparing the material and action of those claiming to be getting messages, or dictations from the Masters, with what really came from Them, shows how distorted things are already; what a difference.


(excerpt from

When a person is prepared to make whatever effort is needed to gain in spiritual understanding, the first decision that is to be made is the choice of the right teacher. Since the subject of channeling is so thoroughly misunderstood by most students, and since this presents one of the greatest obstacles to the Great White Brotherhood in bringing in the New Golden Age for this planet, it is briefly treated here, (For a more detailed discussion of this subject, including the criteria the Masters gave for recognizing a true messenger, see “Man, His Origin, History and Destiny”).

To distinguish between different presentations of Ascended Master Teaching is a most difficult task, usually taken much too lightly by the students, beginners and the more experienced, alike. Numerous so-called channels, star-commanders, authors of books, messengers, and spirit guides appear, clamoring for the attention of the students, all offering “the very latest.”

They challenge the student “DO YOU WISH TO BE LEFT BEHIND?” It has been estimated that, on a world-wide basis, there are now thousands of individuals, alleging to be channels of Ascended Masters.

Not only does one have to learn to distinguish truth from among the many sources, but also from the voices of our four lower bodies (physical, mental, emotional and etheric), all of which have intelligence. Master Kuthumi, commenting on the problem of selecting the proper teacher, said that he realized that it is very difficult to discriminate. “But,” he continued, “that is one of the reasons you came to embody on Earth, to learn discrimination.”

El Morya added to this, stating: “Test, test, test every activity in which you place your faith, and that to which you give the power of your attention, before you are led into the unhappy experiences which can result from blindly accepting, as truth, that which is presented to you from the seen, as well as the unseen.” This includes paying attention to the characteristics of a true channel, as given by the Ascended Masters and comparing those with other channels.

“People are very hungry for spiritual teaching,” the Dalai Lama said in an interview. “But there are many unqualified individuals, charlatans with financial and power motivations, that are not very spiritual.

“First, I always tell seekers of religion not to be too hasty. Examine the teacher well. You can get the teaching without taking on the person as a guru. Learn as much as you can and make sure the person is authentic and reliable.

“There have been cases,” he said, “where persons, not really known in Nepal or India, came to the West, and suddenly they have become great teachers.”


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