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All the information in this website has been taken from the information given to the people of earth during the 1930’s  (and on) namely, The “I AM” Activity, and the subsequent  “Bridge to Freedom” material that started to come forth during the 1950’s (and on). The information is essential for mankind, who through the breaking of the Laws of Life, have created the misery on our earth.

This information was given through accredited Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood – trained for centuries   – and the information came through visible Light Rays through which the voice of the Ascended Master was projected or through  sentences projected in front of the messengers in Living Letters of Light. Occasionally the Ascended Masters themselves would lower Their vibrational frequencies enough to be visible by the messengers and students – but this was not frequent, as the Ascended Masters are fully aware of the Laws of Life and know every ‘jot & tittle’ of energy They use, They are accountable for! So Their means of bringing this information would be the most efficient possible.

Furthermore the dispensation given to Them during the Theosophical Movement was brought about through phenomena with Madame Blavatsky,  but this was not the case with the new dispensation – it is to be through RADIATION!

Unveiled Mysteries – Godfre Ray King, pg. 86

“In ages past, humanity manifested Perfection in every way. This former condition of the race has been chronicled by historians as the ‘Garden of Eden,’ Eden or E-Don, meaning Divine Wisdom.

As the conscious attention or the outer activity of the mind was allowed to rest upon the world of the physical senses, the divine Wisdom – the All Knowing activity of consciousness – became clouded, or covered over, and the Cosmic Divine Plan of the individual’s life became submerged. Perfection and conscious control by mankind over all form was hidden – and forgotten along with it.

“Man became sense conscious instead of God conscious, and so manifested that to which his attention was directed and which he thought most upon. He deliberately and consciously turned his back upon the Perfection and Dominion with which the Father endowed him in the beginning.

He created his own experiences of lack, limitation, and discord of every kind. He identified himself with the part instead of the whole, and of course imperfection was the result.

“All mankind’s limitation is the result of the individual’s own misuse of the God attribute of free will. He compels himself to live within his own creations until, by direct volition of the outer activity of his mind, he again consciously looks back to his Royal beginning – God, the Great Source of All. When this occurs, man will begin to remember That which he once was and may become again when so ever he chooses to look once more at the Great Cosmic Blueprint of Himself.”

Page 62:

“Eternal Youth,” he explained, “is the Flame of God abiding in the body of man – the Father’s Gift of Himself to His Creation.

Youth and beauty of both mind and body can only be kept permanently by those individuals who are strong enough to shut out discord; and whoever does that, can and will express perfection and maintain it.

“Where Peace, Love and Light do not abide within the thoughts and feelings of a human being, no amount of physical effort can possibly keep the outer self expressing youth and beauty.

These exist Eternally within the God Flame, which is the Divine Self of every individual. Whatever discord the outer self allows to flash through the thought and feeling is that instant stamped upon the flesh of the physical body.

Eternal Youth and Beauty are Self-Created and forever Self-Existent within the Flame of God’s Life in every human being.

This is God’s Plan of manifesting His Perfection into the world of form and maintaining it forever. “Youth, Beauty, and Perfection are attributes of Love, which the God Self (the Mighty “I AM Presence”) is continually pouring forth into Its Creation.

Within each individual is placed the Power and means for maintaining and increasing that Perfect, Ever-Expanding activity of Creation.

“The Power of accomplishment is the energy of the God Self in each human being born into the world. It is always active every moment in your mind, body and world. There is no instant in which this Mighty Energy is not flowing through all individuals. You are privileged to qualify it as you please at the command of your own free will through consciously directed thought and feeling.

“Thought is the only thing in the universe that can create vibration, and through vibration you qualify this every-flowing energy with whatever you desire to have manifest in your life and world.

This limitless, Intelligent, Radiant Energy is flowing ceaselessly through your nervous system and is the Eternal Life and vitality in the blood stream coursing through your veins.

It is an All-Powerful, Omnipresent, Intelligent activity given you by The Father – the God Principle of Life – to be consciously directed according to your free will. Real Intelligence, which uses everything constructively, comes only from within the God Principle – the Flame of Life – and is not merely the activity of the intellect. Real Intelligence is Wisdom, or God Knowledge, and this does not and cannot think wrong thoughts.

Wrong thoughts come only from impressions made upon the intellect by the world outside of the individual.

If individuals would discriminate between their own thoughts – that is, thoughts from within the God Flame and the suggestions thrown off by other people’s intellects and the evidence of the senses, which consider appearance only, they would be able to avoid all discordant activities and conditions in the world of experience.

“The Light from within one’s own God Flame is the criterion, the standard of Perfection by which all thoughts and feelings that reach us through the five senses should be tested.

No one can keep his thoughts and feelings qualified with Perfection unless he goes to the Source of Perfection; for that quality and activity only abide within the God Flame.

“This is the individual’s need for meditation upon and communion with the Light of God within himself. (His Mighty “I AM Presence”). Pure Life Essence will not only give and sustain you to maintain perfect balance between your God Self and the outer, or personal self.

In fact, this Pure Life Energy is the power which the outer self uses to hold its connection with its Divine Source – the God Self. In reality these two are One, except when the intellect, or outer activity of the mind – the sense consciousness – accepts imperfection, inharmony, incompleteness, or thinks itself a creation apart from the All-Pervading One ‘Presence’ of Life. If the sense consciousness thinks itself something separate from God – Perfection – then that condition is established unto it; for what the sense consciousness thinks its world, the world returns to it.

“When one lets an idea of imperfection or separation from God occupy his attention, and therefore his mind, a condition corresponding to that begins to express itself in his body and world.

This causes the person to feel himself an entity apart from his Source (The Mighty “I AM Presence”, in each one of us). The moment he thinks himself separated from God, he thinks his Life, Intelligence and Power have beginning and end!

“Life always has been, is now, and always will be. No one can really destroy life. Through various activities in the mental and physical world, form can be disintegrated or temporarily demolished, but the consciousness of the individual is Eternal and can control all substance everywhere in manifestation when the God Life within is acknowledged as the Knower, Giver, and Doer of all Good in Creation.

“I tell you Truth when I say there is only one Source of all Good – God.

The conscious recognition and acceptance of this Truth acknowledged by the outer activity of the mind, not two or three time a day, but every few moments all day, no matter what the outer self is doing, and this maintained, will enable anyone to express his perfect freedom and dominion over all things human.

To most people the above sounds difficult, for they have lived so many centuries in the belief that they are being apart from God, while every instant of every day they are using God Life, God Energy, God Substance and God Activity in everything they think and do without realising it. However, it requires the conscious admitting of this fact in the outer activity of the mind, and constructive direction, to release Its Full Power through the personal self.

“Recognition, conscious direction, and constructive use of the God Energy maintained within oneself at all times is the way of Perfection, Mastery, and Dominion over all things on Earth, including the conscious control of all natural forces.

The instruction I have been giving you will erase completely all false beliefs, if maintained. The rapidity with which it is accomplished depends upon how continuously, persistently and deeply you feel and associate with your God Self.

“In the attainment of Mastery of Adeptship, the conscious control of all force and manipulation of substance are dependent first upon the acknowledgment of your own individual God Self; second, upon perfect calmness of feeling under all circumstances; and third, one must be above all temptation of misusing power. The stilling of all emotions at the command of the conscious will is imperative, and the demand for it in the Adept is unconditional if Dominion it to be attained.

“It does not mean a repression of discord within oneself at any time, but a stilling and harmonizing of the feeling, no matter what the circumstances are which surround the mind or body of the student. Such control is not an easy thing for humanity in the Western World because the temperament of most people in the Occident is sensitive, emotional and impulsive.

This characteristic is energy of tremendous power. It must be controlled, held in reserve, and released only through conscious direction for the accomplishment of something constructive. Until the waste of energy is checked and completely governed, the individual cannot and never will make progress.

“The student often asks if one reaches a point while still on the path of attainment where he rises above the use of affirmation. When an individual sincerely uses affirmation, he brings about a full acceptance of the Truth of whatever he affirms; for its use is but to focus that attention of the outer mind so steadily upon the Truth that he accepts it fully in his feelings – and because feeling is the actual God Energy released which manifest the Truth affirmed.

“The continued use of affirmation brings one to the point where he has such a deep realization of the Truth in anything he affirms, that he is no longer conscious of it as an affirmation. One uses an affirmation, mantram, or prayer (or decree) because he desires something made manifest.

Right desire is the deepest from of prayer.

Thus by the use of affirmation the student raises his outer self into the full acceptance of its Truth and generates the feeling by which it becomes manifest. In this deep acceptance comes the manifestation; for through concentration, the spoken word begins to cause instantaneous activity.”


Bridge to Freedom – ‘Man, his Origin, History and Destiny’.

Compiled by Werner Schroeder. Pg. 272

“We are engaged in a planetary change, a change that will affect every atom of so- called matter, even of that which seems to be a solid object.”

“As the Cosmic Law requires the return of the planets to the Suns, and the Suns to the Central Sun, each Sun begins to regulate its centrifugal force, in order to balance the planets belonging to the system.”

“As part of the In-breath, the Earth’s axis must be straightened. This must be done gradually, and with loving care, so that the large polar icecaps will not be violently displaced. Such displacement would result in the inundation of the continental surface of the planet, which could very well cause the bodily removal of the chelas, before the efficacy of their service is manifest.”

“The Masters are trying to prevent the dangers of cataclysmic activities as the only way and means of shaking mankind awake. They are attempting to change the axis, melt the ice caps, and raise continents (portions of Atlantis and Lemuria) GRADUALLY AND WITHOUT CATACLYSMIC ACTION. From your forcefield (gathered up energy stored above a Sanctuary from decree work done) is pouring forth a spiritual essence, which is acting to transmute the gas belts beneath the earth. These gas belts have caused tremors.”

“It is the Will of God that the Earth’s axis shall be straightened and the extremes of climate shall be blended into a habitable balance.”

“Now we are called upon, by the Cosmic Law, to make Earth as beautiful as it was in the beginning, TO STRAIGHTEN HER AXIS QUICKLY, and to accelerate the vibratory action of the electrons which make up the atoms of every human being.”

“The New Age is to enter, even is only one man, one woman and a five-year-old child are present to greet It.”

“We are in the last days. We are in the last great opportunity to set mankind and all life free.”

“The earth has long struggled under the darkness of human hate. It must be cleared and become self-luminous again.”


Laws of Life that apply to all life everywhere:

LOVE Your Mighty “I AM Presence” and the Great God of the Universe and all the Ascended Hosts with all your Might and Being. It is this energy from our Beloved ‘Presence’ that gives us our life and intelligence. We are not separate from it.

‘As you sow, so you reap’ the Law of Cause and Effect – unavoidable, immutable, inexorable, mathematically accurate and impersonal – so we need to watch EVERYTHING that goes out from us in thought, feeling, word or deed. The Powerhouse is the FEELINGS – they activate this great Law –both positively and negatively.


“Where your attention is – there you are! What you focus on, you become” Beloved Saint Germain. This immutable Law is the Law that brings EVERYTHING in our lives into being. It is directly linked to the cause and effect created from it. We have FREEWILL so we can CHOOSE to focus our attention on things that will bring us and those around us, PEACE, HAPPINESS AND COMFORT or we can choose to spend out time thinking and feeling things that bring us misery – the choice is ours!

“Never give offense or take offense” – Beloved Saint Germain


An Address by the Maha Chohan –
The Bridge to Freedom Journal – Book 5, pages 88 – 91

“How to Change Your Consciousness”

To treat a life stream with a view to a permanent unfoldment of his spiritual nature, we must change the consciousness of that individual.

Every thought and feeling the student entertains, even for a fraction of a second, becomes part of his consciousness and will form the environment in which he must dwell. Therefore, the student must start to cleanse the consciousness of impurity and imperfection.

Man’s pure consciousness is polluted constantly, by every appearance that he accepts and allows to enter his world consciously or unconsciously.

These appearances, dwelling within him, form the cause that reflects on the screen of his life, and will continue to remain there until such an individual chooses to cleanse his inner world by the use of the sacred fire, and replace these tramp thoughts and feelings by consciously generated and carefully chosen constructive thought and feeling images, which will, by the very Law of Life, manifest in the appearance world as perfection.

Rooting out Fear and Doubt

Whatever is most frightening to your inner nature attracts a host of malefic forms, which present themselves to your inner vision with the firm conviction that your energy being thrown at them will give them almost immortal life. To root out fear and doubt is to render these creatures harmless and thus stripped of the sustaining power of energy which keeps them alive, and they will disintegrate into their native nothingness.

On the other hand, the best idea in the universe never became a manifestation until some unascended being took the energy of his own lifestream and voluntarily clothed that idea with the substance of the physical world, and thus gave it form and outline.

Never Picturise Imperfection

One of the rules of the Great White Brotherhood is never to picturise an individual imperfectly. Every lifestream is endowed with the birthright of perfection. When any individual recognizes imperfection in any other lifestream in the universe, he is dishonoring the will of the Father, who created man in his image and likeness.
Remember that when you recognize imperfection in any individual, you are disobeying the Father himself, who created man in his image and likeness and who sees him always as that perfection.

To Energize Thoughtforms of Imperfection is a Sin

For any student to energize thoughtforms of imperfections is a SIN, and for any student to give these thoughtforms the substance of their own lifestream, whereby they might take physical incarnation, is a responsibility which such a one must face before the Cosmic Law. The only activity that any conscious student of the light should be engaged in is to create forms for expressions of beauty and perfection.

Bringing Forth a Manifestation

Every physical object in this universe was preceded by an idea in the mind of man or in the mind of God. These ideas are the cause that lies behind every manifestation – from a stone to a star. Every manifestation in your own life was first presented to you, or to someone in your environment, as a mental concept or thoughtform. This proves the power of thought in moulding the very environment in which a man lives.

Receiving Divine Ideas

As there are many more divine ideas than there are receptive spirits to receive them, we are always eagerly looking for lifestreams to whom we may give the inventions, which they can translate into practical physical objects, which will interpret the will of the Divine Mind for the blessings of this universe.

The Intuitional Faculties

The student should constantly strive for the unfoldment of his intuitional faculties. When we can achieve the unfoldment of the intuitional faculties of the student to a point where he or she does cooperate with the divine plan, we have a more pliable vessel, which can be used on a moment’s notice, when it is not always possible to contact the soul through the medium of the intellect.

Detachment from the Mass-Consciousness

The mental and feeling worlds of mankind are one. An individual who aspires toward spiritual illumination and freedom must detach himself from the mass thoughts and emotions of the people, by withdrawing the magnetic pull of the essence from the appearance world, and as those senses are focused on the quality of the spirit, the spirit responds in drawing such a lifestream into a oneness with the Ascended Masters’ kingdom.


How to Cross the “Bridge”

It is not so much an effort of the outer man to leap the chasm, as it is for the outer man to let go the authority which he has claimed. Invoke the God-power to do that which seems impossible of accomplishment, and if you can let go enough, the God-power will do for you what you can never accomplish of yourself.

How to Use God-Power

God can be addressed in simple terms and God will never fail to respond when given the opportunity to act.This opportunity comes when the personal self acknowledges that without the power of the God-self, nothing can be done, and then if he addresses God as one would a good friend or Father and CALL this God-power into action, he will prove that God is an ever-present help at all times.

Saint Germain says, “Put God to work.” Every time your attention returns to a condition or the problem in question, INVITE GOD again and again to act.

I would like you to get used to this activity in a small way. In raising a window or in closing a door, put God to work. Your momentum gained by such daily practice will manifest for you what would seem to be miracles, to those who have not built up the momentum.

Practice the Presence! Saint Germain has said, “Practice the Presence!” Practice the Presence in living. Practice the Presence in talking. And then when you require the FULLNESS OF THE PRESENCE, you will find that “practice has made perfect,” and the Presence will answer your call in all its fullness.


Code of Conduct for a Disciple of the Holy Spirit
By the Maha Chohan – Bridge to Freedom

#1: Be conscious ever that you aspire to the full expression of God, and devote all your being and service to that end, as expressed so ably in the First Commandment.

#2: Learn the lesson of harmlessness – neither by word, nor thought, nor feeling, inflict evil upon any part of life. Know that action and physical violence is but the lesser part of the sin of harmful expression.

#3: Stir not a brother’s sea of emotion, thoughtlessly or deliberately, knowing that the storm in which thou placeth his spirit, will sooner or later flow upon the banks of thine own lifestream. Rather, bring tranquility to life, and be, as the psalmist so ably puts it, “oil on the troubled water”.

#4: Disassociate thyself from the personal delusion. Let self-justification never reveal that thou dost love the self more than the harmony of the universe. If thou art right, there is no need to acclaim it. If thou art wrong, pray for forgiveness. Watching the self, thou wilt find the rising tides of indignation among the more subtle shadows on the path of right, called “self-righteousness”.

#5: Walk gently through the universe, knowing that the body is a temple in which dwelleth the Holy Spirit, that bringeth peace and illumination to life, everywhere. Keep thy temple always in a respectful and cleanly manner, as befitting the habitation of the Spirit of Truth. Respect and honor, in gently dignity, all other temples, knowing that oft-times, within a crude exterior burns a great light.

#6: In the presence of nature, absorb the beauties and gifts of her kingdom, in gentle gratitude. Do not desecrate her by vile thoughts or emotions. Or by physical acts, that despoil her virgin beauty.

#7: Do not form nor offer opinions unless invited to do so, and then only after prayer and silent invocation for guidance.

#8: Speak when God chooseth to say something through thee. At other times remain peacefully silent.

#9: Make the ritual of thy living, the observance of God’s rules, so unobtrusive, that no man shall know that thou aspireth to godliness, lest the force of his outer will might be pitted against thee, or lest thine service become impinged with pride.

#10: Let thy heart be a song of gratitude, that the Most High has given, unto thy keeping, the Spirit of Life, which through thee, chooseth to widen the borders of his kingdom.

#11: Be alert always to use thy faculties and the gifts loaned unto thee, by the Father of all life, in a manner to extend his kingdom.

#12: Claim nothing for thyself, neither powers nor principality, any more than thou claimest the air thou breathest or the sun, using them freely, but knowing the God-ownership of all.

#13: In speech and action be gentle, but with the dignity that always accompanies the presence of the living God that is within the temple.

#14: Constantly place all the faculties of thy being, and all the inner unfoldment of thy nature, at the feet of the God-power, endeavoring to manifest perfection through one in distress.

#15: Let thy watchword be GENTLENESS, HUMILITY, AND LOVING SERVICE, but do not allow the impression of humility to be mistaken for lethargy, for the servant of the Lord, like the sun in the heavens, is eternally vigilant, and constantly outpouring the gifts of his particular keeping.





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