The “I AM” Presence & The Ascension

I AM Presence


(image courtesy AMTF Foundation  – Mount Shasta California)


Below is the original image painted by May DaCamara in the 1930’s after she received the image in a vision.

(In the 1930’s the Ascended Masters had not released the knowledge of the order of the Rays in the Causal Body, hence the chart above differs, as it portrays the correct order of the Rays around the “I AM” Presence)











NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF YOUR BELOVED PRESENCE OF GOD “I AM” – “One with God is a Majority” “Your Mighty Presence knows all things and can do all things, and when you are in touch with your God Source, you are in touch with That Mighty Power. There is NOTHING that Presence cannot accomplish. Try it and find out for yourself!”  ‘The Adventures of a Western Mystic’ by Peter Mt Shasta

“Jesus learned to know his own Individualized Presence of God  – The “I AM Presence”, Whom He later referred to as “Father”  – (“The Father within”) – since Law did not permit at that time to openly use the term “I AM Presence.” However, He did impart the knowledge to some persons privately later. From this Master (The Beloved Great Divine Director) Jesus learned the Action and Power of the words “I AM,” not only from within Himself, but from life around Him as well.

When ones says or declares “I AM,” the Universal God-Presence which is focalized is ready to manifest a given purpose, subject of course to the free will of that one.

Jesus was shown that when the words were used audibly or silently, Life’ came to attention, then immediately ‘Life’ obeyed that statement, decree or fiat which followed the creative words “I AM.”   Then as Jesus began to use constructive statements preceded by the world “I AM,” He felt and enjoyed the buoyant uplift!

The words “I AM” should always be followed by a positive and constructive statement. These statements of power must be made with feeling and conscious thought, not just a repetition of words as is the tendency of mankind.”  Excerpt from ‘Life and Teaching of Jesus and Mary’ by ADK Luk  page 66/67

The Word (“I AM”) is Made Flesh

“Beloved ones, it was said long ago that “The word was made flesh” and dwelt among the peoples of Earth. Is that not true with every embodiment that takes place? As every individual takes embodiment, is not the capacity and power of the creative word “I AM” made flesh and through that one given an opportu­nity to express the Christ Estate?”Mother Mary Christmas address 1959


“There is but one Application in the Universe, which sets mankind Free.  It is first, the Understanding that you have an Individualized God Presence above you – the distance makes no difference.  From your “I AM” Presence, comes the Stream of Life and Energy anchoring into your own Heart, and It gives you Life, Intelligence and Activity.  It is the only thing in the World, which will give mankind freedom!”  The Great Divine Director – “I AM” Discourse XVII

Wonderful excerpts from LAW OF LIFE BOOK I & II  – ADK Luk

Excerpt from Page 65

“Amen is a form of the Word “I AM.” AUM – OM is “AM,” the negative or feminine aspect of “I AM,” the action of which is All. Under the occult or old law, this was all that was permitted to be given. “I” is the individualizing action, thus “I ” is the positive or masculine aspect. In the new cycle the knowledge of the full action is permitted, and the new Teaching is the combination of the masculine and feminine aspects, the use of the full name of God “I AM”. Jesus gave the Lord’s Prayer for the masses who did not understand the Law, know of the Sacred Fire or know their “I AM”


“When you trust your Presence, you will have every good thing. A trust is a knowing  – knowing that the call will be answered”


“Self-correction is one of the greatest step to mastery”


“You have the same authority to call for perfection for another as for yourself”


“When you call forth a blessing to others a Ray of Light or Flame goes forth from your I AM Presence”


“When you call the Power forth you have to balance it in the human realm. As you call the Power of the Presence into action you must balance it here by self-control. You have got to make the effort at self-control”


“When a call is not answered, look in the feeling world for the cause. If a things is according to the Divine Plan and you have made the necessary application (have done your part), then if you can relax and put it completely in the Hands of your Presence  – the Law that created and sustains the universe, it will manifest. When one knows all belongs to God – and he is the only custodian of it, things will manifest. Do not strain or struggle for things to come forth in the outer.”


“Life asks only one-third and the Ascended Ones will give two-thirds of the energy, which is Their Blessing to set you free”



New Dispensation for the Ascension


Wherever “I AM”, the Father is Present,
Wherever “I AM”, is infinite Peace,
Wherever “I AM”, is God’s Protection,
Wherever “I AM”, man’s troubles cease,
Wherever “I AM”, nature is kindly,
Before me her lavish board is spread.
Her elements form a mantle around me.
In paths of security, “I AM” led.
Wherever “I AM”, the Light of His Presence,
Healing and Raising, ever abides.
His sweet benediction constantly flowing,
His Will Victorious, whatever betides.
Wherever “I AM”, the Wings of the Almighty
Over my brothers, in love, are spread.
No evil thing shall ever befall them.
Into His Presence, they are gently led.

angels of love


‘Voice of the “I Am” ‘ Mrs. G W Ballard – Saint Germain Press 1937

The lower figure represents the human or flesh body; the upper figure represents the Individualized Presence of God which is the Electronic Body of the “Mighty I AM Presence,” Between the flesh body and the Presence is the Higher Mental Body, a form just as tangible in Its own Octave as your flesh body is here. It is your Discriminating Selective Intelligence.

The Higher Mental Body knows the Perfection of the Presence and also the imperfection, the undesirable creation which the human has drawn about itself, but will not accept the imperfection into its world. “When the sincere Student looks with earnest determination to the Master.

“Presence” enfolding him (the “I AM Presence”), he will have at his service the Mightiest Forces of the Universe; and this will cause those Mighty Forces to rush to his assistance what is required. Earnest Students who will do this will not long be affected by outer conditions.”

The Ray of Light, which goes from the Heart of the Presence, through the top of the head, anchoring within the heart of the flesh body, is the Life, the Light, the Substance, the Energy, the Intelligence and the Activity by which the physical body has Life and is enabled to move about.

When your attention goes to the “Mighty I AM Presence,” this Ray of Light and energy begins to intensify and expand, until the point of Light within every cell of the flesh body responds to it. Then the process of throwing off of the denser qualities of the flesh body begins.

As this intensifies, the Radiance forms a tube of Light about the flesh body. You can call the Presence into action to make It so invincible, so impenetrable that even a bullet cannot penetrate it. This becomes an “invincible Wall of Light” enfolding you and no human thought, feeling or suggestion can penetrate It or disturb you in any way. This is one of the greatest needs of mankind today.

The Violet Flame flowing up, through and around the lower figure, represents the Violet Consuming Flame, which is released by your “Mighty I AM Presence,” when you call for Its Action to be passed through you and your world to consume all discordant creation past and present.

The use of the Violet Consuming Flame is imperative. It is the only means by which all undesirable accumulation can be forever dissolved, consumed and its cause and effect annihilated. Every one should call the Presence into action to pass the Violet Consuming Flame from the feet up, through the physical, emotional and mental bodies like a blow torch, dissolving and consuming forever every undesirable thing or condition, which the human has drawn about itself.

This is the only means by which you can become free from the wheel of birth and rebirth, free from the hundreds and perhaps thousands of embodiments in which you have lived.

Any one who thinks it is not necessary or imperative to use the Violet Consuming Flame will find his great mistake, too late. There is no human being on earth that is an exception to this Mighty Law. Every one in this world has felt discordant feelings, spoken negative words and thought, imperfect and discordant thoughts, which means just so much substance and energy qualified with discord, all vibrating within the body and around it in the individual’s aura.

Every one, who has ever accomplished the Ascension, Jesus included, had to use this Violet Consuming Flame to dissolve his own human creation, before the Substance of his flesh body could vibrate at a rate that would enable it to ascend. All must do this some day and it is the only way by which anyone can free himself and become Master everywhere he moves in the Universe.

When you sincerely and firmly give attention to your “Mighty I AM Presence,” your ascension begins that moment. The practical part of this True Understanding is, that when you give your attention firmly to your Presence, the Ray of Light and Energy from your Presence begins to intensify and expand, causing the rapid expansion of Light within every cell of your body, until the earth loses its attraction for the body.

Then as the attention continues to the Presence the finer part of the flesh body ascends and is absorbed in the Higher Mental Body. Thus, the transformation from the human into the Divine takes place all sense and appearance of age leaves the face and body, the hair returns to its natural color and the clothing dissolves into the Garments of the Higher Octaves.

Then the finer part of the flesh body is drawn into the Higher Mental Body, and It ascends into the Electronic Body of the “Mighty I AM Presence,” when the individual becomes the Ascended Being, which Jesus, Saint Germain and hundreds of others are.

This is the individuals’ Eternal Body of Light that never changes. The Ascended Being can raise or lower the rate of vibration of his or her body and make it visible or invisible at will, in the human octave. This is how the Ascended Masters appear and disappear at will. There is noting spiritualistic about this. It is just a Mighty Divine Law of Life in perfect action, heretofore not understood.

The Ascended Master is as far above a disembodied individual as Light is above darkness. The Ascended Master is the Conqueror over so-called death, while the one who has passed through death has failed to hold the Mastery or Control of its substance and energy.

Therefore, he must return in another baby body, grow up and try again to attain his Victory, by keeping his physical body harmonious long enough for his Presence to release through it the full Power of Light and Love and thus expand the Perfection of Itself, which is the Ascended Masters’ Victory – the Ascension.

The Color Radiance around the Presence represents the accumulation of all the good from all the past lives of the individual. It is a Great Storehouse of Energy, which the individual has earned. This Great Energy will be released into physical use, when enough attention has been given to the Presence.

Around the lower figure or flesh form is the accumulation of whatever irritable, destructive qualities the individual has generated through the centuries. The great Mercy of the “Mighty I AM Presence” is, that few are ever permitted to see the discordant accumulation. This why it is imperative to call the Presence to use the Violet Consuming Flame each day, until this is completely dissolved and consumed.

At the left of the lower figure is Mt. Shasta, where some of the experiences of Unveiled Mysteries took place. At the right are the Teton Mountains where the Retreat – the Royal Teton is located. It is in this Retreat that the Great Assembly of the Ascended Masters meets twice each year, to render a Mighty Service of Light, Love and Perfection for the Freedom and Blessing of mankind and the earth.


Beloved Mrs. G. W. Ballard

(“Voice of the I AM,”®   March, 1940)

The Ascended Masters have said, regarding the Ascension, that the Law of Life demands a certain amount of self-effort—or giving from the physical side of existence. This response from the human to the Divine is absolutely necessary if Their Assist­ance to the individual is to be released.

That proportion, which is at least one-third of the energy and substance which Life demands, must come from this physical world—in order to fulfill the Law of Life’s Perfection in the next Octave above the physical.

Many people through the centuries past have accomplished the Victory of the Ascension by tremendous service to Life in many embodiments; but in the embodiment in which the Vic­tory was completed, each person was given this exact Ascended Master Understanding of the Great Creative Words of Life — “I AM”!

Each one was taught by some Ascended Master in private before the final work of raising the flesh structure was com­pleted. Sometimes for days, weeks, months, or years before the completion takes place, the Higher Mental Body and the As­cended Masters giving Their Radiation draw the Purified Sub­stance from the physical flesh structure gradually up into the Higher Mental Body.

Then, when the final withdrawing of the Light —which is the Energy of Life in the physical body—takes place, the etheric body withdraws from the physical body. What remains of the flesh is but the atomic structure, or chemicals of Earth in which the discord of human feeling has registered its qualities. The etheric body is composed of the finest of the physical substance of Earth, and in it are the records of all earthly experiences from all embodiments.

When the Ascension takes place, or when one is being prepared for the Ascension, the discordant conditions which the outer world calls illness only register in the atomic struc­ture of that individual’s body, because the Ascended Masters consume all records of discord from this physical world in the etheric body of the one who is to accomplish the Ascension.

In cases of illness where the individual is to be given the Ascension, the Ascended Masters do not allow the discord of physical suffering to leave its record in the etheric body; for They do not allow such a record to be left in the individual’s Life Stream. In raising into the Ascension, all records of discord from all embodiments are forever consumed from the entire Life Stream of the person who is to Ascend. Life only permits Perfection to exist in the Ascended Masters’ Octave, and that is the next Activity of Life above the human.

When the physical body is cremated, the fire consumes the qualities of discord which have been imposed on the flesh, or earthly substance; but everyone has to have the Assistance of the Ascended Masters to consume the records of imperfection in the etheric body, and that is why the Use of the Violet Con­suming Flame from the Higher Mental Body and the Ascended Masters has been given the “I AM” Students and mankind to help everyone consume the records of all his past mistakes.

Everyone on Earth who will call to the “Mighty I AM Pres­ence” and the Ascended Masters to use that Inner, Purifying Action of the Fire Element, which is the Violet Consuming Flame, can be set free from all mistakes and distress of this world. If he will harmonize his feeling and give obedience to the Law of his own Life, he can have his Ascension in this em­bodiment at the close of his otherwise earthly span.

In the case of Cardinal Bonzano, the work of His Ascen­sion was completed during the Eucharistic Congress in Chicago, but the final withdrawing of His Etheric Body did not take place until some months later. Yet He made the Ascension, and that is the Truth, regardless of whether ignorant minds understand this Law or not!

The Inner Work of Mr. Ballard’s Ascension was completed in Honolulu in 1936, but His Etheric Body did not withdraw until December 29, 1939. That is why our Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain and the other Ascended Masters said so repeatedly that His Body was not like the bodies of the rest of mankind, even though to the appearance world He seemed like other people.

Because ignorant, doubting people do not understand these Mighty Inner Laws and Activities of Life as the Ascended Masters do, and as They have taught us, does not change the Truth, Reality, Mighty Cosmic Power and Victory of His Ascen­sion and never will!

The Mighty Proof of His Ascension, and the Proof of the Tremendous Cosmic Power He now wields is the hundreds and thousands of Instantaneous Answers to the Calls of the “I AM” Students all over the world—which are being released everywhere to all who are making those Calls in love to Him and in obedience to Life.

As our Beloved Saint Germain’s Cosmic Quality is Freedom to mankind, Godfre Ray King’s Cosmic Quality to this Earth is Obedience. His whole Victory of Life, in carrying forth this Light of the “I AM” for the Freedom of America and all man­kind, is one mighty keynote of Illumined Obedience to His own “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Masters—which ac­complished His Eternal Freedom.

So with all the Love and Gratitude of our Life Streams, we also pour out our Hearts to our own “Mighty I AM Presence” and to Him in Loving, Illumined Obedience forever!

Beloved Master Jesus

(“Voice of the I AM,”®   April 1939)

Let Me say something tonight that is so sweet, so beautiful, so glorious. You who have the frost of human concepts upon your hair and think you are weighed down by the weight of years, let Me assure you that the Light which is beating your Heart is Eternal Youth. It never grows old! It never knows limita­tion! It never knows distress of any kind! The Light beating your Heart is the Power which, under the New Dispensation, will bring you into the Ascension at your so-called passing from this Earth. It is the greatest Blessing that ever came to any planet in this system or ever will.


 Ascension under the New Dispensation


“Under the New Dispensation for the Ascension enough of the purified substance of the physical body can be drawn into the etheric body so that that one can complete the Ascension at inner levels. Never has there been such opportunity on earth before.

When this Dispensation was given in the 1930’s, to have the benefit of it one had to qualify. This meant he had to have purified himself to a certain extent, and to have rendered a certain amount of impersonal service besides having rendered a certain amount in the past. Now after making the Ascension under the New Dispensation they can then render impersonal service at inner levels and make up what is needed to give a balance back to Life. Since the great accomplishments in the 1950’s, more may be able to make it under this Dispensation, not because they qualify but because the Masters and Divine Beings have taken it upon themselves to get as many of us as possible out of the way so They do not have to keep expending Their energy in sustaining and helping us in the future. Thus individuals can be of greater assistance to the White Brotherhood.

When one makes the Ascension after passing on, under the New Dispensation, when the physical body or shell is cremated or is disintegrated, that substance returns to the universal, that is, it returns back to the sum total of the substance allotted to the planet while it functions in this phase of existence. That substance of the physical body, when released from the imperfection imposed upon it, does not go to the Ascended One. It was substance from the planet’s quota, only loaned to the individual to function on this planet, hence it is returned to that quota. All that substance used by the individual has to be purified and returned before that one can complete the Ascension.

In the case when Jesus made the Ascension, the purified substance or essence of the physical body was drawn into his etheric body and the substance of the physical body was transmuted through the action of Light and returned to the universal. Everyone who makes the Ascension has the assistance of the Ascension Flame, which is sustained by the Brotherhood of the Luxor Retreat. As each one ascends on the Ascension Flame into complete Freedom, the feeling of joy, happiness and gratitude is left here by the individual. This adds to the momentum of the Ascension Flame, which the Brotherhood guards.”
















I AM Presence


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