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Excerpt from:  “21 Essential Lessons” Compiled By Werner Schroeder
Page: 13

“A bridge” says Webster, “makes a way over anything that hinders” – for those that choose to use it. No man would choose to breast a cold current if he has the choice to walk safely over a kind and thoughtfully constructed span.

Today sincere man and women are seeking a spiritual way over the world appearances of war, famine, disease, poverty, ignorance and limitation, into a world of peace, health, opulence, enlightenment and freedom; a way by which not only they, but also ALL men might enjoy the permanent Golden Age (the ‘Promised Land” spoken of in prophesy since Biblical days.)

They are seeking a way by which they, and all men, might contact the Will of God and intelligently cooperate with it, to expand the borders of His Kingdom. This is the task of the ‘Bridge Builders” of today.



Excerpt from THE BRIDGET TO FREEDOM – Journal Book 4 – Page 264 – 265

(The Golden Plume Of Wisdom, The Blue Plume Of Power, The Pink Plume Of Love)

An instruction by beloved Maha Chohan, read from the platform at Philadelphia on November 8th, 1953, in which it is said that the Pink Plume of Love is The Bridge to Freedom activity.

In explaining, recently, the perfectly-ordered sequence of the three great releases of the Masters’ Light and Love to the people of Earth in the last century or so, the beloved Maha Chohan had this to say, in substance:

The Golden Plume Of Wisdom

As you know, every 100 years the great ones in charge of a planet and the illumination and raising of their people, are given a quota of light substance, which is energy, to use to forward their plans on that particular “star.” In the 19th century, those in charge of our planet used their quota for that century in bringing forth and working through the great Theosophical Society, which did so much to make the Masters more real to the Western mind and world. There was much accomplished, which made it so much easier to bring their later activities into greater acceptance by the Western mind, in both Europe and America. This, in reality, was a part of the great divine plan for redeeming the Earth and her peoples, and was the release of the GOLDEN PLUME OF WISDOM of the Threefold Flame, the supreme power in the universe.

The Blue Plume Of Power

In the 20th Century, about 1930, The Great Ones again invested Their energies through Mr. Ballard, to begin with, in the bringing forth and establishing the “I AM Activity,” and the group activities from about 1935 to 1950, returned that energy through the singing and decrees and various activities of the groups all over the world. This was the release of the BLUE PLUME OF POWER, which quality, not being balanced by LOVE AND WISDOM, could not continue to do its perfect work.

The Pink Plume Of Love

The present NEW ENDEAVOR (The Bridge to Freedom Activity) has come forth as the PINK PLUME OF LOVE activity, and must be carefully guarded and supported, always, by WISDOM AND POWER that it remains 265 divine love and does not become soiled by the outer mind’s ideas of so called “love” or become silly sentimentality. Thus we see the thread of truth running through all these activities and “time and harvest” will prove the authenticity and God-effect of this New Endeavor.


‘Initiations of the First Ray’ Compiled by Werner Schroeder – AMTF  – Page: 229

Just prior to 1952, Master El Morya contacted Master Saint Germain and asked him to support a plan whereby El Morya would assist Saint Germain’s efforts in bringing in the New Age. Saint Germain agreed. Together they went before the Solar Lords, Helios and Vesta, and submitted the plan for their approval. The main reason for the new endeavour, as given by the Master El Morya, were as follows:

After the transition of Mr. Ballard, some of the dictations and publications of Saint Germain’s Dispensation were no longer freely available to the general public. None of the material was ever translated by Mr. Ballard’s successors. This was done against the wishes of Master Saint Germain, who had urged, repeatedly, to have these publications distributed on as wide a basis as possible.

One Master stated: “How can a Hierarchy direct the progress of the race unless it can reach the consciousness and outer mind of the lifestreams who are in distress? A bridge, a link, a connection is needed over which our counsel may reach the intellect of the personal self.” (Reference to the need of a monthly magazine intended to receive wide-spread distribution.)

The interest and enthusiasm of many students for Saint Germain’s past effort had been gradually diminished. Only smoldering embers remained, of a once-hopeful Flame. Saint Germain stated to the students of the Bridge to Freedom, in 1953, that the curtain had all but closed upon his efforts of the past years.

El Morya reasoned that a well-meaning student cannot consciously cooperate with the Ascended Masters, unless he knows what they are doing. If given that opportunity, he will have a choice, where before he had none. Intuition is fine, but it is insufficient for billions of lifestreams stumbling through the blind mazes of human creation.

The Spiritual Hierarchy meets twelve times a year, at different retreats. As part of this gathering, a certain amount of Radiation is given to the people of the Earth. Mankind, not knowing of these events, does not respond and offer energy in return. Consequently, the Masters are prohibited by Cosmic Law to continue this effort beyond a certain point.

There was a great need to acquaint students with the knowledge as to which retreat would be open during a particular 30-day cycle and to have the students return the energy sent by the Masters.

Thanks to the effort of the student body, more than the original amount of energy available to the Masters in 1934 was available in 1950. This could be used for a new effort.

There were additional students who had worked with El Morya in previous embodiments. These could be given an opportunity for service.

The Cosmic Law allowed the Earth only a limited time to prepare for the Cosmic Inbreath. The same held true for every planet in the galaxy, including the planet Venus. As part of this Cosmic step, Sanat Kumara had to be released back to Venus within a 20-year period.

This situation required emergency measures. The counsel held 100 years ago was no longer pertinent to the endeavour, which engaged the energies of the Brotherhood at that hour.

El Morya argued that a Cosmic Service was required that would cover the entire planet. In this way, the current crisis could be brought under control. This Cosmic Service would not be completed until every individual had achieved their Ascension. It included:

The preparation of a new messenger, through which El Morya’s plan could be brought to the consciousness of the people.

Creation of a monthly magazine that would be utilized to publish his instructions and that of other Ascended Masters, and that would receive the widest possible circulation.

Contact by letter to certain students that El Morya had xxx association with in former lifetimes.

Helios and Vesta, after listening to the plan of El Morya, gave him a limited Dispensation. They stated that he should seek the consent of Sanat Kumara, the Maha Chohan, and the Karmic Board, and that a permanent dispensation could only be granted if there were sufficient response from the students contacted by letter.

After returning from Helios and Vesta, El Morya contacted the aforementioned beings of the Hierarchy of the Earth. They acquiesced to the plan, the Maha Chohan asking El Morya if he had forgotten his experiences with the Theosophical Society and reminding him he would have to replenish the Cosmic stockpile of energy himself, should there be inadequate response from the students.

El Morya agreed to this condition, and said he would like to prove to the karmic Board, that mankind, once enlightened, would serve and unite for the common purpose of releasing Sanat Kumara to return to Venus.

Now El Morya wrote several letters to a few students, asking them to actively support his effort. Not all of them agreed to do so, but the response was sufficient to obtain a permanent Dispensation.

El Morya was able to obtain the support of Geraldine Innocente, his unascended Twin-Flame. She became the new messenger. According to Alice Schutz, Geraldine had been embodied several times as an oracle of Delphi. The Masters were able to use Geraldine as a channel by accelerating the vibrations of her mental and emotional bodies.

Frank C. Pita and Mrs. Francis Ekey volunteered to become the manager and associate editor of the monthly journal of “The Bridge to Freedom.” Its first publication occurred in April 1952. Geraldine’s mother helped also; she wrote articles in the journal under the pen name “D T Marches.” El Morya became the editor of the journal, using the name “Thomas Printz.” According to El Morya, he chose the name “Thomas” from his former embodiment as Thomas Moore. So “Thomas prints” became ‘Thomas Printz.”

El Morya had hoped to bring the new activity in as a supplement to Saint Germain’s ongoing effort under the “I AM” Activity. Until the end he had hoped to obtain Mrs. Ballard’s support or at least avoid her active opposition. As part of this effort, the first issue of the Bridge to Freedom Journal was sent to her. However, Mrs. Ballard refused to cooperate.

She appeared before the “Bridge to Freedom” group in Philadelphia, declaring she was the only authorized messenger of the Great White Brotherhood. (Source: Alice Schutz)

Also the part of the plan asking the support of the Theosophical Society, the Rosicrucian Order, the First Science of Christ, Scientist (Christian Science) and the Unity School of Christianity was unsuccessful. Under the concept, each organization would have kept its identity and the basis of each group’s specialized activity would have been published in the journal of the “Bridge to Freedom.” Several letters were written, and excerpts of these are given for the perusal of the student.

Upon being questioned on that subject, Alice Schutz said she believed this part of El Morya’s effort was partially unsuccessful because some of the leaders of those organizations would not let go of ‘their’ students.


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