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“He whose Task of cleansing the Earth is so colossal, is worthy of your Love and Devotion every instant for the rest of Eternity!”  Archangel Michael   – The Voice of the “I AM” 52

“My Heart’s Love is His to command to the accomplishment of the Task he has chosen to carry!”
Beloved Archangel Michael – The Voice of the “I AM” 52

“He is worthy of your Love and Devotion, the greatest you can ever give to Him Forever!” Beloved Archangel Michael – The Voice of the “I AM” 52

“Always remember to be worthy of His Love!”
Beloved Archangel Michael – Voice of the “I AM” 53

“….Your Beloved Saint Germain is of far more importance to the people of this world than anyone understands.”
Beloved Ruler of the Violet Planet – Record CD 403

“Remember, these are My Words, and let no human being on Earth doubt it when I say to you that Saint Germain has performed the Greatest Service ever attempted by One Being on Earth!”
Beloved Jesus – Voice of the “I AM” 37

“Mighty as He is, Great as has been His Love through the centuries, still mankind understands not what He means to Life in the world this hour…..”
Beloved Ruler of the Violet Planet – Record CD 403

“. . . Your Saint Germain, having been the One under whose Ray and Power of Action the Earth comes at this time, has been your Greatest Benefactor in more than two million years!”
Lord Maha Chohan ‘The Voice of the “I AM”

“He whose Task of cleansing the Earth is so colossal, is worthy of your Love and Devotion every instant the rest of Eternity!”
“My Heart’s Love is His to command to the accomplishment of the Task he has chosen to carry!”
Beloved Archangel Michael – The Voice of the “I AM” 52

Remember what I tell you! No being, outside of Mighty Sanat Kumara, has ever rendered such a Service to the Earth as beloved Saint German is rendering today!”   Mighty Victory – Voice of the “I AM” 81

“You do not know what a Magnificent Being he is!”   Mighty Victory – Voice of the “I AM” 81″

His Precious Heart, through ages that were dark with the viciousness of mankind, has called; and every Call has been a Blazing Light in seething blackness. . . . a Light Ray of His Love to help turn the Life Stream away from the shadows that have sought to engulf it!” Beloved Goddess of Justice ( Lady Portia) – The Voice of the “I AM” 92

“I want you to realise, Beloved Ones, the Love and Gratitude that the whole world owes to Blessed Saint Germain. Mankind, even in their greatest love and gratitude, cannot yet even imagine the magnitude of that One Great Being’s Work. It is so magnificent!”   Beloved Bob “I AM” Discourses Vol. 12

“Mighty is His Love to you and to mankind! Mighty is His Service to the Earth and Great is His Cosmic Response, in the cleansing of a planet which has gone into the shadows almost to complete annihilation!”
Beloved Archangel Michael – The Voice of the “I AM” 52

“I want to impress upon the Magnificent Service your Beloved Saint Germain is rendering to mankind. You will never find anything like It!”   Mighty Victory – The Voice of the “I AM” 81

“. . . . His Love revealed to you the “Mighty I AM Presence;” His Love explained to you the Violet Consuming Flame; His Love taught you the Power in the Word “I AM”! And may I say to you, His is my Own Divine Son in Service!”
Beloved Ruler of the Violet Planet – The Voice of the “I AM” 98

“. . . .When I have seen those Great Beings bow before Saint Germain in honour to the Services he has rendered the Earth, then you will understand how Great is That Service!” Beloved Bob – Volume 12 “I AM” Discourses

“If you knew the conditions that Blessed One went through in His final initiation into that Freedom and Victory, you would think your efforts are nothing in comparison – and truly, they are not. Your experiences are angelic compared to what He went through to attain His Victory!”
Beloved Bob – Volume 12 The “I AM” Discourses


Beloved El Morya says: (Bridge to Freedom Journal b00k. 5 pg. 188)
“Why should I have gone to Vesta and Helios and asked for a dispensation to help you? BECAUSE I LOVE SAINT GERMAIN, because he has that Faith in you all and in all his chelas, though they fall by the wayside and desert him right and left—a Faith which I, perchance, do not share, having served so often with mankind, both through the Theosophical Society, with Mrs. Bailey, with the “I AM,” and “The Bridge” activity. But his Faith—he is like a child, your Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain. He is so happy when anyone of you Ascends, when any one of you shows the tiniest bit of Light. He rushes to the Karmic Board with that Light and your achievement and he covers over every error you make, either consciously or unconsciously, and when we talk with him, he can talk only about how beautiful you are.

Even the great Maha Chohan, smilingly knows, listens, and too, in Love, does not dissuade Him from that Faith.
Saint Germain pleads Your Cause and the Cause of all that lives and we, the fiery ones—Serapis and I—are DETERMINED that His Faith shall be realized through you, BY GOD!, even though we may not seem popular to your outer self, yet one day, when you meet us face to face, we won’t be so difficult. I can play the harp, if you want to hear it. They say I have a reasonable tenor voice, if you care to listen—and I can Love enough, Love enough to plead for the Ascended Master Saint Germain’s vision of Utopia manifest on this Earth!”

(Please God may we never let our Beloved Saint Germain down for a second!)




April 17, 1938, Saint Germain said that  He was very grateful, that from the Realms of Light there was coming to the earth the assistance which was imperative. Because He and those Who stood with Him had been able to serve and draw the attention of the Cosmic Light at that time. With that assistance the Light was at last finding Its dominion on earth, and would no longer be a shadow planet (dark star).”


“One instant of turning away from the Presence and looking the outer world is how Mankind was first drawn into these frightful conditions!”  Saint Germain  Ascended Master Love & Truth Vol II pg.481


  “Initiations of the Seventh Ray” Page: 36 – 42

Compiled By Werner Schroeder

With the possible exception of Ascended Masters Jesus and Mother Mary, more information is known about Saint Germain than any other Ascended Being. The following is a brief summary of his various embodiments.

Saint Germain’s endeavours to free mankind started during the ‘Sahara Civilization,” 70 000 years ago. He could have gained his Ascension at that time, but he chose to re-embody many, many times in order to maintain a better connection to the Earth, by keeping a physical body. He retained continuity of consciousness during the remainder of his embodiments.

In one embodiment, Saint Germain was a priest in the “Temple of Purification,” near today’s Cuba. Before Atlantis sank, and before the temple was etherealized, the Violet Flame was safely transported, by Saint Germain, from Cuba to Transylvania, in Europe.

As Joseph, together with Mary, Saint Germain prepared the way for Jesus. He knew of Jesus’ mission in advance, and in this way was able to help with his training. Jesus, as young man, visited India. Here he made contact with the Great Ascended Being know as ‘The Great Divine Director,’ and received the key words for his mission, “I Am the Resurrection and the Life of Perfection.” Thereafter. Joseph’s mission was accomplished. At the time of his transition, he determined to give assistance to all human beings, making their passing an easy one, provided he would ‘receive such a call.’

As the Greek philosopher Proclus (450 AD.), Saint Germain had a school in Athens. He traveled much, and taught various religions. Later on, he became Merlin, the magician of King Arthur’s Court.

Saint Germain embodied as Roger Bacon (about 1211 – 1294 AD.). Roger Bacon was an English monk and philosopher, who make several discoveries.

According to ADK Luk there followed an embodiment in Germany as Christian Rosenkreutz. Translated, means “Cross of Roses,” of which today’s Rosicrucian Order is an offspring.

Next followed an embodiment as Christopher Columbus. Saint Germain’s last embodiment was that of Francis Bacon, an English philosopher and writer. He wrote several books, including the plays of William Shakespeare.

The name Will-i-am signifies that according to the Will of the “I AM” (God), Francis Bacon would shake a spear of Wisdom at a world full of darkness and ignorance. (This was Saint Germain’s special activity, namely the illumination of every age in which he chose an embodiment.)

Thereafter, Francis Bacon left England and traveled to Transylvania. He gained his Ascension and left the Earth plane on May 1st 1684.

After his Ascension, Saint Germain appeared again, in Europe in his visible tangible Ascended Master Body. According to I. Cooper-Oakley, he was famous and known as the Comte de Saint Germain in France, as the Wonderman of Europe and Prince Rakoczy in Germany, as Comte Bellamarre in Venice.

Wherever Saint Germain went, he was considered very wealthy. He made it appear that way, in order to gain influence among the heads of government. The overall plan was to use that influence as a means of effecting change – change in bringing about greater harmony and cooperation between the nations of Europe.

Saint Germain returned again in his visible tangible, Ascended Master Body, just prior to the French Revolution and would have prevented it, had the people listened to his counsel. Through his association with the Court of France, he attempted to externalize a United States of Europe, as early as the 18th Century, during the reign of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

It was Saint Germain, who inspired the people of Oberammergau to give the Passion Play every ten years, in gratitude to God, for relief from the plague.

Saint Germain protected and encouraged those responsible for America’s freedom. The drafting of the Declaration of Independence was also a direct result of his assistance. Saint Germain provided the guidance which sustained Washington’s Vision during the critical time.

The first “New Age” dispensation was primarily the effort of the Ascended Master Saint Germain. He sought out those who had assisted him, in previous efforts with the Sahara Civilization, 70 000 years ago, and saw enough reason to carry the Light to America and the people of the Earth. The Ascended Master Nada assisted Saint Germain in this task.

This new dispensation shows an entirely new approach. It reminds one of the statements by the Ascended Master Brother Amo, that any new religious teaching is designed to meet the needs of the hour, and the progress of the human race, and is given at a particular point of the global evolution, and presented to a pre-designated group of people.

Saint Germain did not use, as a foundation, any established religious teaching, by using it as a base and adding to it. He and other Ascended Masters made no attempt to revive Theosophy. Only sparingly did they refer to the Bible; and only in rare instances did they refer to the Vedic literature of India.

Starting totally anew, without relying on previous teachings, Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters explained Cosmic Law in clear terms. The method of instruction was based on logic and common sense.

In addition, the Masters added their Radiation, which helped the instruction gain acceptance through the feeling nature of the students. Saint Germain gave out this new message in America, which at the particular time period was the leader of the human race. He presented to the world, a new style of Ascended Master Teaching.

There were changes in the substance of the Teaching as well. As part of the dispensation granted to the Cosmic Being Victory, on January 1st 1931, the Occult Law was set aside, mainly as a result of the peril the Earth was in.

For the first time since the sinking of Atlantis, an Ascended Master could give the knowledge of the “I Am Presence” and the Violet Flame, in public. Before this time, this knowledge was permitted only to be given in Retreats, and to people of considerable spiritual advancement.

Under the dispensation given to Saint Germain and Nada, instruction did not need to be veiled. Mysticism is no longer the requirement of the hour.

For these reasons, commencing with this dispensation, Ascended Master Teaching did assume a new approach, unique from any other previous method of instruction, and this effort by Saint Germain has been labeled by the Masters, as the “beginning of a New Age.”

When Saint Germain first conceived of the idea of putting forth this work, he explained to the Master call the Great Divine Director, that he had two people in embodiment (Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Ballard), who he felt were strong enough to carry his message. The Great Divine Director asked him if he were certain of this. Saint Germain replied, ‘I shall try it out and see!”

Saint Germain and Mr. Ballard met in August of 1930, on Mt. Shasta, California. This historic meeting is recorded in beautiful detail in the book “Unveiled Mysteries.” Other Ascended Masters joined Saint Germain’s effort, which was called the “I Am Activity.”

For the first time, students formed groups for the purpose of giving decrees.  This activity resulted in the formation of forcefields, which are magnetic centers that draw the angels and Ascended Masters, increasing their assistance to mankind.

After Mr. Ballard’s Ascension, Saint Germain assisted El Morya in obtaining another dispensation. At the time El Morya’s Twin Flame, Geraldine Innocente was in embodiment.

Through her, in 1952, the “Bridge to Freedom” was formed and additional information concerning Cosmic Law, Masters, Retreats, and the Divine Plan for the Earth could be given. The effort continued until June of 1961, when Miss Innocente gained her Ascension.

Saint Germain’s Retreat is the Rakoczy Mansion in Transylvania. He also has a focus in the Etheric City over the Sahara Desert, at the Cave of Symbols in the USA, and at Mount Shasta, California.

For about 180 years, Saint Germain has been the Chohan of the Seventh Ray. On May 1st 1954 he assumed responsibility as a Director for the New Cycle, the Cycle of the 2000-year period of the Seventh Ray. This gave him additional authority to increase the understanding of the qualities of the Seventh Ray. Jesus was the Director of the past 2000-year-cycle, when the Sixth Ray was predominant.

One of Saint Germain’s outstanding qualities is his enthusiasm for the Light. It gives him great pleasure to talk to other Ascended Masters about the accomplishments of his students!

The Maha Chohan explained: “When an individual comes under the personal direction of the Ascended Master Saint Germain and enters the service of the New Age as an active conductor of the Violet Ray, he has the marvelous privilege of experiencing the lessons of twelve to twenty-five embodiments, in one embodiment.

As he passes through these experiences, he will find many old friends dropping away. He will find his environment changing, new friends coming into his world, and his life re-ordered, as though he were living on a different planet.”

The electronic pattern of Saint Germain is the Maltese Cross. His keynote and the keynote of his Retreat in Transylvania are contained in the Strauss Waltzes. The Ascended Master Teaching Foundation uses the ‘Emperor’s Waltz’ as his keynote, and the keynote of his Retreat. Lady Portia, the Goddess of Justice, is Saint Germain’s Twin Flame.






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