The 7th Ray & The Power of Invocation




Address to
Group Leader’s Breakfast April 17th 195(gratitude to Geraldine Innocente)


“Without the Art, Power and Developed Momentum of Invocation, Mankind on this Earth cannot return to their God-Estate. They cannot restore the beauty and perfection of the Planet, the Elemental Kingdom, their own bodies and all they have despoiled.”

“My Heart is filled with gratitude to see those in whom I invest-ed so much Energy and Light being a ‘Heart Center’ made up of strong and stalwart Spirits who through many ages have proved their worth being in the forward line of every progressive movement that brought great Light, Understanding and Freedom to the people of that age.

And who advanced rhythmically the fulfillment of the Divine Plan for the whole Planet and all evolutions by Service. It is comforting to know the lifestreams that stand holding My Vision within their hands and hearts. It is comforting to trace back through the ages the actions and reactions of those lifestreams under fire and under stress. And know that in times of crisis your Soul, Spirit and very Self – will stand, will face and will conquer.

And that may be said of each one, ‘THEY DID NOT TURN AWAY!’ I thank You from the depths of My Heart, that you have stood, that you have heard the sound of the Rhythm of Freedom that beats My Heart and has drawn forth from you those Energies which you are weaving now into a Universal Pattern. Which will be the Ceremonial Activity for the entire Planet and all who come upon it in the ages yet unborn.

“Beloved Ones, I will speak to you today on the Art of Invocation. The Seventh Ray is primarily the Ray of Invocation. Without the Art, Power and Developed Momentum of Invocation, Mankind on this Earth cannot return to their God-Estate. They cannot restore the beauty and perfection of the Planet, the Elemental Kingdom, their own bodies and all they have despoiled.

The Law that governs the Universe requires that the Intelligence using the Power of Invocation must be a part of the substance, Energy and consciousness of the Sphere to be Blessed. It is self-evident that Men and Women Who have attained Ascended Master Freedom, if it was in Their Power to redeem the race, They would have done so long ago.

You have not in your consciousness the full remembrance of the Love and Devotion of the Beloved Buddha or Beloved Jesus, and Others Who have walked the Pathway into Freedom. But, if They were given the Opportunity by Cosmic Law, any One of Them would have completed the entire task of redemption for the race.

“There is no intelligence in the Higher Spheres that will not respond to the Invocation from the very least self-conscious lifestream in a Sphere to the blessed. But, the requirement of the hour is to reach the consciousness of those who can become Priests and Priestesses of Invocation. Stir them sufficiently with interest in Mankind, convey to their mind and consciousness the Vision of what is to be accomplished, and then train them carefully in the Powers of Invoking the Sacred Fire. Then, directing it and dispensing it through the currents of Energy of their own bodies into the locality to be blessed. This is the Action of the Seventh Ray.

“Among the masses who are under the beneficial Radiation of each Ray, there are always some Seventh Ray men and women who are naturally attuned to the Power of Invocation. And they, through prayer, decrees or whatever means of Invocation comes naturally to them, draw the blessings to that age, but they are in the minority.

When the Cosmic Moment comes and the Cosmic Wheel has turned and the Seventh Ray plays upon the Earth, then all those lifestreams who have drawn forth a momentum of calling the Blessings, Powers and Activities of the sacred Fire through the ages are invited on the Screen of Life at the same time. So the Seventh Ray develops a Priesthood within the Devotional Activities of the Sixth Ray, which is sill the religion of the masses.

They begin to experiment with the use of the Sacred Fire and to learn the Method of Invocation to become Masters of Substance and Energy. Then, when they within themselves feel a ‘certainty’ that those Powers of Invocation when Called forth do manifest results; when they have experimented and know failure and success, and when they have achieved a Level of Mastery then, the Activity of the Seventh Ray is ready to begin its great Expansion into the religious Ceremonies of the masses. We are in such a Process now!

As Chohan of the Seventh Ray, My very first Activity was to secure a consciousness among embodied Mankind through whom I might convey the Vision of the Future. Your Hearts were stirred and drew your presence here and brought to you a remembrance of the ‘Vow’ you had taken to become a part of this CHALICE OF FREEDOM.

It is now Our desire to develop from the Group Directors and the Groups Leaders a HEART CENTER which can be strong enough to withstand the impact of the masses Energy when their attention is drawn toward Us and Our Activity. Lord Maitreya has told Me that it would be Spiritually suicidal to attempt to awaken the masses until We had a ‘Heart Center’ well versed in the Power of Invoking the Sacred Fire to render Assistance in holding these Energies in balance and healing the conditions of mind, body and Soul. Then, the Mastery of drawing the ILLUMINATION FLAME to give to the masses the necessary ‘Instruction’ and ‘Application.’

“You are grasping your capacity to ‘Invoke Assistance’ even from the Great Karmic Board and drawing forth Spiritual Dispensations that effect the masses. You have within your hands and consciousness a way and means of waving much of the ordinary karmic judgment which would be the Action of the Cosmic Law if unascended Energy had not wielded the Power of Invocation, sending up those Energies and those Mighty Decrees that reach into the Heart of the Inner Realms, and which bears conscious witness that the Priests and Priestesses of the ORDER OF ZADKIEL are again in Action in the wielding of the Sacred Fire.

The individuals who have drawn the Power of Invocation through themselves through the ages have protected groups of people who were holding the Light for that era. Moses drew the Power of Invocation and protected the Israelites as they left the bondage of Egypt and turned toward the Promised Land. Beloved Jesus drew the Power of Invocation with Beloved John, Beloved Mary and Myself and set up the Initial Pulsation for the Christian Dispensation.

Every great man or woman who has founded a monastery or convent has drawn through the Power of Invocation certain Spiritual Grace, which became the food and nourishment of the group. It is exactly the same now, Beloved Ones, through the Kindness of the Cosmic law, through the intercession of Myself and through the acquiescence of Beloved Sanat Kumara, Our Beloved Frances Ekey, has offered to take within her body the Power of Invocation and sustain the Rhythm of Our Endeavour without a break in its Pattern. And again the Light of the Communion flows and the Communion contains within it – Our Words, Our Instruction and Our Radiation.

“There is a difference between the drawing of the Powers of Invocation in the past and the present Activity. In the past the Powers of Invocation were used primarily to nourish Mankind on Earth. Today, it is reversed; the Powers of Invocation are being used to loose the Blessings and Spiritual Benedictions that cover the Inner Spheres.

It has affected the incoming lifestreams and has released thousands of Souls from the necessity of re-embodiment. Your Powers of Invocation, called forth, have opened the Doors of the Ascension Temples to individuals who by merit had not gained the right. Have you thought that through? Individuals with sullied garments, with darkened Souls, with no particular interest in Spiritual Truth, having those Great Doors to the Ascension Temples opened to them; and giving them the Opportunity to be free from the wheel of birth and death for Eternity!

Through the Power of Invocation that you chelas, yet limited, have wielded – DO YOU SEE YOU ARE WORKING COSMICALLY? A full 300 years before We had hoped such Activities could take place through lifestreams still in need of Purification. Those Calls will be answered! Those Calls will bring release! You, a handful among Mankind can set into motion Cosmic Graces, Cosmic Benedictions and Cosmic Blessings that will effect millions and the entire Planetary Evolutions as well.

“Beloved Ones, do not let your ego and human consciousness limit what you can do Cosmically through the Great Flame of Invocation. Every time a Cosmic Dispensation is given, the human intellect says, “its too good to be true.”


There is no Response from the ‘UNIVERSAL FIRST CAUSE” which can be limited in any way. ONE LIFESTREAM WITH GOD IS A MAJORITY! One man or woman standing humbly with the motive only to Serve Life can set into motion, Cosmic Currents, Waves of Energy that can stir the Karmic Board, stir the Great Central Sun, stir the Archangels from Their silence of the centuries and bring the Buddha into the atmosphere of Earth where he shall remain.


Within your Hearts is a Focus of the THREE-FOLD FLAME; IT IS THE MAGNETIC POWER OF GOD! It is the Power the Beloved Helios uses to keep the Planet swinging around the Aura of Himself, and Vesta. Within the Great Central Sun is a Focus of the Three-Fold Flame which moves the entire Galaxy forward at such speed that the human mind could not conceive it possible. Within your heart is a Focus of that same Power. The Power of Invocation, which is Magnetic, is no less Powerful.

When this Power is directed through the ATTENTION to any Activity in the Heart of the Invisible, which is good, there will be drawn back on the Flame the Blessings, Presence and Assistance to that lifestream. The difficulty is you do not stay with it long enough to allow the scientific accuracy of Its very nature to press your feeling world with Assurance and with Confidence.

“As Francis Bacon, when I joined that order which was dedicated to the Power of Invocation, we were given certain aspects of The Law which you have been given over and over again through the years. But we used It in individual Application, and where there seemingly was not manifestation, we asked for GOD ILLUMINATION, and then we were open minded enough to change our method and procedure until we did find the right Spiritual Formula and manifestation occurred.

If the men of science were as easily discouraged as the Spiritual Aspirant, you would still not have those medical cures which have come forth and alleviated the distress of Mankind. If the inventor did not stay with the combinations, which he felt would bring the vision in his mind into form, you would not enjoy the airplane, telephone, etc.

In things that you can feel and touch you have a certain tenacity of endeavour, but with the subtle Spiritual Energy that requires the training of your minds, the Power of Concentration and the control of the Energy of your feelings, you are too easily discouraged. There is no such thing as failure of the Light of the Universe to Respond to the Sacred Fire within the Heart of every one of you, when you sincerely enter that Flame and Invoke the Blessing, Healing, Illumination, the Supply, whatever it is that is the requirement of the moment.


It is only through it that We can draw those Healing currents; establish those Mighty Force Fields of the Sacred Fire and Specialize in the Activity which the group leaders choose to give as their Gift of Light. Eventually, these Mighty Focuses will be so powerfully charged with Energy that the Mankind of Earth will not need your words to convince them of the Truth and Efficacy of The Law.

When they touch that Energy they will feel the healing, Peace, Love, and Confidence in the Truth.


You know it! Touch the aura of any lifestream and though the lips may smile and the words be honey, it is the aura that speaks. It is the Energy Charged and Qualified from the Flame within the Heart, that is the silent witness of the contemplation of the secret hours. As you progress upon Life’s path, you will know that what I speak is Truth. By reaching the consciousness of Beloved Godfrey, and then reaching the students, We began the Initial Impulse in teaching individuals how to Decree Impersonally to bless Life.

From the metaphysical channels, which are so often charged with selfishness, the consciousness of the students came into an understanding of Serving Impersonally for the good of the whole. Then, through the Offices of Beloved Morya We were enabled to Focus the Powers of Invocation on the need of the hour and on certain crises which could be averted by the intercession of unascended beings whose Energies could be offered to expiate certain currents of force. You have heard of the Intercession of the Saints on behalf of Mankind.

Is it not strange that We Who are called those Saints require the intercession of Mankind on Our behalf? Do you see that it is GIVE AND TAKE every step of the way? Neither the Beloved Maha Chohan, Beloved Morya, Myself, nor the Beloved Goddess of Justice, nor any Other realized the tremendous inroad We could make in the Activities governing the Inner Spheres through the Power of your Invocations.

“In the Seventh Ray during the 2000 year period, the Priests and Priestesses will use the Power of Invocation in cooperating with the Great Karmic Board, by setting into motion Energy Currents which will do more to transform the Earth than has been accomplished at an time since Atlantis’ and Lemuria’s Light was dimmed.

It is required of Us to secure in the compound, a lifestream who will, through the Power of Invocation, draw the Flame into those individuals who are bound!

It is required of Us to secure the attention of a consciousness who will enter the astral and psychic realms and abide there. Why do you think Beloved Jesus descended into the collective human consciousness? So that, He might ‘Invoke’ and use that Power in that Realm. The Sacrifice of the Descent of an individual into Sphere below that in which he would normal function, in order that his Energies become a Magnet of Invocation is wonderful indeed.

Such a Sacrifice was made by Buddha, every Avatar, and some of you again and again. I have stood by your side when you were offered Your Freedom and you said: “If I take that Freedom, who then shall return and Serve?” then, renouncing that Freedom, you took upon yourselves the heavy cloaks of flesh and came again into form.

“For many years I have desired one thing and many times The Brothers have said: ‘Saint Germain, what would You like?” I usually say: “The Freedom of mankind.” and They say: “Yes, but just for Your Cosmic Anniversary, let us give You something Personal.”

I would like the opportunity, as I have drawn you into his room this morning, to draw forth individuals who wish rhythmically to use the Powers of Invocation……

to speak to them and show them My Vision and repeat again and again the way and means their consciousness’ can Master those Powers of Invocation within themselves. Beloved Ones, it is from such a group, trusted, tried lifestreams, who have disciplined themselves, who LIVE TO SET LIFE FREE, that We shall bring forth those Master Powers, which will be the absolute Proof of The Law to Mankind everywhere.

“You have done well! You have established these Sanctuaries in My Name. You have Served Life, but you have not done anywhere near what you can do to ‘Regulate’ your own worlds, and in experimenting with these Powers to become the Master of your own Consciousness and Energies.

I implore you the Name of Life, as One Who has Loved you long and well, do not allow human feelings to act within you that either interferes with The Law manifesting, or that you do not properly apply. The Law always works and you as PRIESTS AND PRIESTESSES of the ORDER OF ZADKIEL are to be MASTERS OF THAT LAW, setting into motion and bringing release and relief to all people.

I thank You






“To change the consciousness of mankind, we must utilize the Sacred Fire. This Sacred Fire can be drawn, by any one individual, through the entire number belonging to this evolutionary system without the intellect of any life-stream being aware of the service rendered. As the Sacred Fire of Purification passes through the consciousness of the people, it removes the inner causes of disease and malajustments, and the effects automatically disappear, as when a mirrored room is completely cleared of all debris, you will not find in that room any reflection of a grotesque or unpleasant nature.

To treat the consciousness of the people of Earth, invoking the Cosmic Christ Consciousness to sweep through each one, is to assist Saint Germain’s Golden Age in a manner beyond description, for when hundred of thousands of people begin to use their consciousness in a constructive manner, the building of the incoming Golden Age will go on in a manner that will surprise even the most progressive of natures.

We cannot urge you too much to allow the Light of the Spiritual Sun, and the Ascended Jesus Christ, and the Powers of Light to play through the consciousness. Ask Them to qualify your thought and feeling of ease and peace and harmony. You cannot get your Spiritual Freedom by effort of human will. It is a Gift of Grace alone! But if you will invoke and then allow the Spiritual Essence, that flows from the Heart of the Ascended Host, to bathe your inner soul in the Light of Their Celestial Presence, the conditions in your body and your world will begin to ease up. The outpouring of Light from the Presence of God is the only Peace that any life-stream will ever enjoy, and if you solicit that outpouring sincerely, you shall have it!”




“Today, there are in embodiment many good and sincere life-streams who gathered that momentum of the power of invocation throughout many centuries of study, both in the physical body and at inner levels, but whose ultimate goal for which they direct their attention is below the Ascended Masters’ level, and their motive for invocation plus their capacity to connect with the powers beyond the human veil, determine the type of manifestation that they will draw forth. Some of these good people have invoked the spirits of the departed, sincerely, honestly and faithfully, and have had a measure of success in connecting with those individuals. Many more unconsciously used the power of invocation to connect with mass entities of a discordant nature, such as war, pestilence, fear and any number of negative activities that form the effluvia around the planet Earth. These individuals invoke these very activities upon the screen of life through their attention upon them, through thinking of them, and they manifest them as distresses to themselves and to other people. They are unconscious of the power of invoking anything or anyone, or any activity UPON WHICH THEIR ATTENTION DWELLS!

For instance, beloved ones, take the mass entity of fear, – it has intelligence- because it is God’s Life that has been misqualified, it has a name – fear! When you speak that name, you draw the attention of that entity just as when you speak the Name of Jesus, the CHRIST! Now this is more important than you will perhaps understand until you think it through. War has a name; pestilence has a name and those names invoke the manifestation of the conditions that are distressing. So if you can enable yourselves as priests and priestesses of the order of Zadkiel to remember that the NAME OF ANYTHING OR ANYONE is a part of the presence of that one, and will surely draw attention of that one as though I were to speak any one of your names right now. Those of you hearing your names would turn and respond by the flowing of your energy toward Me as I speak. Therefore, let us endeavor in the invocation of the Power of the Ascended Master Saint Germain and His Order, to keep our invocations, our decrees, our visualizations, our songs and our activities connected with a POSITIVE virtue, quality or Divine Being, and thus avoid unnecessarily tangling with the momentum of some discordant vibration which allows their life to pour out from them and thus increase the mass entity that lives on the fear and the various emotions engendered by unconscious and not always fully cognizant lifestreams.”


I AM Presence


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