Necessity of Holding the Peace

Lotus and lilly


By the Beloved Cosmic Being Victory

April 5, 1955 Journal Book 2 page 459


Beloved friends of My Heart and of the planet Earth,

I come tonight to bring to you the God-victorious qualification of my life, the fully gathered cosmic momentum of energy which is mine, resulting from my use of the gift of primal life through the ages. I am bringing to you my consciousness and quality of victorious accomplishment, that accomplishment which will accept no compromise, which will accept no defeat, which knows, through the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Christ Truth, THAT COSMIC LAW IS ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN TO ACT FOR AND THROUGH THE INDIVIDUAL, when correctly applied. When that Law is consciously applied, the energy is released qualified with perfection and, IF HARMONY IS SUSTAINED, VICTORY IS ASSURED!

Upon the planet Venus, from whence I come, there is no such thing as failure, disease or compromise with imperfection. On the planet Venus, all of life (abiding within the harmony, balance and purity of the Godhead), moves forward to fulfill the divine plan, manifesting, through each self-conscious intelligence, their own God-victories and expanding, forever, the perfection of the kingdom of God.

How long has the planet Venus looked upon and assisted your sweet Earth? How long have we taken as our self-chosen responsibility the guiding of the people of Earth, the guarding of their lifestreams, the sustaining of the Light that would keep the planet Earth a part of its solar system?

Oh, we have loved you long, blessed children. Some among you, to whom I speak, are of our own evolution. Some among you are those who have loved the Earth and her people as we do, who have chosen to take the dense bodies of this Earth, who have chosen to encompass yourselves round with a portion of the great karma of the nation and of the race to which you temporarily belong.

By expanding your Light according to the development of your own momentums, you have helped this planet Earth to sustain her place in the solar system. To you, blessed exiles from home, I bring the love and blessings of Sanat Kumara, the love and blessings of the great Goddess Venus and the blessings from the heart of Shamballa, to enfold you with whatever power and pressure of energy are required to sustain you in your endeavors to hold the Torch of Light high, expanding the light wheresoever you may be and to become manifest expressions of the victorious Christ Presence, as witness to all men of the power of God acting through the human form!

One day, beloved ones, every one of you who has chosen to place your feet upon the path which leads to the Ascension —when the final electron which you have drawn from your own I AM Presence has been re-qualified with only good, one day, when your course is run, one day when, truly, “all has been said and done” in this world of form, you will hear the call of your great Presence.

Then you will know that you have completed, in victory, that for which you came earthward. The first sensation of your soul, as it is sublimated and absorbed into your light bodies, will be my feeling of the victory of full accomplishment!

Whenever there is a sense of dissatisfaction and of discontent, a sense of incompleteness, IT IS BECAUSE THE SOUL, ITSELF, WITHIN YOU, CRIES FOR THE FULLNESS OF THE FEELING OF VICTORY, which is an integral part of your own nature. Why? Because the quality of victory is one of the twelve primal virtues of the Godhead, itself. While you are not manifesting those twelve qualities and virtues (those twelve positive activities of your own qualified life), you feel within yourself a sense of something missing. It is to bring to you the qualified pressure and power of my Flame of Victory, that I have come here this night.


There is no one unascended who has not compromised with appearances, to some extent! You know the power of God intellectually, in your credos, you have accepted the full power of the Godhead to act, but you have compromised with appearances by allowing to live in your consciousnesses and in your worlds, distress of mind, body and affairs. You have not taken the hand of victory, you have not drawn his victorious currents through your world to bring you to mastery in its fullness. THE MASTER JESUS KNEW NO COMPROMISE! He knew no compromise with death, no compromise with disease or insanity, no compromise with any human appearance. HE STOOD FULLY AND COMPLETELY ANCHORED IN THE FAITH, CONFIDENCE AND BELIEF OF THE GOD-POWER ALMIGHTY TO ACT THROUGH HIM. That GOD-POWER SO INVOKED, WAS VICTORIOUS IN EVERY MANIFESTATION OF HIS DAILY LIFE!

I AM THE SPIRIT AND THE FLAME OF VICTORY! I am the servant of every man who chooses to stand alone with his God and, within his heart, refuses to accept compromise with evil, holding to that command that the victorious power of the All-Christ through such a one, shall wipe the slate clean of all distresses of mind, feelings, body and affairs. I have been invoked by the few through the ages, by the few who refuse to compromise with evil, who refuse to accept the appearance reports of the masses, the few who have stood adamant, holding to a vision received from God and attempted to interest a few others These pressed forward, until victorious accomplishment of their inner vision was written on the screen of life as manifest works.

I was the Spirit of Victory within the heart of Columbus, the spirit which enabled that man to stand against the ridicule of all the scholars of his day and to hold to that vision, which he believed could be manifest. Through that vision which he held, there has been drawn into being this magnificent nation of America, builded in God’s name, where mankind has such freedom to express itself, not only in religion and government affairs, but in the opulence of personal living. Those of you who have not witnessed the lack and privation of foreign lands, cannot conceive of the bounty of America!

Beloved ones, individuals who are going to rise above the mediocre masses, individuals who are going to stand in the heart of Light, individuals who are going to become foci world of form, for more than ordinary God-powers, MUST BEGIN TO ACCEPT THE PRESSURE OF VICTORY BY LIGHT, IN THEIR FEELING WORLDS.

In your class work, in your personal application, in your home life, in your business affairs, may I ask you as a personal favor please, before you plunge into the activity of the moment or of the day, TAKE TIME TO BECOME STILL, UNTIL YOUR FEELING WORLD CONNECTS WITH ME? Then, you will move into action, CONFIDENT OF VICTORY! NOTHING of lasting import is ever accomplished with a feeling of vacillation, a feeling of negation, a feeling of defeat or compromise! Why oh, why, children of the one holy God, Children of the Light and flames of the morning! Why do you stand in decadent bodies, in distressed minds, in limited consciousnesses, in financial lack, when the victorious powers of the All-Christ is yours to use? Why can you not reach out and, meeting me halfway, grasp my hand with your own? Then ask me to charge into your feeling world my feeling of victory, to change the vibratory actions of timidity, vacillation, doubt and a consciousness of defeat—all of which have been yours for so many centuries. If you will do this, I will change your doubtful feelings INTO MY FEELING OF VICTORIOUS GOD-ACCOMPLISHMENT!


Let the “I AM” Three-Fold Flame within my heart expand!

Let it charge its healing essence through my heart and head and hand!

Let its joyous radiance now penetrate each part,

Saturate my being with the substance from God’s Heart.


Let me now accept that every call I make is heard,

As my need is known, the Love in every Master’s stirred.

Back upon the very line of energy I’ve spent

To make the call, the answer comes. Instantly, it’s sent!


Let me get still—so very still—and listening within,

Let me feel the Master’s current, healing to begin,

Calling on forgiveness for the cause of all that’s wrong—

Living henceforth in the Light, I sing the Victor’s song!


“Come! Oh, Master Jesus, come! Bring us thy quick relief!

‘I believe, Lord, I believe! Help thou mine unbelief!’

Possessing us, let thy great consciousness of truth prevail.

The I AM calls are answered! God’s love can NEVER fail!”


(IMPORTANT: If the gentle reader will actually use these words and visualize them as taking place for him, the momentum built will heal him personally, then, he can repeat the same activity, seeing it take place for others. Try it! Please do not just read and discard! Use this “treatment” and get manifest results!)




I AM Presence


(so called) DEATH & GREIF