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Address By Our Lord Maha Chohan (Now the Beloved Cosmic Holy Spirit Aeolus)

Holy Thursday, March 29, 1956   –

(Bridge to Freedom Journal Book 3 – page 48)


Beloved children of the one God, seeking to find comfort for your own souls, to you I come. In that seeking, you also desire to give comfort and to be a comforting presence to the rest of life.

The great spiritual partnership by which the Hierarchy of Heaven are joined with the consciousness of unascended beings is made possible when the chela consciously applies as much of the Law as he knows and then desires, not only to receive God’s Blessings, but in turn to give them to others so that such Blessings may help to alleviate the distresses of those in his particular environs, his nation and the planet which forms his temporary home.


The tremendous service which you have given life thus far by your personal and group application of the Law is more wonderful than you know because you do not see with outer fleshly eyes the results which are forthcoming from your endeavors. That service has enabled us to continue this “communion” between Ascended Masters and unascended beings who are still working out the karma of their own personal salvation and yet, while working out that karma willingly, raise their hands, hearts and voices in calling forth blessings and help for their fellowman.

Denial of Appearances Insufficient

Beloved ones, some of our good friends have taken the statement of our beloved Saint Germain very literally when he says that God is everywhere and that there is no nook, corner nor cranny in the entire universe where he is not.

Some of our mental and metaphysical sciences have used that truth to deny appearances of distorted form. In many cases, through mental pressure, they have driven out of their own worlds and from the worlds of those whom they are assisting, certain distressing appearances (for the time being). Believe me, however, when this is done, usually the core and cause behind the appearances remain. Why? Because elemental life (which is the body of God and which beloved Saint Germain does state in truth is everywhere), is intelligent and it has taken an individual vow to obey—what? Man!

Therefore, through the thought and feeling centers, through spoken words and action, elemental life has been imprisoned in mass and individual discordant creations which seem very real to mortal minds. It is the need for the dissolving of those creations which brings to Earth, its atmosphere and its people, the beloved Archangel Michael and his Legions of the sword of Blue Flame, together with the Mighty Astrea, the Angels of Purity, the beloved Saint Germain’s Violet Flame and other purifying activities of the Sacred Fire so that the cause and core of so much human distress may be removed and the imprisoned elemental life released from such destructive form.

This elemental life so freed immediately goes back to the Sun for re-polarization and is then either given to some Ascended Master or Cosmic Being to direct in creating blessing for mankind or it may be anchored into the Causal Body of the very individual who mis-qualified it as added power to achieve God perfection, if that individual has consciously used the Violet Fire to purify that life.

You see, dear friends, the nature of God is full perfection and is all encompassing. In it we live, move and have being. If this same nature were your daily way of life, I would not need to speak to you now! However, the self-evident fact is that there are distressing appearances of mind, finances, body, of etheric resentments and rebellions which live in, through and around the mankind of this Earth—proving that there must be a creator of such distress. That creator is man, the mortal or outer mind of man.

The great masses of mankind which have lived in their chains and have called that existence “God’s will,” are like an individual in a hospital room who is in a coma. The doctors, nurses and attendants continue to live their normal lives and yet protect this so-called “unconscious” one until the first faint glimmer of returning consciousness comes to that one.

Then comes the joy and release on the part of the doctors and attendants as they draw that consciousness back into this world and help it to energize again the physical form. That is exactly our relationship to the masses of mankind and it has been our relationship—forgive me—even to you, our chelas, for the most part! In our full, free God estate, we are the attendants, the nurses, the spiritual doctors, the ones tiptoeing about, watching and waiting for the time when the light within the heart expands, the mortal consciousness bursts apart (so to speak) and the individual comes out of the coma. Recognizing where he really is in God’s glorious kingdom, he then begins to take a part in endeavoring to further the glory of that kingdom. Truly,….

“The kingdom of heaven is within you” and all about you.

As I speak to you tonight, this room is filled with angelic and Cosmic Beings, but do you see them? How many of you hear them? Therefore, there is a slight flaw in the concept of just the denial of human appearances, without a realization that the thought and feeling centers of mankind have concentrated elemental life (which I, myself, originally, drew from the Sun and focused into the world of form) into the cancer centers, leper centers and every other mass and individual accumulation of discord and suffering.

The Circle And Sword of Blue Flame

Blessed ones, if you could look upon any great metropolis even for one evening, if you could see the thoughts, feelings and actions of the millions of people who are living therein and you could see what was exuded from them, you would understand why our particular gratitude flows to you who choose to come and give your calls and decrees morning and evening for the removal of the cause and core of those distressing conditions. If you could see the effluvia around but one mental hospital, around one so-called “home for incurables,” around one “old peoples’ home,” around any of the great institutions in your own city, you would be much more interested in removing the causes and cores of mankind’s distress.

This effluvia is actual substance emitted from the physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies of the inhabitants of those institutions, as truly as the octopus emits that inky substance into the sea. That is why the Violet Transmuting Flame has been given you to use. The particular service of the beloved Astrea (Complement of the beloved Elohim of Purity) is to clear away the cause and core of the discords through the activity of the Circle and Sword of Blue Flame, for she created this very Circle and Sword in order to render just such a service to life. Her Blue Flame activity clears away the discordantly qualified substance which is causing distress, just as you would take out the core of a boil or you would remove a bullet from a wound before healing can take place.

Then the purity and grace of the beloved Elohim of Purity flows in and in that purity is every other God gift which mankind can desire. Beloved ones, there is a certain confusion in the outer mind of many of the people at this time. For the most part, individuals do not change religions or credos more than once or twice in an embodiment. When one has walked up the spiritual steps through various types of religious training, he has absorbed mentally, emotionally, etherically and into his brain structure, a certain portion of the concepts presented by that religion. Then he tries to fit that all into the new religion he is trying to understand and sometimes there is an ensuing confusion.

The activity of the Ascended Host is the purification (and I cannot emphasize this enough), THE PURIFICATION OF YOUR INNER BODIES until you can see us face to face, until healing flows from your very selves the moment you enter or walk through a room, until your body is radiant with light and the Blazing Flame within your heart stands forth visible to the physical sight of all, until you are completely Godfree financially and in every other way!

If you are not God-free in every channel of your experience and department of constructive endeavor, the reason goes back to one thing: impurity of some sort in one or more of your four lower bodies (physical, etheric, mental and emotional). This means the incarceration of elemental life in one or more of your vehicles (bodies) which has not been sublimated (refined by fire) and released from that imprisonment. Self-justification or ignoring this impurity will not remove it! However, application (conscious calls for the passing of the Violet Flame and other purifying activities of the Sacred Fire sincerely, conscientiously and persistently made (individually and collectively) will purify it.

At the time the beloved Astrea was given the opportunity to join with the Elohim of Purity and become with him One Being in a Cosmic Nirvana (state of perpetual Heavenly bliss), she voluntarily chose to remain as a separate, individualized conscious intelligence in order to provide this purifying action of the Circle and Sword of Blue Flame, in order that she might clear away, as the surgeon takes out the bullet, the substance of human creation. This allows the lovely activities of and substance from the higher realms to flow in and produce perfection. Now, this is a science!

Sometimes, I regret that it is a science because it would be so nice to be able to transport you instantly into eternal and celestial bliss through a mere “hocus-pocus” activity. However, this cannot be done!

This purifying of the individual’s world is a personal matter.

I passed through the initiations of purification, the beloved Master Jesus also passed through those initiations. Of all the Beings who have gained their eternal freedom from this world since the Buddha, I think there has been no person more than beloved Mother Mary (while she still trod the Earth as an unascended being before her victory took place) who has passed through so many initiations and tests of selflessness.

Now, you are those in embodiment today who have volunteered to give this selfless service to life as our representatives. Oh, there is much grumbling on that score. Many, many say: “I wish I had not volunteered so much service at inner levels and then come out down here and find it necessary to transmute so much discordant karma and distress.” Precious hearts-that has been said, and you know it! Many of you have made that statement at one time or another. If you are not willing to give this assistance, who are going to be our representatives in this world of form? Think of this!

There are nine million people in this City tonight, many of whom are acknowledging Holy Thursday. Out of that great number, only those in this room are realizing the possibility of a communion between the Holy Spirit and the outer consciousness of mankind. If you had not volunteered, where would the Earth be today? Sanat Kumara would not be God-free! Lord Buddha would not have made the expansion of his own consciousness, which was necessary to create a Causal Body, equal in every way to Sanat Kumara’s, so that the Great Lord of the Flame from Venus could take his freedom. The planet Venus and all her people would not be accelerating the pace of their vibratory action to a point where they will be ready for their solar initiations. Lord Maitreya would not have had the opportunity of becoming the new Buddha!

Imperative Need For Readiness

Presently, Kuthumi and Jesus, acting together as the Cosmic Christ, also still retain their offices as Chohans of the rays. Do you know why? BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE WAS READY! There was no one to take the places of Kuthumi and Jesus as Chohans of their respective Rays at this moment.


Suppose tomorrow you were called upon to take over this sanctuary, to take over its expense, its responsibilities and its frictions, as well as the endeavor to combine the many selves into one. Suppose, one day, when you were alone in the heart of a business district or a shopping center, you were called upon to give instantaneous protection to many people. Suppose the streets began to crack open and the buildings began to shake. Suppose also your great rivers here were suddenly to rise above their normal water line—would you be the calm, poised, majestic presence of your own God-Self, in full command and control of the situation?

Measure yourselves, children, oh—not with such a tension that you become impossible to use at all—but with wisdom! LORD BUDDHA DID NOT EXPECT TO BE CALLED FOR SEVENTEEN YEARS. He was ready. Lord Maitreya did not expect to be called either, but he was ready: Kuthumi and Holy Jesus were ready! Others, thinking they had seventeen years yet to prepare for Chohanship were not ready. You will recall that the wise virgins had the oil in their lamps and they were ready with lamp lighted when the bridegroom came.


THE WAVES OF WHAT IS NOW THE ATLANTIC OCEAN, WE ALERTED THE PEOPLE WHO LIVED THERE AS TO COMING CATACLYSMIC EVENTS. Ascended Beings and cosmic messengers from many realms came and spoke through the priesthood and the oracles. At first, the people listened to their words and the idea was entertaining for a while. It was something new and different and it was exciting. Then, as nothing spectacular happened immediately or soon thereafter, the people went back to their pursuits of so-called “happiness.”

WHEN EARTH CHANGES AND CATACLYSMS CAME AS PREDICTED, THE GREAT RUMBLINGS OF THE EARTH AND THE SINKING OF CONTINENTS, WHO WAS READY? ONLY A HANDFUL, willing to take those magnificent Flames north, east, south and west. The rest of the population went down! Get ready! We are investing tremendous energies in you, beloved ones, energies which are our life, energies which are Cosmic and we are investing them in you for a definite purpose.

Importance Of Sacred Heart—Thought-Form Of The Year

It is also my assignment tonight to give you something on the Law. You see, We are all given our subject matter for the classes by Lord Maitreya who still holds that office of service, still designing the instruction for the class work.

Now let us think upon the thought-form for this year—the Sacred Heart made of Pink Flame with the immortal Threefold Flame arising from it at the top. I shall use this thoughtform as an explanation of certain points of Law which I would like to present at this time. Now, when the immortal Threefold Flame has emerged from its airless cell within the heart, it has then become perfectly balanced. That is the sacred heart which dwells within your own divinity. What exactly does this thoughtform mean? It means the heart of divine love which should be beating through your own, flooding all your four lower bodies with its perfecting, forgiving, raising and illumining feelings.

Now, because you have received this thought-form for the year, is there a change for the better in your personal activities, is there more happiness in your home life, more harmony in your group activities and in your outer world activities as well, since the beloved Sanat Kumara on New Year’s Eve took his time and life to receive from the Silent Watcher this design which is a message to you, or are you just the same as you were before you knew of it? Has this Pink Heart (which shows the Three-fold Flame released from its airless cell), meant more to you than a “bauble”?

Think about this! You know, your physical heart has four chambers and they are called, interestingly, auricles and ventricles-auricle (oracle) the receiving center, the ventricle the directing and releasing center. In this symbol of the Thought-form of the year (1956) we have the Archaii Charity and the Lady Master Nada representing the auricles and we have Archangel Chamuel and Paul the Venetian (Chohan of the Third Ray) representing the ventricles. Their four-fold activity should fill your worlds with the actual feeling and expression of pure divine love from these four Beings. Charity and Nada, Chamuel and the Venetian are real, living Beings who represent the inflow and outflow of the actual substance, feelings and powers of accomplishment of the sacred love of the Sacred Fire through the Pink Flame in this service. You say: “Oh, Thou Beloved Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame of Eternal Truth within my heart, I love you! I love you! I love you! Take Your full freedom in me now. You are inside of me—blaze Your Light through.”

Through what? Through your physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies. When you take that decree and, speaking to Holy Amethyst you say: “Beloved Holy Amethyst, you are inside of me, blaze Your Light through,” what do you mean? Again, you mean through your physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies. Here is a lesson on the breath which some of you already know; those of you who have learned proper breathing and have taught breath-control.


It is connected with every Divine Attribute, faculty and God-being in this universe. It is connected with the Resurrection Temple and the activities of Jesus and Mary, as well as with the activities of the Violet Fire and Holy Amethyst, the Freedom Flame, the Flame of Truth from Pallas Athena and so on and on, indefinitely. Therefore, when you are breathing in—if you choose to learn the control and perfect rhythm of that breath, picture your heart as this Sacred Heart and then visualize around it your physical body first, your etheric body interpenetrating that, then your mental body and then your emotional. (In the undeveloped chela, these four lower bodies look just like ovoids. However the more spiritually developed you become, the more form they take on. So, your emotional body now has a figure and so have your mental, etheric and physical vehicles. This is easily seen with the inner sight!)

Instruction On Rhythmic Breathing

For instance, if you want the purifying assistance of Holy Amethyst, breathe into that focus of her Violet Fire within your heart—from your emotional, mental, etheric and physical bodies, every bit of the impure substance which is there.

Feel that substance being purified and transmuted into light while you are holding that breath within your body. (Note: Please consult Transmission of the Flame Manual for instructions on how to use the rhythmic breath.) Then, as you release the breath from the body rhythmically, feel the Resurrection Flame passing through this energy and then release it to each one of your four lower bodies, GIVING JUST AS MUCH TO EACH VEHICLE AS YOU WANT THEM TO HAVE, NOT AS MUCH AS THEY WANT TO HAVE. There is a great difference here and this is one of the activities of becoming Master rather than servant of your vehicles.

As you breathe out this Resurrection Flame into your physical body, you will feel that body vitalized, as you breathe it out into your etheric body, you will begin to feel the acceleration of the Divine Powers which you had in the Great Central Sun before the world was, as you breathe it out into your mental body you will feel the clarification of those Divine Concepts which come from the heart of the universal and as you breathe it out into your emotional body, you will begin to feel the buoyancy, joy and happiness of serving God, the Ascended Masters and your fellowman.

If you will faithfully practice this, it will slow up your breathing process. It will cause you to breathe more deeply instead of taking those shallow, surface breaths. This will let you live longer! Now, that may not be a promise which gives you much joy! However, do you know your breaths are numbered? Do you know that if you use them up (in panting and hasty breathing—in short breaths as so many do who live in the Western Hemisphere), you do not live as long? Do you know, too, that those individuals spoken of in the Old Testament who lived eight or nine hundred years did so because they had control of and used the slow and rhythmic breath?

In your practice of this purifying activity through the breath, at first just experiment with it for about five minutes at a time. (it would be well if this could be done rhythmically three times a day.) Then, as you become more proficient, you may increase the time you are giving to this practice. When you do so experiment, you may find one or more of your bodies not wanting to lovingly co-operate as you draw its impure substance through your breath into that purifying action of the Sacred Fire within the heart.

Whatever vehicle you may have which is in particular “command” of your outer self is going to object to this attempt at its control. On the outbreath, whatever vehicle has heretofore always received the most energy is going to try to seize it. So, you are going to have to be very impersonal—just as impersonal as I am. You know, in my position as the Holy Spirit, until this new activity came forth, I had developed a very impersonal nature and you must become just as impersonal with regard to your vehicles of expression (bodies).

If you need more physical vitality through the day and not so much mental energy, allot that energy to the physical body where you desire to use it and vice versa. If you need more emotional buoyancy to overcome depressions or whatever is weighing down your feelings, breathe that buoyancy forth from the flame within your heart and send it out through the “heavy” feelings. If you will use this activity of the controlled and rhythmic breath, you will find you will walk more slowly, you will not hurry, you will come to a greater sustained peace of soul, mind and body, greater understanding and you will be a better radiating center of blessing to all the life you contact everywhere you go. This is so because, by your attention upon the Three-fold Flame within your heart, you can contact immediately any one or all of the flames of God-perfection—resurrection, healing, purifying and so on. Beloved Helios and Vesta design a simple pattern, a thoughtform, for each year. Its purpose is to point towards a specific service that Masters and students alike are to render during the coming year.

Symbols For “Forcefields”

I have been asking for “forcefields” for years and for a simple symbol which can be used as the center figure of such “forcefield” with which the students who belong to that sanctuary are familiar. THAT SYMBOL SHOULD GIVE THOSE STUDENTS A SPECIFIC IDEA OF WHAT THEIR GROUP IS DOING AND WHAT PARTICULAR SERVICE OF MAGNETIZATION AND RADIATION IS GOING FORTH FROM IT. IF THE GROUP

MEMBERS HAVE A COMMON SYMBOL, IT BUILDS STRENGTH. Through unity of mental concentration, the students cut out of universal light substance a good, clear pattern and fill it with the feelings of joy and Christ accomplishment as they continue to release their energy in decrees, songs and so on.


For instance, you can go to the Middle East, into areas devastated by destructive climatic conditions, or wherever there is a need for your service. The center of your “forcefield” can be any constructive pattern. Some of those who have complied with my request have used the Maltese Cross as their center figure. Several have used a large, pink rose and one is a large grail of blue flame. As you have seen in your “Bridge,” through their calls and directing of the energies in their “forcefields,” SOME OF THE GROUPS HAVE BEEN DISSOLVING ICE FLOES, STOPPING STORMS AND RENDERING SERVICE IN PREVENTING AND REMOVING FLOOD CONDITIONS.

Therefore, again I point you humbly to this idea and ask, if it is at all possible, that you decide upon and consciously create just a simple symbol which you wish to use as the central pattern for your particular “forcefield” in your local groups, wherever you live. Beloved sanctuary and Group Directors, please explain to the people in your groups that the Thought-form of the Year (the Sacred Heart) is not a “toy.” It is a message. It comes from the Heavenly Host and each student who looks upon it is supposed to use it practically to heal, prosper and illumine his own being and world as well as the lives of all with whom he comes in contact. Much of this is done through radiation alone. I challenge you tonight to see what you can do with this Pink Heart and your group forcefields for the rest of the year, in the name of God!

Now, beloved ones, thanking you for your grace, your love and your presence, I love you always, deeply, more deeply than you know. At the time when your particular Chohan came to me and said: “Oh, I have a wonderful chela, just the most magnificent lifestream. I would like to sponsor this one in the world of form.” Many times I, (knowing what was in that lifestream) have smiled and said: “All right, son. You have not only my acquiescence but all the powers, gifts and help of my own life. Go ahead!” Those of you who are here today are those who have been so sponsored by such members of the Ascended Host and I have taken you into my heart. Tonight and always, I love you!

(NOTE: For further instruction on forcefields, please see “The Bridge to Freedom,” Jan. 1955.)

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