The Low Point In Our History

Excerpt from “21 Essential Lessons” complied by Werner Schroeder from the Bridge to Freedom material

Let us ever be grateful to and remember the service given by Sanat Kumara, one of the greatest friends the Earth has ever known.

Once the laggards were brought to Earth, mankind started its downward trend. The “local mist” (Genesis 2:6) caused by the laggards became a total veil, generated when most of mankind tuned into thoughtforms of misqualified energy and produced some of their own. This downward trend continued until the Earth reached such a low point that it became a concern of the Hierarchy of its galaxy.

Cosmic Law demands any planet to carry a certain amount of Light (harmoniously, constructively-qualified energy) by its inhabitants as a condition of maintaining its place in a solar system. About two and a half million years ago, during the Mu‑Age (Lemurian Age), the Earth fell short on the following counts:

1) It did not emit sufficient constructive radiation.

2) It did not contribute sufficiently to the music of the galaxy, the so‑called “Music of the Spheres.”

3) Its rotating axis was tilted 45 degrees. If the degree of inclination would have increased, it would have been disastrous; (now, in 1998, it is tilted about 23 degrees).

4) Guardian spirits cannot stay indefinitely on a planet. They must return to their own planets, their natural sphere of activity. Their place must be taken by the natural lifestreams of the Earth. This has not occurred. THE FIRST THREE ROOT RACES ASCENDED, BUT OUT OF THESE MILLIONS OF LIFESTREAMS, NOT A SINGLE INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTED IN ANY MANNER TO THE SUCCEEDING RACES. All of these individuals chose to progress at inner levels, and thereby elected not to assist the inhabitants of the Earth.

5) Man descended to the stage known to us as the caveman. Even the knowledge of how to make a simple fire became a forgotten item. The age of the dinosaurs prevailed.

6) The spark in the heart of the individual, which maintains his life, and which anchors the I AM Presence, had shrunk to one sixteenth of an inch.

7) The nature kingdom revolted and refused to bring forth any new foliage for a mankind so full of discord and lack of appreciation of their services.

Against the backdrop of these alarming developments, Helios and Vesta were required to attend a Cosmic Council. The Council was attended by representatives of the galaxy of which the Earth is part, as well as by representatives from other galaxies. The conference was chaired by Alpha and Omega, who are responsible for our galaxy.

After considering all pertinent factors, a proposal was made to write off the Earth as a useless experience. As part of this plan, the Earth was to be swung off its axis, thereby dissolving it. This would have meant the end of the opportunity for all life to use the Earth as a vehicle of self-expression and growth.

Sanat Kumara, an Ascended Being from the planet Venus, and one of its regents, at this point suggested that if an Ascended Being with sufficient Light (constructively-qualified energy) chose to remain in the atmosphere of Earth and offer his Light as a balance for the Light‑quota lacking on Earth, the Earth might be saved. Sanat Kumara would have to stay on Earth, until a worthy successor could be found and the Earth would again emit sufficient Light.

Archangel Raphael agreed, and asked for volunteers. Sanat Kumara indicated he would be interested provided that his twin‑flame, Venus, the other Co‑Regent of the planet Venus, would consent. Venus subsequently agreed, and this freed Sanat Kumara to proceed with his mission.

It was stated to the students in the 1950’s that Sanat Kumara had fulfilled similar missions before, each time returning home victorious. (From this account it is reasonable to assume that a similar “fall of man” also took place on other planets.)

In the Bible Sanat Kumara is called “the Ancient of Days” (Daniel 7:9).


Preparation For Shamballa

After returning to his home‑star Venus, Sanat Kumara made the announcement of his offer to his people. Inspired by his example of selfless love, 30 priests from the planet Venus offered to precede him to prepare a place for him. They imprinted into their memory the City of Shamballa on Venus, which was to serve as a model for Sanat Kumara’s home on Earth. Then they bade good-bye to their families, their home, and their planet, and stood before the Lords of Karma of the Earth. This great Council accepted the offer of the volunteers with great gratitude.

There were no special privileges accorded to these priests. They were bound to the laws of the Earth, including the wheel of re‑embodiment, and each one was to understand that he had to share Sanat Kumara’s destiny, namely, none would be released until the hour came when the Earth’s own Light was sufficient to meet the demand of Cosmic Law.

They were not granted the privilege of consecutive consciousness, and had to submit to the “Bands of Forgetfulness,” an act of mercy which applies to all unascended lifestreams of the Earth. Were it not for this act of mercy, mankind would be troubled with the memory of thousands of embodiments, which according to the Masters, would give us too much to handle at one time. Therefore, all that was left of the memory of Venus was the imprint on their etheric bodies of the picture of Shamballa as it existed on Venus, or the promptings of their hearts. There was to be no Master showing them the way on Earth, and no other outer assistance given.

When the priests awoke in infant form, they looked the same as any other individual on Earth at that time. They were born in different countries, some were born in North America.

After they reached adulthood, the former priests of Venus followed their heart’s promptings, causing some to leave their families. A part of those living in the area today called the United States gathered near what is now New York City. They had one thing in common, an inner memory of a shining city. They crossed several great seas and continents. Some of the former priests finally gathered on the mainland, close to the Gobi Sea, a large body of water which is now the Gobi Desert. Many had experienced a wearisome journey, but a burning desire lighted their way, and let them remember their purpose sufficiently to find their pilgrim brothers.

After arriving upon the shores of the Gobi Sea, the strongest among them brought forth a vision of their purpose, and it was confirmed in the hearts of the others. Thus started the preparation of what is known as “the building of Shamballa.”


The Earth, 2.5 Million Years Ago

Let us pause here a moment to reflect upon some of the details which the Masters gave us on the topography of the Earth at that time.

According to one dictation, the present Gobi Desert was a large inland sea, and its sapphire‑blue waters dashed against the Himalayan Mountains. Another dictation speaks of “swiftly moving waters.” This suggests that the large body of water called the “Gobi Sea” had at least one inlet and one outlet. “There were hills not too far from the Gobi Sea, occupied by savage members of the human race. They were the laggards.”

There is evidence that at one time there was indeed a Gobi Sea. A geologist, Professor Rehwinkel, stated that the territory now known as the Gobi Desert was at one time a large inland lake as large as the Mediterranean Sea. “The existence of this inland sea is attested to by the abundant sedimentary deposit around the circumference and also by the Chinese historical reference to it as the ‘Great Han Hai,’ or the Great Interior Sea.

The dictation which told of the priests starting out from the United States mentioned they had to cross several great seas and continents, and several other dictations suggest that from the beginning of time there were always several continents above water. Cosmic Law tends to support this view. The overcrowding of this planet caused by allowing billions of laggards to occupy it, makes it mandatory for the Karmic Lords to continually find new opportunities for unascended lifestreams to redeem their karma. Therefore, large amounts of land have to be above water on a continual basis.


The Building of Shamballa

Within the Gobi Sea there was an island with lush green foliage, upon which it was decided to build Shamballa. This island was later called “White Island.”

Drawn together by the bonds of common interest in one cause, the next task of the 30 volunteers was to find the material of which Shamballa was to be built, and by the labor of their own hands, design and build from marble and stone the vision which they held within their minds.

Conditions were similar to those encountered today. There was no special assistance given these individuals. There was a veil, and there was no coming and going of visible angelic beings.

“From all over the world they carried by the sweat of the brow and not in mystic chariot, all the tremendous pieces of marble and the various other heavy stones that formed the mighty edifices. They used the most beautiful materials the Earth could offer. Some among them, who were powerful in the use of magnetization, helped them in the erecting of some of these stones, weighing tons.”

The latter statement may be of significance. Did these priests, who had the power of levitating stones, later embody in Egypt and assist in building the Great Pyramid at Giza? Many have wondered how man could place single stones, weighing 20 tons each, to positions of great elevation, and with such precision, that one can hardly fit a razor blade between the joints. The Masters stated, the early pyramids were built by the power of levitation.

We don’t have to go all the way to Egypt to admire excellent craftsmanship in stone‑masonry. We have such an example right here in the United States. The late Edward Leedscalnin, an immigrant from Europe, built some marvelous stone structures at Coral Castle (28655 S. Federal Hwy, Homestead, Fla. 33030) near Miami, in the 1930’s and 1940’s, that have baffled the minds of many. Working all by himself, and using only ordinary tools (stone‑chisels, block and tackle, and some old metal‑chains) he lifted heavy stones weighing up to 28 tons, over 10 feet high. All joints are very tightly matched and perfectly square. As material he used coral, which he found on his property.

As seen on the television series, “In Search of . . .,” a crane operator using a modern heavy crane tried in vain to duplicate this feat. Either the cable snapped or the sides of the sharp cornered blocks of coral chipped off. Leedscalnin often worked at night to keep away the curious. It is said he did have electricity, yet his place was not connected to a power line. Is it possible that he tapped into the magnetic currents that are around us, as it was done on Atlantis, where generators tapped into the energy currents of the air and supplied all needs for heat, light and transportation? Leedscalnin claimed he knew how the Great Pyramid at Giza was built, and the fruits of his labor show that he may be entitled to this claim.

Continuing the account of the Masters, in the building of Shamballa, the first task of the priests was to build a beautiful bridge connecting the mainland with the island. It was carved of the finest marble, engrained with pure gold, and contained exquisite figures of cherubim. Adjacent to the bridge on White Island was a tree‑lined avenue which led to the main temple, meant to be Sanat Kumara’s residence.

The main temple was built upon the highest point of the city. There were marble steps leading to it, broken by grassy terraces placed at intervals of about 12 steps. These terraces were adorned with gaily colored flowers and rainbow‑hued fountains. The great door of the temple was of tremendous height. Its golden filigree work reflected the sun like a gigantic mirror. The main temple itself, as well as the remainder of the city, was built using white marble, hence the names “White Island” and “City of White.”

The temple for Sanat Kumara looked similar to the Taj Mahal of modern times. It was of Cyclopean architecture. White minarets of the City pointed heavenward, and its golden-domed temples gave the impression of a gigantic fire‑lotus suspended in the atmosphere. Lovely fountains adorned the front of the building.

Shamballa was not built all at once. Construction was frequently interrupted by destructive hordes, who came down from the hills, killed the builders, and destroyed their work. As soon as their physical bodies were disconnected from their etheric bodies (souls), they applied again to be quickly provided with opportunity for a new embodiment. This request was always granted. Undauntedly, for 900 years, the builders of Shamballa continued their service of love, brushed away the rubble, and started anew, sometimes even having to rebuild the very foundation of the temples.

Sanat Kumara Enters Shamballa

One day, working against time – there was a cosmic moment beyond which the Cosmic Law would not allow the Earth any more energy, and Sanat Kumara would have to come whether Shamballa was completed or not – the city was finished.

The Lemurian Pole Star (which apparently fulfilled a function similar to today’s North Star) was at its zenith, signifying this cosmic moment, and Sanat Kumara, accompanied by three other Kumaras from Venus, entered his residence. Happy and grateful were the builders, who had endured the 900‑year effort to complete Shamballa, a place so magnificent that the like of it has never been equaled at any time on Earth. They knelt in thanksgiving and application before God and Sanat Kumara, thus forming an etheric record. Thousands of years later pilgrims entering the United States tuned into this record in establishing Thanksgiving Day.

After arriving at Shamballa, Sanat Kumara drew forth the immortal Threefold Flame of God. The concentration of that flame had never been known on the Earth before, because it represented the vibratory action of the planet Venus. A tiny thread of this flame was anchored into the heart of each of the 10 billion lifestreams belonging to Earth’s evolutions, both into those in embodiment and those out of embodiment. The crisis passed, and Earth was saved.


The Forming of the Great White Brotherhood

Next, a ways and means had to be devised whereby the natural children of the Earth and their pledged guardian spirits might be awakened to their own responsibility. It was required of them to create an aura of Light for their planet, to satisfy Cosmic Law, and to allow Sanat Kumara to return to his home star. Sanat Kumara prepared for this by founding the Great White Brotherhood, a united inner group of Ascended Beings. The service of this spiritual order was to teach interested students Cosmic Law, and to eventually draw them into the Brotherhood. This way they would be prepared to assume, at some future time, responsibilities and positions held by volunteers from other planets.

The Great White Brotherhood is comprised of Ascended Beings who are all specialists along some particular line of spiritual service and endeavor. Their goal is to set the Earth and its evolutions free. Members of the Great White Brotherhood live only to serve God.

The first two of Earth’s lifestreams to so respond were Gautama Buddha and Lord Maitreya. From this small beginning, the Brotherhood has gained in strength and numbers through the centuries.

After Sanat Kumara arrived, a priest of the Order of Zarathustra returned to mankind the knowledge of the physical fire.

Previous to the coming of Sanat Kumara there were ages when only three persons held the connection from the Earth to the divine realm; at one time there was only one person. That connection held the Earth in orbit.

So it was that Shamballa was completed in three different time intervals; once or twice it was destroyed by cataclysmic action. One Master said that the final building of Shamballa was recorded in occult literature as having occurred 60,000 years ago. According to another dictation “remnants of the bridge to ‘White Island’ may now still be found under the shifting sands of the Gobi Desert.” The desert was formed as a result of cataclysmic action, during which the Gobi Sea was changed to a desert. When the physical buildings of Shamballa were destroyed, an etheric counterpart of Shamballa was created above it. Sanat Kumara stayed at this etheric retreat until 1956, when he was able to return to Venus, through the efforts of students of the Bridge to Freedom. These students, through voluntary application of the Law, had increased the Light-Quota of the Earth by constructively qualifying energy. This way they created the necessary conditions for Sanat Kumara’s return.

Let us ever be grateful to and remember the service given by Sanat Kumara, one of the greatest friends the Earth has ever known.








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