THE DISCOURSE IV pg. 24 – 27

“Today is an opportunity to prove the atmosphere of God [the day was very hot]. Concentrate the attention on the region of the pineal gland, knowing that the attention focused there will cause to take place the balancing activity of all the centers, drawing and giving all power to the head center. From this center, the power of speech-which is but thought representation -will reflect back to the vocal center.

During this time of the contemplation, or conscious direction of the attention to the Highest Center, be aware of the even, balanced, rhythmic breath. I do not mean to give it special attention, but breathe a few times consciously, and then just be conscious that you are breathing the rhythmic breath. Breathe in on a count of eight; hold for eight counts; breathe out on eight, and hold eight. Then repeat. After doing this a few times you will get the rhythm near enough. The activity of this consciousness responds to the demand.

The great God Principle is above and enfolding the form because of the Anchorage of God within the Heart. The Seven Centers are the Points of Anchorage of the Individualization of God in the physical form.

The pineal gland is the Point of Anchorage and Radiation of the Great Central Sun.

When we realize this, we have come to the point where we do not consider any of the lower centers. Keep asking the God within what the correct activity is to use at a specific time. Each must depend on the direction he receives from the God within himself. All instruction is but worded attention upon certain things, and the Student should learn from the words instead of the presence of the one giving it.

The Radiation will come through the words themselves; the words are but vehicles of conveyance of the “Presence.” The feeling and thought will become just as accurate as the spoken word, as you depend more and more on the Presence of God, “I AM”.

It is necessary to use the (Violet) Consuming Flame at least once a day. It is especially necessary among the Students, because some unknowingly open themselves to discordant things due to mass pressure. In the use of the Rays, try to feel with intensity the Mighty Presence of God there, operating in whatever color you use.

Very important-Divine Love: Keep the attention on the fact that Love is the Controlling Power in all conditions; always knowing it is Divine Love.

This qualifies whatever human love is there and raises it in harmony with Divine Love. Know always that in any Demand God is the Sustaining Power. You must keep aware of this fact in the use of all Law. Remember that in all conscious use of the Law, you are at all times the determiner of the qualities you wish manifest and maintained! No two individuals are affected exactly alike; one has an irritation of mind, another of body, another anxiety, another impaired health.

The constant consciousness that “God is my Perfect Health, Wealth-and is Self-sustained,” will take one into the full visible manifestation of these conditions. Know: “God in me is the Keeper of my Treasure House; then I know God produces in my visible use, great abundance, money as fast as I require its use, and that it is never late and that all my seeming obligations are taken care of on time”.

The joyous indifference of youth is really a letting go; and with Love prevailing, it is the most potent Power for Manifestation.


DISCOURSE V111 pg 63 – 64

Some will say, “How is it we mortals may intensify the Activity of God?” I answer: God, the “Mighty I AM Presence,” acts through the Free Will of the individual according to his or her acceptance; and the individual, being a part of God, being the same in Quality, has the right and power to increase and intensify any one of the natural Activities of God, upon which the consciousness is focused. If sincere Students will meditate on this particular activity, they are certain to receive much benefit.

When the consciousness of the Student is held unwaveringly on the highest center, which is humanly termed the pineal gland and pituitary body, he is recognizing and inviting the Currents, the Rays of Light and Love, from the Electronic Body of his own “Mighty I AM Presence,” and also the Assistance of the mighty advanced Individualizations, or Ascended Masters, from that Sphere of Activity.

This may be a shock to some; but as I have intimated before, personalities pray to God, thinking they are being answered by God direct. But I assure you, there are those Messengers who are the Watchers over mankind, who are the dispensers of the Radiant Currents and who answer all worthy demands. The Messengers from the “Sun behind the Sun,” which is the Heart of the Christ Power as we know it today, are the Mighty Messengers who are pressing forward in conducting this Radiance to humanity, in this radiant cycle which has now begun.


DISCOURSE IX pg 73 – 74

Warning: I ask each one of you to take a firm grip on yourself, putting out of the mind everything of a discordant nature. The one who succeeds in doing this will receive great benefit. The one who will govern his thought, shutting out all discord, will open himself to the Mighty Current that will attune the Harp Strings of the Soul, just described. Through these one may receive distinct Hearing of the Inner “Presence,” and clear Vision beyond the Veil.

Just be at peace, ease, and rest concerning these; feel no strain in any way, no anxiety. This will give one the Jewel of Inner Discrimination, which will enable him to completely govern the outer activity. This means that it will enable one to distinguish between the human and the Divine Thought, and to govern the outer so that any thought of jealousy, resentment, or self-pity cannot enter. Those three conditions are most stifling to the Higher Activity.

Visualizing the Harp Strings of the Soul: I would suggest-the individual should follow his or her feelings- that those who can, visualize these two Harp Strings of the Soul connected at the base of the spine, connecting again at the pineal gland in the brain: the one on the right side of a delightful Pink and the one on the left side an intense Blue. The Pink conveys Powerful Divine Love through the Positive Current; and the Blue String, the Negative Current, sustains the outer form in the Divine Balance.

This description given, I assure you, is very real – quite as real as your harp before you when you sit down to play. The Knowledge of this and Its use, that is and will be given, will enable one to consciously hold a steady, calm balance in the outer contemplation of the Inner “Presence.”


DISCOURSE XXII   pg 216 – 218

Saint Germain: At no time have there ever been beings with the Spirit of God within them, with but a single eye. Such an idea was a distorted view concerning the former state of those beings who still retained the full function of the Third Eye or Inner Sight, like the X ray. The All-Seeing Eye is the right conception of this state.

There was a time when those which are known today as the pineal gland and pituitary body were one. They were the All-Seeing Eye.

The skull or brain structure, which was of denser substance, was in nowise any obstruction to the use and activity of this Inner Eye that really looks in all directions. To the All-Seeing Eye, no form is an obstruction to the Vision. At all times the All-Seeing Eye has the form of an eye as you know it today. The greatly dimmed activity of that function, even today, causes you to sense a presence behind you as well as ‘head of you.

At this previous time as the Soul drew into denser form, it required the activity of an arc, as it were, by which the two activities in conjunction stepped down the activity of this Inner Vision. This sparking broke the image of the vision, the same as an arc breaks up the current; and instead of a steady flow, it was in intermittent jumps. This causes the present intermittent activity. This became necessary as the outer form reached a certain density not wise to explain at present.

If there could be a continual flow or connection of Light between the pituitary body and the pineal gland, we could see everywhere and through all things at all times. This is really the Inner Sight!

This would be the same activity as when they were one-or in other words, unite them into their oneness again. When one can visualize the two as the All-Seeing Eye within, wonders might take place.

The child with the X-,ray eyes: In this case the pulsation between the pineal gland and the pituitary body has become so frequent that the flow is almost continuous. In all forms where the Power of the All-Seeing Eye is used, the shape of the human eye is retained as we have it today. In any thought of this, think of it always as the All-Seeing Eye, complete, in the top of the head- taking the place of the pineal gland and pituitary body, or as having these two organs within it.

In this Eye within is the Perfect, Eternal Sight of Almighty God. A mental picture of anything, with this power back of it, must be propelled into outer form because it is God Power moving through it. This is how the images we see with our physical eyes are registered on the brain. Therefore, make your pictures within. Your eyes are the camera of the Soul. The activity of the vision in the mind acts just the opposite of the activity of the eyes, or physical sight.

The secret of manifesting things into the world without, is in using the Spiritual Power to take this picture. Then the Great Silence precipitates it into form through the visualized picture. Through the activity of visualizing, you print the form or picture upon the Great Silence; and the Great Silence, which is the greatest Power in the Universe, propels it into outer expression and experience. Now you can understand how impossible it is for a picture registered on the Inner Silence not to come forth.

It is the business of the intellect and will, to hold the picture steady until the impression is taken by the Great Silence. If it is not held steady, the result is the same as if you moved your camera while taking an outer picture in ordinary photography. This is the Power of true Precipitation.

You do have all power within your consciousness to mold your mind and body or any of its parts or attributes into anything you wish. Meditate on this incessantly.

Contemplate this matter of vision often enough to set it in mind-in action-and use it. This release of Truth and conviction is tremendous! Never forget it! Use it more and more all the time. This is the Inner Power that knows Its own and is waiting to do these things for you all the time. A tremendous Power has been generated here today. This conviction you now have, you can use with great power.

Warning: After I have given the Explanation of the Law and you have received the Inner Power and conviction, do not discuss it, for you scatter the Power which would accomplish the full Manifestation. You have the vision, the power, and the ability to apply this. Now do it!

The Power of Precipitation is one of the mightiest activities of this wonderful Presence who is radiating to you today.

You have been shown how Precipitation through vision takes place. Use:

“Great ‘Presence “I AM”  – completely and entirely reveal this Activity of Visualization and Precipitation into physical form to me now. Teach me all about This, and see that I always use It to fulfill the Divine Plan, to the Glory of God and the Blessing and Service of all His Creation. “

DISCOURSE XXIII pg 226 – 230

The Activity of the Light is consciously drawn about you, and the Radiation that goes forth is reaching a point of saturation, chemically speaking, at which Its Radiance runs over, as it were, like a pail of water filled to overflowing-this becomes a Fountain of ever-pouring Light, Illumination, Substance, and Power governed by Wisdom enfolded in Its cloak of Divine Love. Thus is there no uncertain activity. Be conscious of the overflowing Substance and Power flowing forth to wherever you are conscious of a need. This will become so tangible and so potent in Its operative Power, that ere long It will stand ready and dart forth like a Ray of Light wherever there is a Call or Demand.

It is well to be aware that there is no limit to this Outpouring. You arrive at the point of consciousness where this Mighty Power surges forth to fulfill the Demand, without contacting your physical body. Why? Because the consciousness reaches a Height of the Self-sustaining “Presence” where it is, can be, and will be more and more directed from the Electronic Body (The “I AM” Presence) -which will maintain this Outpouring in calm poise and peace. The only activity required is to fix the attention upon that which is consciously known to be needed.

Aside from this, be aware that from the Height of the Electronic Activity the Work is constantly going on, and being consciously directed from the Great Master “Presence” within. This is preparation and a very important step to the outer and Inner becoming one. When there is sufficient calm, peaceful preparation, the Wisdom flows like a gently flowing stream, carrying with It a conviction and radiance not possible in any other way.

Daily work: Spend at least three to five minutes every night, making your clearest visualization of the All-Seeing Eye-which is the highest, yet normal means of causing the pineal gland and pituitary body to act in Perfect Balance.

This will naturally cause other centers of the body to act in harmonious accord with It. In this manner Divine Love and Wisdom are naturally caused to act upon the lower centers, raising their activity in a manner and grace not otherwise possible. This will bring splendid results.

Each Student should for five minutes in perfect quiet sometime during the day, claim the full power of perception and its full activity in his or her Life and world. This will enable everyone to have Insight and Foresight concerning their activity and affairs, which are activities that all Students need and really crave very much. One should contemplate that one has right now the full God Power of Projection and Precipitation, and the Power of molding and manifesting the Inner Substance into whatever form is desired. This may be applied by all of you.

Here is a Secret not conceived of or known except in the Retreats, which is an exact opposite of what is ordinarily understood from the general activity of the outer: When the Inner has raised the outer to a certain point of recognition, the outer begins to rejoice exceedingly in its cooperative action. From this point on, the Conscious Effort to hold fast to the joyous desire to act within the Magic Circle, makes it far easier than I can explain to you in words. Several of you are reaching this point, for which I rejoice with you.

Warning: Each one of you should take a firm determined stand that no thought of criticism, judgment, or condemnation should at any time find lodgment in your consciousness.

” ‘I AM’ enfolded in the Mantle of the Master Christ; therefore I maintain my thought, feeling, and words free from all criticism and judgment.”

This maintained will open Doors of wonderful Light and Activity. With this, take the stand that when you have done the best you can for an individual through Instruction or Radiation or both, you place that one in God’s Hands and insist that your outer self remain free from the contemplation of the subject. This will give a Power, Activity, and Use of the Inner “Presence” that will many times amaze you.

In contemplating the use of the True Vision, let each one demand of his or her Inner Self, unwavering conviction in Its use; for when the Vision has placed the picture desired within the Great Silence, it is positively certain to be propelled forth into visible form, the moment it has registered there with sufficient clearness. Do not have any consideration except to know that the picture is placed within the Great Silence-firm and clear; and you will not need to be concerned when it will manifest, because the Law of the Great Silence is to propel it forward into visible form the moment it is registered.

As a rule, the Student endeavoring to place the visioned picture within, immediately begins wondering if it really got there. This questioning prevents the clearness of the picture striking. the Inner plane or Great Silence. When the picture is made, the only office of the outer is to know positively that it is registered in its full and perfect clearness – and then rest in that. The wish has gone forth. Know that it has gone forth and brings its visible action.”




I AM Presence


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