Numerology & The Psychic Realm


BOOK 3 Discourses from our Beloved Saint Germain
(Numerology and the Psychic Realm)
Excerpt from Discourse XXI Page 251

“…..Sometime We will devote an entire Discourse to the wise handling of the psychic.

There is not one out of ten thousand who understands that the awakening of the sight into the psychic plane is not a spiritual thing. When people begin to see on the psychic plane, they are but using the physical sight a little expanded and do not know it.

In the psychic realm, the suggestions given offer just enough Truth to anchor interest and hold the attention, until psychic forces get a good hold on the person. This always comes through the fascination of the phenomena. When one focuses the attention upon the “I AM Presence,” it will draw him into the fullness of the “I AM Presence.:

The inhabitants of the elements are used for all activities of Nature, but they do not prevent other forces acting, and they are not the only activities in Nature. There are times when these Great Cosmic Beings direct their attention to Nature. Every thought sent forth by the Ascended or Cosmic being contains within it a Perfected Form. If that Being’s Idea is on the manifestation of snow, or whatever it is, it would take on the Perfection which was within His Thought, because all thought carries form.

Say: “I AM the Presence” entering into and revealing to my outer consciousness this activity.

“Then the outer mind would get the full Inner Activity and bring It into your outer activity. When people enter into the psychic plane, everything is distorted, and they have no definite proof of the Truth. Those beings in the psychic plane who seek to get others under their control begin to prophesy, and it is one of the first things they do. No one can take a stand against a Messenger of the Light and not receive the reaction into themselves, because the Light repels all that is unlike Itself.

Excerpt from Discourse XXII Page 254

I had not intended to explain quite yet the undesirability of any thought or condition of the psychic plane, but the demand compels it to come forth.

In the first place, the student must understand that what is called the psychic plane has nothing whatever to do with Spirituality.

It is a faculty of the human consciousness which can be brought into play by human beings who will give sufficient attention to it: but the individual who wishes to reach into the psychic plane alone, either consciously or unconsciously, had better never been born into that embodiment.

The fascination of the phenomena of the psychic plane, I assure you, is most alluring for those whose attention becomes firmly anchored in the psychic plane do not loosen themselves from it in that embodiment, and it may take several embodiments to free them. In all strata of consciousness there is a fragment of Truth unrecognized – otherwise it would not be possible for it to be sustained – because you must understand that in all things and in all activities, there is some, more or less, of the God-Energy acting, misused truly, but nevertheless active.

The sincere student will give no attention to the phenomena of psychic seeing or hearing, but understands that he must push directly through – by the power of the Inner Will through his outer determination – and enter within the Electronic Belt, where only the Truth is expressed. Blessed Students! While it is necessary to explain this, I want you to make up your minds not to have any fear.

Within the psychic stratum of thought and feeling is the principal activity of what we know as the sinister force in this world. Sometimes souls with splendid Inner Attainment, not understanding the True Reality of this of which I speak, have allowed their attention to become drawn to this stratum because of the premature awakening of this physical faculty by a semblance of Truth being presented to them and some phenomena – enough to hold their attention. After the attention becomes fixed, everyone, without exception, will find that semblance of Truth disappearing.

One of these attributes which is perhaps most fascinating is the false prophecies which are made, causing the individual to make wild prophecies, and once in a while, one being fulfilled in order to bind the attention more strongly. With this there is also a certain substance which is drawn into the brain. (I may not yet explain further to you.)

This makes it impossible even for the Master to interfere to help the individual, because of his own free will by which he has accepted it. There are a few cases, however, in which the individual realized the mistake before he had gone too far, and by intense calling to be liberated, one of the Brothers was sent to release the individual completely.

There is occasionally a rare nature who, because of its great purity, passes through this psychic stratum without ever knowing it or contacting it. This kind of individual is very fortunate indeed. The forces within this stratum work most directly upon the feeling nature – and this means upon the passion of the individual because it is most easily reached.

Men and women who have lost the controlling power over their passion, which may be either sex or anger, have knowingly or unknowingly become entangled in the psychic stratum of thought and feeling, thereby opening the doors of their beautiful and wonderful Temples of God. Through the open door, the forces within the psychic stratum fasten upon them, intensifying their own passion into an uncontrolled condition, which otherwise might be controlled.

Far better had such individuals walked into a den of rattlesnakes, for then they would have but thrown off the physical embodiments. Why is this? Because they make record within their mental world from which they do not know how to extricate themselves. Consequently these souls are reborn again with those same tendencies, until after the second or third embodiment they become the depraved creatures you see about you wherever you go.

Sometimes the influence is cunning enough to hide this from the outer world for a long time, thus carrying on its nefarious work, as it thinks, in secret. Here comes the most heart-rending part of this explanation, I mean to say, it seems so from the outer sense.

On the higher planes of activity, there are great and beautiful souls who volunteer to go into this stratum to help, through their radiation, to break its hold upon humanity. These volunteers are both masculine and feminine. More often however, they are feminine. This explains why beautiful souls in the feminine embodiment become united in outer marriage with the masculine soul who has become enmeshed in this psychic condition. Often the individuals thus enmeshed, become most cunningly sensitive, and with remarkable accuracy, sense conditions, thus many times causing others with whom they come into contact to temporarily think it is real.

If individuals coming to the point of being united in marriage, man-made, would call out to the God Within, the “Mighty I AM Presence,” that: “If this marriage is taking place through the desire of passion, then let it never be done.” Great grief and torture would thus be avoided.

Now we come to the real part:

The individuals who, through their own efforts, or through instruction being presented to them, get the true understanding of what the “Mighty I AM Presence” means – that It is the True and Mighty Self – and hold earnestly to It, never again can they be drawn into those discordant things unless from their own volunteering from the Higher Planes of activity, where they know exactly what they are doing.

War periods more readily than any other open individuals to this psychic plane. Consequently it has always been observed that after war periods there is always a greater unleashing of the uncontrolled passion than at any other time.

Knowing this should in no wise cause anyone to fear this psychic stratum. If students find themselves conscious of passing through it, they should instantly take the consciousness:

“’I AM’ the Controlling Master Presence, always Victorious”; and they will instantly find strength to face whatever appears, and go fearlessly and serenely through.”

Jesus suggested that this Explanation be given while the students were under the Triple Radiation. (This Triple Radiation means that in His Radiation He always carries with it the Triple Activity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, or the “I AM Presence.” All who apply the “I AM Presence” are receiving the Triple Activity as long as they maintain It, and the Triple Activity is always Self-sustained.”


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