Meditation & Contemplation


Instruction on meditation technique by Peter Mt Shasta

Meditation & Contemplation

Beloved Saint Germain speaks:   (excerpt from Unveiled Mysteries – Godfre Ray King)

“The individual, through his control of the outer consciousness, must make the effort to rise out of this condition of his own free will, in order to transcend these limitations PERMANENTLY, and no one can hope to rid his life and world of misery, discord, and destruction, until he leashes his own thought and feeling. In this way, he refuses to let the life, flowing through his mind and body, become qualified by the discord resulting from every little disturbing occurrence in the world about him.
“At first, such discipline does require determined, continuous effort, for THE THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS OF NINETY-FIVE PERCENT OF HUMANITY RUN AS UNCONTROLLED AND FREE AS A LITTLE TRAMP DOG. However, no matter how much effort it takes to bring these two activities under control, it is worth any amount of time, energy, and effort, and no REAL, PERMANENT DOMINION of one’s life and world can take place without it. It will be my pleasure and privilege to teach you the use of these higher laws. Their application and use will enable you to release true wisdom and bring about all perfection.


“The first step to the control of yourself is the stilling of all outer activity, of both mind and body. Fifteen to thirty minutes at night before retiring and in the morning, before beginning the day’s work, using the following exercise, will do wonders for anyone who will make the necessary effort:
“Make certain of being undisturbed, and after becoming very still, picture and feel your body enveloped in dazzling white light. The first five minutes, while holding this picture, recognize and feel intensely, the connection between the outer self and your mighty God within, focusing your attention upon the heart center and visualizing it as a golden sun.
“The next step is the acknowledgment: (say aloud if possible, (do not whisper) or silently in your mind) ‘I now joyously accept the fullness of the mighty God Presence – the pure Christ.’ FEEL THE GREAT BRILLIANCY of the Light and intensify it in every cell of your body for at least ten minutes longer.


“Remember always: ‘ONE BECOMES THAT UPON WHICH HE MEDITATES,’ and since all things have come forth from the Light, Light is the supreme perfection and control of all things.

“CONTEMPLATION AND ADORATION OF THE LIGHT COMPELS ILLUMINATION TO TAKE PLACE IN THE MIND – HEALTH, STRENGTH, AND ORDER TO COME INTO THE BODY – and peace, harmony, and success to manifest in the affairs of every individual who will really do it, and seeks to maintain it.
“All the way down the centuries, in every age, under every condition, we are told by all who have expressed the greater accomplishments of life, that the Light is supreme – the Light is everywhere – and in the Light exist all things.
“That truth is just as true today as it was a million years ago. As far back as there is any record of humanity, the wise and great ones of all ages are portrayed with a radiation of Light about them, emanating from the head and body of each.

This Light is real – just as real as the electric lights in your homes.


  1. 10 5 & V.11 N.1, May-June, 35 A.F. (1989) LAW OF LIFE ENLIGHTENER

Thru the ages mediation has been used as the process of awakening the head center.

Meditation is to get one’s consciousness or conscious awareness out of the human realm and connected with a realm of higher vibrations. Then listen, be receptive. This way the outer self learns of the reality of life beyond the physical realm.

Thru daily practice and being willing to listen one can get some directions from the Higher or Christ Self.

The motive behind meditation is to connect or make connection with a higher realm, for ease, peace or some satisfaction for the self. While contemplation is to connect with the Christ Self and enter into the action of the I AM Presence and then go along with it.

When one has learned of the I AM Presence, the Christ Self and actions of Sacred Fire, one can then truly contemplate instead of just meditate, which is the negative or feminine aspect. Contemplation brings in the positive aspect as well, and thus lets the inner awareness come into the outer consciousness. In consideration of the Presence, it is much better to think of It as contemplation instead of meditation. The general consciousness about meditation is to sit in meditation so long that one becomes negative, which is not what is desired. Meditation denotes stillness. Although one needs to still the four lower bodies, so that the Divine can get thru and function, (as it was created for that), yet contemplation is action. And when the attention is held on the I AM Presence, the word contemplation means action of the Presence. Under the old or occult law meditation has been the process to awaken the head center, bring it under one’s control and use. In this way the outer self and the inner action were brought together, coordinated. This at-one-ment produces a greater inflow of spiritual energy and activity, and brings forth latent talents and also bad karma to be redeemed. That is why purity is stressed, not only physical purity but purity in thought, feeling and deed as well. By living a one-pointed life and mediating each day brings brain cells into action and awakens the brain consciousness or outer self to the Light within. Living this kind of life over a period of years can awaken the chakras or centers in the etheric body. The awakening must not be forced or brought about by breathing and other types of exercises. Before the bodies are developed sufficiently. This can be dangerous, especially in awakening the kundalini, which is stimulating into action the energy at the base of spine.

Yoga, for the occult student for this transition period, is to constantly practice the Presence of God. For those who have the explanation of the I AM Presence, etc., that means practice the I AM Presence, which is not so abstract but much more concrete. It does not say to meditate on the point between the eyebrows and on a guru, or to open any particular center, which was the occult practice formerly. It should be done with one-pointed intent and directed purpose, and ordered regular meditation, done systematically thru years of effort, while giving loving service done with detachment. This denotes impersonal service, in comparison with the former. Then the centers will be awakened naturally and safely including the kundalini fire. As now there is such great general world stimulation. They warn against excessive and prolonged meditation, fanaticism in diet or anything else, and not hold the interest on psychic development and experiences, but work unemotionally and hold a balance. The real occultist has nothing to do with the three lower centers.

That is similar to our Teaching. Make regular daily personal application: contemplate, do decrees for protection, Violet Flame, etc., and render impersonal service, thru group work whenever possible. Thru the release of Cosmic Light since 1936, has brought much change and great assistance to those endeavoring to walk the spiritual Path. Instead of practicing old occult methods for awakening the centers we give attention, as Saint Germain instructed, only to those above the dividing line, the heart, throat and (two) head centers and do it thru the I AM Presence which will bring all into line and balanced action.

The aim of contemplation – meditation is: 1) The formation of thoughts, to bring abstract ideas and intuitions down to the concrete levels of the mental plane. 2) The aligning of the outer self with the higher Self or Christ Self, and to get the outpouring of the I AM Presence and Causal Body which will eventually free the individual.

The reason or purpose for (intoning the Word) saying words, a phrase or decree three times is to send it forth on the mental plane affecting the mental body, on the emotional plane for the emotional body to help stabilize it, and on the physical plane acting on the physical body and is counterpart the etheric body. Visualize it going forth thru the bodies. There is a three-fold effect on the bodies.

The oriental posture of sitting with the legs crossed, etc., comes under the occult law, then the main endeavor was self-development. One had to attain to a certain point before he could render service to the whole, that is render impersonal service, as we do now. Therefore he crossed his legs and arms to shut out, block off outer world activities, the vibration of the outer world. Now that the occult law has been set aside, and we know our I AM Presence, how to call forth protection and how to use the Violet Flame for transmutation, the action is different. Instead of working for self-development first then render service, it is reversed. Now impersonal service comes first, then the self. However, both should be carried on continually. The posture should be, sit and stand with feet and knees about four inches apart, arms uncrossed, hands at the side or at least four inches apart. This is so the currents from the Presence can flow thru. By crossing arms or legs it makes a short circuit, like two electrical wires touching each other.

The various Yogas have had their place and purpose. But to return to those now especially those dealing with the development of the centers, thru breathing exercises and certain type of meditation, from a certain aspect, is retrogression. The greater Yoga (Raja) includes all the lesser. Under the old or occult law, thru the practice Raja Yoga was when one had assumed sufficient directional control who centered his consciousness in his soul, his Real Self, as best he could perceive It. This makes the other forms of Yoga unnecessary. The soul, here meaning one’s Real Self, his Reality, this we know as the I AM Presence. This again corroborates with Saint Germain’s instruction of giving the attention only to the heart, throat and (two) head centers. (Unveiled Mysteries, p. 255, second edition.)

The occult law was in effect thru the past ages preceding 1931, when it was set aside. Under it the real Truth was hidden by the use of blinds, veils, parables, symbols, etc., which made it mysterious. That is why people pursued and were fascinated by the mysterious things, because behind it was some Truth. The pursuit of many is still in that direction. Although this new Teaching of Saint Germain and the Great Ones, explaining about the I AM Presence, Whose action/activity is the Law of Life, has done away with mysticism.

To just chant “Om” or “Aum” to experiment or see what will happen is not a wise thing to do. It may draw some radiation or power, some of it may be Light but are you sure you will know what to do with it or how to handle it? “Om” being universal, can draw to or around one whatever is in the atmosphere; and it is full of all kinds of human creations. On the other hand in the use of “I AM” there is a safe guard not otherwise had; because this invokes (what people term) God, individualized (an individualized focus of God), wherein is discrimination and selective intelligence.

Hence, there has been far more accomplished in the past years since in the 1930’s, (in fact from 1936 to 1939) thru the use of “I AM” than there was during the past millions of years.

The Great Divine Director (May 30, 1954.)

“Thru each of the various yoga practices, they have endeavored to reach their Source, to find their way back “Home”. They endeavor to reach the Goal, the purpose of being in embodiment, which is for the outer consciousness to ascend consciously into the Electronic Body of the “I AM” Presence, which is the Source. For all those who attained It, what yoga practice did was just prepare them to then be able to get the real training required, which was only given in an Ascended Master Retreat. Even Jesus got It in a Retreat. All who have attained that Ascension had to know their I AM Presence before It took place. Even now under the New Dispensation for the Ascension in case they do not know their Presence while in the physical body, they learn to know It in the etheric body before the Ascension takes place.

The old occult laws needed to be set aside and the literature thereof containing now only about 35 percent of the original purity and reality, needs to be cleared of the human concepts which have gradually clothed it. It is the same with the Bible today, Thru translation human opinions are always imposed upon the original.

In India and the East there is the long built-up concept to go into meditation, to release oneself from the body and go into Samadhi, into the higher Realms consciously. But that is not Victory. One must bring the power of the Presence into the physical body and into the outer activity of the individual, to win Life’s Victory. There in India are hundreds of factions as to what God is or means, and thousands of fanatics. Here we have now the great privilege of knowing the I AM Presence, and how to call It into action. Many people think they can bring about world peace thru just meditation.

The evidence is before us, it has been the occult law and practiced thru the ages without accomplishing it. The real occult law, and not any psychic stuff, has been the law for spiritual development and attainment, up to the 1930’s, when it was set aside. This attainment meaning complete freedom from all human creation and action, which can only be thru one’s self-conscious effort by making the Ascension into the Light, as Jesus did.

Under the occult law one attained step by step thru certain definite initiations.

Now since that law has been set aside, we learn that the highest and ultimate understanding possible to be given to our human consciousness, of God, or Deity know by whatever words of expression used, is “I AM”, instead. That “God” is not the name but is a title. The name is “I AM”, the proof is that no one else can use It (or Its derivatives) only you can use “I AM” for yourself.

So to be free from all human creation, one has to go somewhere else, but where have we gotten? There is ultimately only one place to go. And to get there has to be done self-consciously. It is the same for every human being. Although many roads may lead to that place, that place is each one’s own “I AM Presence”. Under the occult law it has always been the same. Hence, at a certain initiation, secretly one learns of his/her I AM Presence, and how to apply it. No one gets his/her Freedom except by accepting the “I AM” and making application, using It, making or giving It a change to work, self-consciously in one’s own being and world. That means apply not just read. There is no other way to gain the Ascension, as Jesus said, follow thou “Me”, the “I AM” in Jesus (not the man Jesus), but the “I AM” which is the same in you and everyone else, only individualized for each. “I AM” the Ascension into the Light. One can take a pale of water out of the ocean and put a certain coloring in it, but it is still the same H, O, water. Those of you who have done some decrees but get discouraged because you do not see the results you expect, just remember the Cosmic Law has been set into action. But it depends on mankind, because of free will, as to how fast or quick the perfection can manifest.

Like a baby body, thru the human way it takes years to mature, however, it has been set into action and each day it progresses, works towards a goal, although you do not see it.

But Thru the Divine way the body could be produced full grown right at the time.

Since the old way has been set aside, and Saint Germain and Others have brought forth a new method of spiritual attainment which is much easier, sager and quicker, the why not go that way instead of the old occult way of just meditation, etc.?

The reason many want that way is because thru perhaps many embodiments, they have practiced the old. Therefore, what is built into their inner bodies and they tune in on that which they feel and it makes them think that is the way, and only or real way. So here we are still in human embodiment which is proof we have not made it, as Jesus said we were to do. World conditions have not changed more because not enough has been done by human beings, as Saint Germain and Others have suggested. Yet in the 1930’s there was proof it can be done. As in three years’ time more was done for the Freedom of mankind and the world than had been done under the occult law since man turned from the Light. Had that viciousness not interrupted what was being done thru the “I AM” Activity when Mr. Ballard was here (in 1938-39), and had the people gone on in their application, and the expansion of the Light continued, all discord could have been removed from the earth, and we could have much greater perfection manifest now. None of the hundreds of methods of spiritual training in existence, will ever give an individual complete Freedom. Everyone who has gained It thru any one of these methods had reached a point where the understanding of the “I AM” Presence was finally revealed to him/her. This should be evident, to anyone who really studies Saint Germain’s Instructions. Those who just want to meditate and feel comfortable and are satisfied with it and their social activities, or just want to go on in their human way of living, are free to do so. Each one must choose. If they are interested in the number of attendance then they are still a long ways from qualifying to enter an Ascended Master Retreat under the former method. The greatest number are at the bottom of the mountain, the few at the top.”

Now we can have this Teaching intellectually and then thru application get it from within, instead of the other way around. Also we have the opportunity to render service while at the same time working on our own development for our own Freedom; in a way never known on earth before.



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