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“Real love comes from God, the “I AM” Presence, and cannot be made secure by marriage tie, cannot be enforced by law nor put asunder by man. In heaven there are no marriages as here. Real love needs no physical contact. It is a Ray of Light projected from the heart; this love comes from the I AM Presence. The so-called love experienced by man, is this pure Light energy qualified with all kinds of human qualities”



LAW OF LIFE ENLIGHTENER V.7 N.5, January-February, 31 A.F. (1986)

“Human beings look to other human beings to obtain happiness. Whereas real and permanent happiness comes only from within, by attunement with one’s own Source.”

The need is to conserve one’s energy. That is, not waste it thru criticism, condemnatory feelings, anger, hate or misuse of the sex activity. People waste their energy thru intense feelings of discord, of resentment, hatred, anger, jealousy, etc. And thru sense pleasure one drives the energy down and out of the body. Thru radiation it goes out from the body, and is not only lost but charges those qualities into the feeling worlds of others.

In ancient times mankind lived in the body for a few hundred years. But as people wasted more and more of their energy the life span decreased. As Jesus said, the last enemy to overcome is (so-called) deaths. The misuse of the sex activity is the last activity of that, by which it holds dominion over mankind. Thus the energy required to sustain life in the body is wasted. Yet the majority of mankind justify it and rebel against conserving their energy. Life originally intended the energy released thru the Ray of Light only for procreation of the species, for propagating of the human form. Hence the sex activity should only be used for that. In order to have perfection, the energy needs to be held in control and kept harmoniously qualified. The penalty for misuse is what mankind pays in the various diseases, other failures and death (so-called).

The Masters have pointed out that there were many young people who had some contact with the Presence and/or Divine Beings, and when they get married lost that contact because they were drawn away from that ideal. The attention was drawn downward, and the energy released for sense gratification; and the Light vanished.

The Goddess of Purity stayed in the Great Silence ever since mankind turned the attention away from pro-creating thru the use of the Light Rays.

From that time until January 1, 1939, She never came forth to render service because of lack of purity in mankind. Once 800 years previously She came and looked mankind over but was compelled to wait. Although for over 100 years the call for purity had come to Her from the hearts of some, because their voice was silent She could not come. But thru Saint Germain’s instruction, students began to decree and call for purity, and because the discarnate were removed from certain localities She was enabled to come forth. That shows how important it is to say the decrees. And also what can be accomplished thru that action. The reason for the decrees is that we need to release some of our energy by which the Presence and Divine Beings can give the assistance. Thru the spoken word and feeling we release human energy which is required. The Goddess of Purity again came October 1, 1939, and dictated. She said, that mankind had had millions of years to go thru birth and rebirth. So those who now had the opportunity to gain their eternal Freedom, should not contemplate sex relationship having had a long time for rearing children, and misusing the sex force. She asked, if they couldn’t forget that for a few years and turn the attention to the Presence and purity of life and become free from the wheel of birth and rebirth forever.

All the thrills of the flesh in one embodiment cannot equal one real Divine outpouring. These inner experiences far excel outer pleasure. They come about when we have earned them, or they come about in the Cosmic push, when we give enough obedience and render the required service.

When bodies can again be provided thru the use of Light Rays, there will not be the need of others (parents, etc.) having to provide for the incoming one, as now from babyhood to maturity. Therefore, marriage and homes as it is now will not be needed.

When people are confronted with these ideas now they get so scared that they might not be able to hang onto all their human desires. Yet had the people (even all who had the opportunity) been willing and able to come into this Ascended Master Teaching and live by it, cooperate and enter the group work as the Master Saint Germain suggested, the conditions of the outer world could have been changed.

This is another case of how the human defeats itself. Because it enough people had made the application then the dispensation could have passed so those persons passing on could have come under it whereby they could finish up on the other side and attain the goal.

Many marvelous things could already be in action. And the Cosmic Law would not have had to close the door against re-embodiment on earth. Because this other means of birth could be brought about as was planned. When two-thirds of the people attain sufficient mastery this can come about.

Now the individuals take vows to serve the Light before coming info embodiment, but most of them are not kept. And the door being closed, they cannot come back to contaminate the earth further, cannot use the earth for a playground anymore. For those who would not change, the Cosmic Law put an end to that.

The Master Jesus did the things to fulfill the prophecies which was to make people believe He was the Messiah for whom they were looking. Yet it did not all work out that way. Had enough people taken and applied His Teaching He could have, instead of being crucified, stayed here and spread the Teaching and Christ action.

When the Masters speak of holding the Immaculate Conception, it does not refer to producing pregnancy. Neither does it refer to artificial insemination. It means to practice visualizing and holding the Divine likeness of that individual, like Mother Mary did for the Master Jesus all of His life. To some motherhood is marvelous. But it will be much more so in the future when true motherhood and fatherhood of form (body) will again come forth and the forms are produced by the projection of the Light Rays. In the 1930’s, at a meeting of the Daughters of Light, Mrs. Ballard said that Saint Germain had said that the menstrual period was a psychic-astral thing. So evidently that too will be eliminated.

At present many are here now who are products of late Atlantean times, and are highly developed emotionally. The substance of their physical bodies and emotional bodies is tainted or conditioned from the past. Therefore these bodies will respond to urges of those qualities created in previous embodiments. In these bodies are the seeds of inevitable retribution if the functions are misused. The emotions must be brought under control and transmuted into Love, and effort should be made towards the development of the mind so as to raise into the mental activity, not intellectual but mental.

It is said one must have faith, but just faith without works is not enough. Just being sincere is not enough, although it can bring results. One can be since on a wrong pursuit. As it is as easy to believe what is false as to believe Truth. A communist is sincere, and holds to certain principles, but in a wrong way, or for just human results. They work for and hold to the principle of comradeship (brotherhood) but have perverted it to some extent.

In the past when Saint Germain endeavored to bring about universal and Cosmic Brotherhood, or Utopia, it was seized upon by the wrong individuals and because the greatest concept of communism. A communistic order is a degradation rather than an acceleration of consciousness, or effort towards perfection. Communistic doctrines promulgate the leveling of the consciousness and personal estate of every man to the subnormal status of the illiterate masses. It stifles individual development. It is that communistic element or state of consciousness that has destroyed every civilization. What is needed is right relationship not the communistic way of life.

Many individuals think they go along with communism because of dominating suggestions thru hate and fear, which was promulgated by the black magicians. Since in the 1930’s, when Saint Germain’s work which is an action of Freedom started in the outer world, instead of refinement, much slip-shod, slouchy mannerisms especially among the young people sprang up and prevailed, and then go the females wearing trousers, all that comes from (out of) the communistic element. Back of the communists is the sinister influence which consciously manifests thru mental forces. These are the things to be dealt with in the outer activity of life.

April 22, 1939, Saint Germain said, that the group Directors and the students should not keep referring to the destructive activities, but let the power of Light flow forth, since that was the remedy. Because, by dwelling upon the destructive forces one begins to build them.

He also said, that in the lower Light Realms where the disembodied dwell now, that their attention was being drawn to the expansion of this Light and they were taught to see it. That some in their etheric bodies and some in their Christ Self, all are shown their I AM Presence. So when they embody again on earth they retain some memory and feeling of It. This would help bring the change in the vibratory action which is demanded for the earth by the Christ Light. That the Great Divine Director had made this possible. This, then was to start soon. So the people born around that time and since have been shown their I AM Presence before taking embodiment.

There are the different cycles in life. At a certain time boys and girls begin to have an awareness of and attraction to those of other souls. This is a certain cycle of physical life and is of the human nature, as is eating. Like a baby has certain foods, as it grows it can digest different and heavier kinds of food. That is all of and on the human level and not Divine. Because the Christ Self does not require food or any of these actions. Originally, before the fall of man it was not this way as now.

We have entered the cycle now in which things must change. The eating habits must change from eating flesh foods to eating fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts, etc. Other phases of life must change. There is more to life than just growing up with the idea of pleasure or satisfying the appetites and endeavoring to gratify all sense activities. One can choose what to do or just follow the pattern of the parents, and their parents, raise some children as they have done. If they were somewhat satisfied with what they have done, then usually they have developed much pride, family pride, pride of possessions, etc. While children are reared they are given various false impressions and ideas about life, by their parents, schools and colleges, which often result in disappointments, disillusionment, hard knocks later and for some disaster. People and parents make children believe in Santa “Clause”. That is perpetrated upon them not only in belief but in action, it is carried out and made manifest to appear to be so in the outer physical world. Thus the children deceived by all in whom they have confidence and trust. Then later they find out it is not so. That Santa was some relative or someone else. Then at a certain age if a child still believes in Santa, he/she is made fun of or chided.

Children grey up under the false belief, that marriage or mating is the goal for happiness. Even if it isn’t directly taught it is implied. In a similar way young people are deceived in believing romance and marriage is the objective to produce everlasting happiness, hence the goal in life. It is false and in the great majority of cases turns out in something less than happiness. It is perpetrated upon them from many angles; in the home even when the opposite in manifesting between the parents, thru literature, fiction stories, TV and movies plus mass consciousness. Then after marriage and they find out, the hard way, that it isn’t all a “bed of roses”, the elders shrug their shoulder, saying that everyone has to find out for themselves. The young ones have to decide what they are going to do about it, tolerate it, give in and try to make the best of it, or go their separate ways.

In marriage there is usually quite a bit of adjusting that has to take place. For sense gratification, this they are willing to do. Now if people would be willing to do that much adjusting when it comes to the action of serving the Light, then the Law and the Masters could get much done that needs to be done. The opportunity has been before the people since in the early 1930’s. But since most of them have chosen not to give that obedience to the Law of their own being, and since the earth is to go into a higher orbit, the door is closing to these who cannot accelerate their four lower bodies to the point required to go along with the earth.

Marriage is only on the human level and performed on earth, there is none in the Realms of Light. Marriage vows are of the human and only unto death. In the Realms of Light there is the uniting of Twin Rays, which is for eternity; instead of co-habiting with various Twin Rays of other individuals as is done in the outer world. The outer consciousness attributes happiness to physical sensation.

Children are let or made to believe they can ride thru life sitting on a pink cloud. They need to be made aware that life is not just what they want or like, but need to face facts here in the outer, while they are yet under the protection of the parents and home. It is much better than later having to buck it without any preparation. They should also be taught about karma, etc. That should make them realize that they are here to redeem that and attain mastery, instead of just looking forward to marriage and expect happiness thru that, for-ever after.

Most marriages are not what was anticipated, and if that is or were what we are here for, then what is wrong?

Children usually grow up with the idea that the goal in life is to get married, and for the most part have a family. That is the way it was with the parents and so they perpetrate that upon their children, the same way as make or let them believe in Santa. So they believe marriage is the one way or road to happiness and they get disappointed the same as with the Santa story, which the parents also had experienced.

Young people are made to believe that marriage spells happiness. No matter how bad parents’ marriage turned out to be, they still let the children believe that is the way to happiness.

One need not experience a thing to know it, as people think. By observation, etc., one can know the various troubles and problems others have in family life, without becoming a part of experiencing the same. One can understand their emotions and thinking or lack of thinking. By thinking these things thru is why some people have avoided getting into it. Instead of blindly entering in, thru emotions or sex drive and false hope, that marriage was the way to happiness.

One gets to just where his own energy puts him, in spite of other beliefs. The Ascended Masters say that the only true happiness comes from one’s own I AM Presence and the fulfilling of one’s own Divine Plan. When one gets married he/she has not only his/her own karma to handle, but that of the other person as well, usually also that of the two families.

It used to be that girls were supposed to, and did make “hope chest”, but it often turned out that what they got was “Pandora’s box” instead. Marriage as the ideal or goal in life is a false portrayal, a false assumption.

It is only of the human, and not the real path to the happiness each one seeks. Parents perpetrate that false hope upon their children instead of pointing out the facts.

Human beings look to other human beings to obtain happiness. Whereas real and permanent happiness comes only from within, by attunement with one’s own Source. In many there is a deep inner desire to become whole again, which is only in the I AM Presence, and it is for that they are really looking. But the outer or human self perverts it into sense gratification. We should look to our Source, the I AM Presence for our supply not to a pay check. What is important is to render service, learn to render impersonal service. Most people want a big-paying position, and want all the luxuries, thinking that is the way to happiness. Always looking to the outer. All the luxuries, sense gratifications are but sack cloth and ashes compared to the experience of letting the Divine Currents flow thru.

For those who are at that level of consciousness, where they think they need all of that, it can be a balancing action if they work it right, but on the other hand it can hinder their progress and delay or abort what they were to do in this embodiment. Everyone should think these things thru and not just jump in and later when it is too late say, they just didn’t think. Many marriages take place that way, and many come about because one challenged the other to decide right then, or it would be all off. That usually turns out to be a mistake. It would be better to go thru a disappointment than to get tied up in a deal like that. The use of a little common sense is the part of wisdom. It is possible for a couple who both want to serve the Light to get married and to do so. Some have done it. But many who vehemently proclaimed they would stay in the Light that it would make no difference, soon were engulfed in all the outer world passions and activities.

The idea of marrying is so predominate that the merits of single people is overlooked. In the past, single persons, men and women have contributed much to the benefits, progress and development of mankind and country, thru roles of: scholar, explorer, adventurer, sportsman, teacher, nursing, social worker, and in literature and reform.

So to choose a career instead of marriage should not be discouraged, and everyone should have the freedom to so choose, without ma’s pressure that one should marry. Much energy is used (utilized) to make a go of marriage, which could be used more productively in other fields; and especially now in serving the Light.

Some young people and others too, do not want their feelings restrained, they feel that is interfering with their freedom. However, that is not what freedom means. For it is using the liberty given each one in the beginning, in a wrong manner. Young people are determined to have their way and that no one interfere with their free will to do as they please. Take into their bodies whatever they want and express themselves in whatever manner they choose. Thus they will do things even animals will not. We attribute human beings as having more intelligence than animals. Hence they should know and have better behavior.

So many get married and expend their vital energies rearing children and just trying to get along with each other. Thus spend the best part of their lifetime rearing children, who then go do the same thing too. Like a merry-goround; there is no end. Like under the Law of Moses, an eye for an eye, etc., and there is no way that the karmic debt can ever be paid in that process. They have a family, rear their children and acquire pride in what they have done, and receive praise from others but will still have to take care of their karma, the human creation.

In the last two generations children were made or led to believe that whatever they wanted and asked for from whosoever, they were to get. Main theme was to have fun, and get whatever they wanted, their way. Ideals are fine and are bits of remembrances from the higher Realms but the outer world is not that way. Children should learn that, that is the way it is, here. Also that they are here for a purpose, and that purpose is to attain mastery over vibration energy and substance. Also that money cannot buy this. We are here in these conditions and circumstances because we have things to correct within ourselves.

A certain action of Freedom was started in the early 1930’s. But many people have used it wrongly, and there was brought about the action and desire for free expression, without discrimination. This resulted in less or no discipline, with or allowing full expression of the emotions which are of the human and not the Divine. So the last two generations have en masse gotten into alcohol, drugs and sense gratification, that life here was just to have fun, and for pleasure. Instead of taking advantage of this great opportunity to gain real Freedom, most people exerted their efforts to do as they please in the human way. One cannot participate in any of these and go beyond a certain point of development.

So-called love and marriage stem from the quality of Divine Love, from the Three-fold Flame, without the wisdom and power, hence without the balance of the three, which should always be employed. In the human realm it is usually perverted.

When power alone is pursued it ends up in destroying its creator (the person who drew it forth). As was the case with Hitler.

From the Divine standpoint, and as it was originally with mankind before the “fall”, the greatest love between two individuals is between Twin Rays. Early in Christianity, the church did not perform marriages that was under civil jurisdiction. Only in the 1600’s did some ministers and clergymen perform marriages, which was much opposed by some. It was only in the 18th century that it was made legal for them to do it.

It is interesting to note that the first miracle of Jesus mentioned in the Gospels set the keynote for the education of the age. At the wedding at Cana Jesus turned water into wine for the happiness and well-being of those present. Looking at it the from the inner standpoint, of His educational purpose for human beings was to attain the marriage of the outer consciousness with the Christ Consciousness. Then the Christ principle can act and become the wedding guest. Then wine, the symbol of the energy of spirit (God, the I AM Presence), is produced sufficiently for all.

Mis-use of the Sexual Energy

Excerpt from The Magic Presence’ Godfre Ray King – page 103



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